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Seanathon Sep 25
There is no time left in my life
     For fitted dreams and windless sheets
     For trees without low limbs to climb
     For years without ever seeing the sea

There is only that which stands here between
     The hopes
     The plans
     The quiet dreams

And yet I find, in the eyes of mind and present being ⁠⁠— And for the sake of those who walk beside
     That there ought to be more to find in me
A verse about searching. About the realization of moving and time passing. People changing and the earth spinning.

Or a shorter title for this would probably just be "urgency" since there's a definite twinge of that within these words. The immediate desire to leave and better yourself. To be free and let go, moving on from all of your prior shortcomings. Because shortcomings ****. But time certainly is ever ticking.

And why between, you may ask? Because the earth beneath is what grounds us flat with it's gravity. And I was looking up at the time. Walking Beneath the Branches of Realizations.

See ya!
I was raised to protect the throne of the king
A warrior summoned to slice everything
Fighting for years a battle not mine
If polished my skills, it made me shine

I cannot count the lives I've taken
Nor the screams of children I've been slayin'
All I remember was the sword I'm swinging
Under the rainy sky, I felt like drowning

How can I be a hero of my country?
When only few of us returns home out of many
This has nothing to do with fate and destiny
This is clearly a product of a greedy authority

I was once a coward, couldn't face the truth
Being just a knight, it ruined my youth
Wearing this armor symbolizes my dignity
I took it off, it sent me to reality.

Iz Jul 11
It’s easier to save you than it is to befriend you.
MAX castro May 25
Some things will never change.
Some things will always remain.
I always hope and pray
that I could go back to the day,
and maybe find a way
To make you realize my worth and stay.
I made this short poem for my cousin. Don't feel bad about yourself. You know you've done your part.
Hop on, take a seat
Lets take a ride very quick
We'll go somewhere you've never been
Somewhere you've never seen
I know youre excited
Who wouldnt be
Travelling to a place
To unravel mystery
Look to the left
There you'll see
Buildings built to escape misery
Look to the right
There you'll see
Strangers wishing they were free
Now look at me
Tell me what you see
Before we arrive
At a place called
Tell me what you think.
Amber C Apr 3
to just be, gives me peace
like watching birds communicate
on a branch through the kitchen window
watching waves hit the rocks
white foam painting the dark blue sea
there is peace out there, and in me

happiness is fleeting, yet it is
also there to stay
it becomes my friend, day and night
exits the scene
when there is trouble, but instead
of "goodbye", it's "see you later"

if happiness were a friend
i'd text them all day, greeting
"hi how've you been?" "are you up for lunch?"
"dinner?" "what have you been up to
lately?" but some days i settle down, knowing
that they'll come by when needed

to just know, gives me peace
there is power, soft and steady
but oh so there, in knowing
that happiness will always return
to me, to everyone, always
coming back home
Peace Mar 1
I closed my eyes
in return


I laughed

I crumbled
with no pressure on
my shoulders

Just life called
me to a place

Destiny speaks
with muted lips

I'm tangled
in cozy sheets


My way,
back to the surface

I'm finally realizing

We oft are alive but not living. Shalom
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