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Hand-written letters are overrated
almost non-existent.
Like love,
as a child, you have longed to experience and even rushed.
You knocked on hearts to know what it felt like but all you had were broken bottles of liquors
that made you dizzy.
Red champagne and Rosé
you learned to immune yourself to
like water and air you breathe in everyday.
Broken dishes on the counter and sink you never washed because you never went home,
because there was nothing to go home to.

*Everything seemed to change when I blew the candle on my 25th birthday cake
Rachael Judd Jun 17
It took me a long time to realize that not everything in life is meant to be a beautiful story. Not every person some deep connection with is meant to make a home within us, is meant to be a forever. Sometimes people come into our lives to teach us not only how to love, but how to let go. Sometimes people come into our lives to teach us how not to love, how not to settle for less than we deserve, how not to belittle ourselves for the sake of someone else.  Yes sometimes the greatest loves leave, but it’s because they weren’t meant to stay, they came to teach us. And their lessons always stay. That is what matters. That is all that remains.
Tiana Apr 11
But now I see
After the destructions hit me
That I was too carefree
That jinxed my own glee;
Study and me
You know the truth
if he
wanted to
he would.
this was something I had to tell myself about a guy. If he wanted to make a move then he would, so he's just not that into you. A part of me would be like, I have evidence that he does like me, but realized if he didn't have the ***** to act then I don't need to be wasting feelings on that person. I deserve more.
aennij Jan 19
it's funny how it's always that person
when something random comes up
we think of them without reason
then your mood goes up

you'll feel happy sometimes
maybe even guilty when you're reminded
like this moment where i write rhymes
due to that person i remembered

it's a long way to your thought
but when it's ending, you realize
this person is not whom you must sought
then the thinking shall finalize

it's funny how it's always that person
sometimes you just can't help but fathom
you're being reminded in any season
then you wonder where does this come from
we all have that one person whom we think about abruptly with no reason
Sara Nov 2019
As you go on in life
You come to a -perhaps astounding- realization
What you once thought to be a world full of love
Becomes a desert, a certificate of your loneliness
All those you thought knew you
All those you thought believed in you
They are just observers behind glass
Lost in their own world, far from you
You come to realize
That your world, in fact, doesn’t revolve around them
You try to recenter your life
On what matters in the end, on your end
You are loved
You are surrounded by people that matter so much to you
But you start to comprehend
That your life should be about you
It’s an important revelation
A life-changing wake up call
So stop wasting time,
And press that restart button
Colm Sep 2019
There is no time left in my life
     For fitted dreams and windless sheets
     For trees without low limbs to climb
     For years without ever seeing the sea

There is only that which stands here between
     The hopes
     The plans
     The quiet dreams

And yet I find, in the eyes of mind and present being ⁠⁠— And for the sake of those who walk beside
     That there ought to be more in me to find
A verse about searching. About the realization of moving and time passing. People changing and the earth spinning.

Or a shorter title for this would probably just be "urgency" since there's a definite twinge of that within these words. The immediate desire to leave and better yourself. To be free and let go, moving on from all of your prior shortcomings. Because shortcomings ****. But time certainly is ever ticking.

And why between, you may ask? Because the earth beneath is what grounds us flat with it's gravity. And I was looking up at the time. Walking Beneath the Branches of Realizations.

See ya!
Lil Moon Moon Aug 2019
I was raised to protect the throne of the king
A warrior summoned to slice everything
Fighting for years a battle not mine
It polished my skills, it made me shine

I cannot count the lives I've taken
Nor the screams of children I've been slayin'
All I remember was the sword I'm swinging
Under the rainy sky, I felt like drowning

How can I be a hero of my country?
When only few of us returns home out of many
This has nothing to do with fate and destiny
This is clearly a product of a greedy authority

I was once a coward, couldn't face the truth
Being just a knight, it ruined my youth
Wearing this armor symbolizes my dignity
I took it off, it sent me to reality.

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