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Zywa Apr 18
She sighs, her body's

becoming mama, it's hard:

love every day.
Collection "Bruises"
Zywa Apr 13
Mothers are happy

to live worriedly the lives --

of their family.
"Monterosso mon amour" (2022, Ilja Leonard Pfeiffer)

Collection "Stream"
I know words can't describe fully,
How I feel her truly!
She showers me always with her shining,
And I see our soul obliquely reflecting!

No one will ever love me as much she does,
And it is there from beginning to end.

How she excited to give birth to me, so  greatful for being her daughter.
I am very thankful and anxious to God for giving me a chance to repeat HER!

I appreciate,
Her unselfishness motherhood,
And her unconditional love.

My first and forever, friend and fan!
She never grows old, she always does the best!
And she is, how my mother.
Angela Rose Jan 18
I shouldn’t be a mom

There’s no reason i should allow myself to bring children into this world
Children with the same problems that I have
How selfish of me to think and assume I deserve or am worthy of allowing myself to bring someone into this world with my issues?
The anxiety, the depression, the self deprecating thoughts

I wouldn’t be a good mom

How could I look into the eyes of my sons or daughters and know I brought them into this world to feel such immense pain?
What would give me the right to bring children into this hell full of negativity, poverty and intense drama?

I couldn’t be a good mom

How insanely asinine of me to think I should be projecting my problems into my spawn?
What part of my last twenty seven years of life would prompt me to believe I should feel the happiness and pride the mothers and fathers around me feel?

But what if all my honest, true, real self realization would make me the best mom ever?
I know I am meant to be a mother with all that I am.
I close my eyes to see my child’s face and feel their little hands.
I open my eyes and the bliss shifts to pain as fear heavier than anything I could explain cuts through my chest like a rip tide.
What means the world to me
may have been
taken from me by a man
I meant nothing to.
Carl D'Souza Nov 2021
Claire is cleaning fragrant poo
off her baby's buttocks
and she feels
"this experience
fulfils my need to have children
and makes me happy
but it's work!"

Claire's husband arrives home
and she asks "How was your day dear?"
and he says "I've had a long hard day at work,
and I'm tired
please give me my my dinner."
He does not asks how her day went
and Claire feels
disappointed and unhappy
that her husband
thinks that she does not earn money
and therefore what she does is not work.

As Claire
puts a white plate of steaming steak, peas, carrots, potatoes
on the dining table for her husband
she says "Would you ask me how my day went?
Mothers work too."
My first love child was taken
RIP one October sad day by
an ignorant butcher abortionist MD
My lover jumped off a cliff thought
I didn't love him in his absence
The butcher said I was the worst Mom of the universe the ignorant lier fool.
the first child to an rho-negative Mom like me never has any problem most babies are rho negative like Mom
child never has blood incompatibity
before or after birth
with Mom even if father is rho possitive,
A Rhogam vaccine existed immuno globulin given to rho negative Mom prevents body developping antibodies against child's possitive rh blood
if child dies inside and c section is needed there's no blood to give Mom One in a hundred people have it,
so aborting was dangerous too
I was fired from my work for not being married back then.
I was sick couldn't retain water
I had an infection antibiotic could have save me and unborn child
but wasn't given any.
so I set lover free because I Ioved
him more than Ioved myself
I sacrificed my love for him
rddjpc I took the blows of his
hatred too
I roamed the Earth decades
seeking his understanding
to return and he did but
dead silence killed our dream
in buried pain too deep for tears
I was such a little red ridding
hood even wolves got ahold of me
as I wanted to die in motherhood.

No child of mine got killed again
oh wolves salivated and roamed.
My enemies were malignantly jealous
sterile fem fatales, who sought my life
trashing me for my blood type
As their ex was on to me many attempts against me followed
what would those Medea's know about saving a life or setting the man of their obsessions free they hunt and lie in wait for my last breath for profit
welcome to America the great
where the breave free are bate I'm
The Charles Mansons advocates
The human predator,. the poisoners
Greek **** narcissist.
I was very protective of my kids
my children are amazing beauties
my bittersweet rewards
we are the RHO negatives rhA- negatives and rh-O possitive
and we are alive and well.
I am anbE T. hibrid and pfoud.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrews
yelling at her child
in the market
how i wish to yell at you
a child.
so precious,
how i wish i had
a child to yell at
to take into my arms
to love
to kiss
to hug
to yell at,
never again.
be grateful for your children
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