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Sa Weol May Apr 29
People whom I used to be my favorite
when I was a child,
They treat me to places I never requested but I loved,
I rant and got mad when things I wanted
doesn't come around

I miss the alphabet charts,
my mom taught me a lot,
She keeps so many foods in the fridge
told me she will give me one for the right answer,
beat my hands to make my cursive writings right.

I miss my elementary days,
way back to when the rain is still predictable
as well as my dad,
I know he's already on his way,
driving a bicycle cab
with a raincoat I don't like to wear in his hand
going to me,
I'm ashamed, my classmates might laugh at me.

As time flows in my life,
too much wisdom creates a vast space for sadness in my heart,
Maybe I didn't learn how to use it wisely,
Now I get lonely oftentimes
without knowing the roots why it's crawling up.

Now I know there are beatings that aren't meant to hurt,
I learned to dance the pen on a messed paper,
spilled every words in right position.

Now I know why I should wear that coat on,
Rains are beautiful yet we should not be fooled,
they sometimes become bullets
while coats are bullet proofs.

Now that I get older,
I regret I didn't look back well
to when I used to be a kid
just spinning myself in happiness
brought by the smallest things
I don't appreciate that much now.

Kimberly Apr 7
I know that you can't carry those
Even though we're that close
I just play it cool at all time
And you're not aware of all time

We spend days like that
Awareness, you lacked that
Real, Reality, Realizations you missed that.
Entertaining? Yes I am.
Another way to vent things out
Just Grace Oct 2020
All my desires
they saturate me like
a towel wrung out too many times
drowning in unknown "solutions"
my heart twisted limp to the point where
the water just flows over me

It tells me that
what’s left to do is the ***** work
the clean up
the kind that might even leave
an even bigger mess

there is hope that
with a shrug and a smug grin
and a passionate rage
someone is brave enough to tear
this place of pain down
burn through the house of empty dreams
and lofty, stubborn hopes
LannaEvolved Jan 19
What was once the dark hours of my being...

I had these thoughts
Without words to go with them

My mind deepened
Into cylindrical vases
Colorless dye

There I could mourn like old messages
To a friend who no longer knows my essence
Nor measures up
to keep it holy

Not knowing what to do with all the
I've missed them

Reacting to what was
Least imperative

In virtue or in fate

Future moments unwind in my mind
Like clockwork moving
In clockwork speed  
Spinning time
Fortune cries

Just to get rid of it all
To please the psyche of my soul
When words aren’t enough
I am felt

When the knowing comes to know
That haunts the darkness of those years

As it creeps up
onto shoulders
Landing on its victory  

Opening up
to new living

Immense and soothing

Breathes in timeless pools of
Creation peaks
and so I am.
J M Menon Dec 2020
If things seem to derail
Don't sweat
Evaporate instead
Hop out of the picture;
Now you see its not real
Hop out of the picture;
Now you see it so clear
Solutions gestate when you evaporate
And are born at your return
Kellin Nov 2020
It's a hard thing for me
to realize that I never
truly loved you

because love was not
supposed to be two broken
people sharing sheets in
hopes to heal their wounds
Janica Katricia Jul 2020
Hand-written letters are overrated
almost non-existent.
Like love,
as a child, you have longed to experience and even rushed.
You knocked on hearts to know what it felt like but all you had were broken bottles of liquors
that made you dizzy.
Red champagne and Rosé
you learned to immune yourself to
like water and air you breathe in everyday.
Broken dishes on the counter and sink you never washed because you never went home,
because there was nothing to go home to.

*Everything seemed to change when I blew the candle on my 25th birthday cake
Rachael Judd Jun 2020
It took me a long time to realize that not everything in life is meant to be a beautiful story. Not every person some deep connection with is meant to make a home within us, is meant to be a forever. Sometimes people come into our lives to teach us not only how to love, but how to let go. Sometimes people come into our lives to teach us how not to love, how not to settle for less than we deserve, how not to belittle ourselves for the sake of someone else.  Yes sometimes the greatest loves leave, but it’s because they weren’t meant to stay, they came to teach us. And their lessons always stay. That is what matters. That is all that remains.
Tiana Apr 2020
But now I see
After the destructions hit me
That I was too carefree
That jinxed my own glee;
Study and me
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