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Johnny walker Feb 17
Opening my eyes on another day without
my sweetheart beside
me don't
I'll ever get used to her
not being here they
say time a healer but

I don't think that applies
to me for I can never let
go of her to much In life
I depended on her, In so
many ways that she will
always be a perminate
part of my life even
though she long

I will never let go of her hand I took flowers to her grave today beautiful sunny day and sat with
her for a while so warm
and peaceful there
They say time a healer but I'm not sure this applies to me I loved her far to much can't let go
Deadwood Jawn Jan 14
I know you were left behind..
I know you were abandoned.
I know you were forgotten.

A horrible, creature of discord follows you.
The demon of despair is stalking you.

You know?
You know... Yes.
You possess valour then, sweet.

Your aura has become a blackened purple.
It is yours.
Let it not become black.

The creature will soil it.

I am there when you weep, dear...
I feel your sorrows and troubles.
I can see the death in your eyes.
I know where those scars came from.
I am here and feel all the calamity from them.
Seething rage.
True terror.
Tremendous longing.

I know you seek love.
I know you have tried with many.
You sell yourself out..
You feel you give yourself away too easily.
You don't really know them
Through the writings you love their souls.

I know you wanted love in return.
I know you would do anything for it.
My lovely...

Your heart is bleeding.
Your eyes are screaming.
You tears that fall from your eyes.
Yes, the weeping and lamenting..
Every night.

The fear from the terror
Yes, the terror that lies in dreams.
"Someone please just.. love me."

Love you truly.
Love you truly is what you say.
Love you truly is what you want.

Your honey-coloured eyes will be adored one day.
They are a gift to whosoever beholds them.

You are a healer.
You carry the sweet, purple aura.
You can rest your hand on their heart
and still the ravaging within.

Tonight I'm just thinking about some things.. And my empathy was aroused again.. I'm just.. Yeah..
It’s not by force of credo
that I extend my hand for thee.
It’s not for want of glory
that my heart offers you its key.

I don’t catch you when falling
to save a damsel in distress.
Not a shoulder for crying,
rather a haven from your stress.

Not your knight or hero,
Simply a man and aching heart.
“Should” shapes no motivation,
My goal to play the part

Of your lover, of your boy.
Of your home away from home.
Of your confidant, your healer.
Of your guide ‘ever you roam.

Some cling to old rules and honors,
In truth Chivalry is dead.
Antique code is dry and dusty,
I give you Romance instead.
It's a spiritual path , I  walk
Born with this gift
as I have learned
its a gift to cherish & appericate
It's a part of me it's not to fear
Though at times its a challenge
the things , I see & feel & hear
Knowing its been handed down to me
Its my path my spiritual
life lesson
it's who I am
I now show the souls
the way to go
I teach others to understand
makes me appreciate it more
it comes with wonderful intution
It comes with healing hands
It's not a curse it's my gift
My spiritual path , I must walk
Witch , Healer  , Psychic
I have them all in my arsenal
My Spiritual gifts
I am a witch
© Jennifer Delong 1/4/19
Vanessa Dec 2018
Don’t mistake my innocence
For the catalyst in your healing

I am not a bird in a cage
You get to release when
You finally feel free
From the pieces I helped
You glue back together.

Just to whistle me back when
Old wounds always relapse

Craving the morphine of my existence
The cure from the bottle they
Once drank from.

But don’t you forget -
My wings don’t give second chances
For the people who abuse the healers.

Without your second thought
Watch me fly away from your hands
But never coming back.
Latifah Nov 2018
you were the pain and its killer
you were the venom and its cure
I'm dying with you
but I'm lifeless without you.
Rebekah Guindi Sep 2018
she was a gentle soul,
a healer
and when she would cry
all the birds would sigh
and flowers grow beneath her
Alyssa Underwood Nov 2015
I would not know that wounded hearts will never bend
Except it's by the gentlest wind
Had You not blown Your love on me

I did not know that arrows sprung with poisoned darts
Could be dislodged from human hearts
Till You began to set me free

How should I know that crushing loss can by its pain
Yield intimacy's most treasured gain
Unless You gave Your Word to me?

I could not know that failures worse than greatest fears
Might actually bless through staining tears
This soul undone by Your decree

But now I know that Love's own touch
Brings untold joy which healeth much
From One Who cleaves so faithfully
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