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You were

You hold
The same

You are
You were

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Selfcare ||Dignity
Kennedy Sep 18
Why do I pick you up?
Energy bleeding
Gasping for relief
No solace in
Your (you’re) gray;
BM Green Sep 15
I want you wrapped around me
I want your fingers between mine
Your breath over my body
Breathe life into me
I beg you
I want your name engraved on my lips
Your sweetness covering every piece
Molded together
I need you
Inside me, my mind, all of me
Fill my missing parts
Smooth my broken edges
I surrender
Put me back together with your body
With your words
Force me to be hole again  
Blow, break, burn, cool and make me new
Wrap your name tight around my insides
Brand me
I can be what you need
Never ending cravings
I’ll fulfill your needs
I was born to make you feel it
I wrote this after meeting someone who I immediately felt a connection to. A connection I haven’t felt in years. He told me he could feel the brokenness in me and he wanted to put my pieces back together and he didn’t know why yet..
And when I am ill
Nothing works
No one heals

Nor do I

Let me craft
The pain
For you

To heal
Genre:  Dark Abstract
Theme: No One
Karijinbba Aug 24
is Karijinbba's
Mayan birth chart
character, traits blessings gifted upon birth

So, Karijinbba/ASG

"Your Mayan Cross is comprised of six integrated, archetypal energies (also called Nawals, Day Signs or Day Lords) represented by Mayan glyphs and numerals from the Mayan sacred calendar. According to the Maya, this is your cosmic blueprint, your energetic signature, your personal Tree of Life. It is used for mapping one's life towards a destiny aligned with divine cosmic forces.

The energies of the Cross are viewed as a human form facing out. The Vertical axis represents your head, heart and feet, and the Horizontal axis represents your left and right arms.

The Year Bearer shown on the right constitutes additional qualities to the make-up of your soul.

The following is a breakdown of this Mayan Cross.
Feel free to dive deeper into the meaning by rolling over and clicking on each component of the Cross, calculate other Crosses


Overview of Death/Transformer Energy: the great cycle, ancestors, skulls

This energy encompasses the mysteries of life, death and transformation. A profound understanding of other dimensions is deeply felt within their bones. Their clairvoyance and clairsentience leads them to Mayan priesthood and, like the day sign Dawn, is considered an auspicious day to be born because their spiritual path is certain. They are very familiar and comfortable with death and will be protected from violence, illness and accidents.

To realize their true merit, Transformer signs Aries Ram people like you should spend time in sacred places and listen to ancient voices.

The Vertical Axis, Death's Cross is strongly influenced by the direction North, where the color is white and the timbre is intellectual, analytical and cold, like the energy of winter

Heart Sign: The predominant sign of your Mayan Cross
There is an uncanny allure to people born on a Death/Transformer day which is attractive and magical to those in their process of awakening. They experience emotional ups and downs as they play out the karmic debt created in past lives, but they are wise and lucky in love. They need to remember and respect their heritage and will receive their power and direction by doing so.

Conception (head) Sign: Flint
The person born on this day is engendered by Flint which provides a good childhood and protection from any problematic situation or person. As youngsters, Transfirmers may intuit thought processes like intuiting voice like thoughts of their spirit guides.

Destiny (feet) Sign: Jaguar
A fate ruled by Jaguar provides an intense life, both good and bad experiences, but clear recognition as an authority. This energy helps Death become a master of their own land as well as match making. They often carry the gift of lightning blood and become adept healers.

The Horizontal Axis reveals those energies that need to be balanced in order to reach the destiny, influenced by the direction South, where the color is yellow as the Earth brings fulfillment, like the warming energy of summer

Left Arm – Challenges:  Road
The challenge of Road energy is to be clear about the direction in which you may lead others and to know your purpose as you travel. Staying focused with work on service projects and/or spiritual tasks can keep Death people on track. They will travel and be influential leaders.

Right Arm  – Gifts: Sun
This energy keeps Death people from being too heavy. Instead, they are vibrant, attractive and very successful. With Sun, the praise and respect are earned and well-deserved. This energy provides Death all the ingredients for becoming a highly regarded prophet or healer."

All these above in real life I am exactly.

I was born with a "knife Etznab"on one side
spiritual kind of knife that is
it cuts through the pain fire and ice of life's harships as it comes and on the other side my
Death sign Mayan
protects me from death by enemies, its
The sixth day sign of the Mayan zodiac is Death also known as Cimi, Worldbridger or Transformer. Cimi is considered a lucky day to be born because death was a day of transformation, not dying.

The sign of Death symbolized the ancestors and getting guidance from the ancestors was central to Mayan cultural practices

If knowing me is loving me understanding who I am is better
thanks for reading about me
grateful for your comments hugs to all stay blessed
Jeremie Jul 31
Once upon a time ..
There was a woman in pain,
waiting for a brave Prince
to ride into the forest of her mind,
slay her demons,
rescue her from this awful place
and remind her of her freedom.

But for some reason
her brave Prince never came.
Maybe he saw the dark forest
and countless demons
and immediately ran away.

But this somehow was a blessing
and a very tough lesson
for the woman to face.
So she stood up and knew
what she had to do,
She had to rid her mind
of that which was untrue.
She was not a lost woman in pain,
She was a Goddess with amnesia,
that had forgotten her own name.
Then she realized there was never
a forest she needed to escape
or demons that needed to be slain.
Only spaces within herself that longed
to be loved and embraced.
You must remember my Love, that you are your own Hero, Healer, Heaven, Best-Friend, Teacher, and most intimate Lover. For all that you see "outside" is only a reflection of the one true mirror(you)
My healer,
the one who rubbed
ointment on my wounds,
calming and relieving the pain.
Who's presence was the epitome
of comfort and love.

Has now become the stealer,
of my happiness
and the exploiter,
of my kindness.
Krish Raj Jul 11
Chasing my dreams, I come from far away land,
Surfing the web looking I was for a friend,
Got somehow lucky and found you in the end.

The oath you took to heal and save lives,
Listen to my heart and tell me how it beats,
I will feel better when you look in my eyes.

Met you once, floating I am in the cloud of joy,
I see you, you are no less than “Helen of Troy”,
May be I am naive, I want to be your boy.

Like to know you better and Listen to your story,
You cure many and help me in my misery,
Healer you become and reach a great glory.
when you ask
who hurt me
what do you mean?
the long cut of lies?
the weeping stitch of falling apart?
the ache of losing everything?
the harm to love?
the bleeding hole in my heart?
that was you
some people dont see the wounds they inflict because they want to believe they arent there
Response to any
Transition can be
In any form

Some may
Or stay SILENT

All stay QUIET
With the time being

This was the last words
From the HEALER
Who used to be
The SILENT soul
Genre: Dark Inspirational
Theme: 11:11
Author's Note: Acceptance is the universal process of healing, mending the thoughts in order to evolve with the promising tomorrow.
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