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Ashley S Apr 13
To the mom who can't afford nice makeup to cover the dark circles,
To the mom who can't afford to "fix" the ******* that now hang loose,
To the mom who can't afford to remove the belly that remains,
To the mom who can't afford to remove the wrinkles of worry from her face,

Your beauty is in the nights you've stayed awake holding a crying baby.
Your beauty is how your strength has been drained so a child may thrive.
Your beauty is shown in the belly split apart to grow a new life.
Your beauty is in your heart that yearns to protect your child.

Your glory is the brightest in your scars.
As i see fellow mothers sacrifice their youth for their children, i think of this. The strength it takes to raise a child makes us beautiful. =)
Nermine Marei Mar 21
I'm so sorry my dear kids..
I no longer do fun things..
I feel your worries everytime your eye blinks..
I should teach you to fly and take risks..
But, me, myself is a bird who lost her wings..
Its not your fault that I have mood swings..
I don't have to be the best mother and walk on the strings..
I should make you happy with little, funny cheesy tricks..
You are my life .. I'm like a desert and you're my beautiful water springs..
I will give you all my care and love. And kiss you with my lips..

six pm Mar 5
Before the Autumn reaps, don’t you believe that tree’s leaves would enjoy knowing the feeling of reaching and holding another’s branches? All the while these trees cannot conceive of such things.

I like to envision the brain of a dandelion as it tenderly caresses the faces of other dandelions. Before the wind sweeps away with their heads spreading each one’s likeness across distant lands. I bet they’d hold on to one another, these seeds, to the seeds of their lovers hoping to exist together upon the reaches of greener grass.

It’s not unlike me to marvel at what a miracle consciousness is. How lucky we are to share it despite all of its pains. All the while these dandelions might never see their own likenesses the way I can divine myself reflected back in my child’s smiling eyes. It’s such a blessing to conceive of such things. -six pm
Julie Feb 20
Your belly
Next to mine
Smooth and soft
It subtly moves
As I gently touch it
Caress it
With tender admiration
Innocent and sweet
I listen to them
Rejoice at the sight
Of it ever so slightly
flowing over the seam

My belly
Next to yours
I cringe, look away
Try to hide it
As it’s flawed
It’s Not flat,
Not nonexistent
I’m afraid
Of what they’ll say
Should they catch
A glimpse
Of its imperfections

Yet without mine
There’d be no yours
It’s my womb
That carried you
It gave you shelter
And protection
A space to ripen and prepare
It’s my belly
That gave life to you
And still I reprimand it
Demand that it be
What is expected
Julie Feb 20
This tightness in my chest
I can barely explain
A closing in
A bursting open
Fear of not being enough
Or maybe too much
Paralleled by insurmountable
A love that takes my breath away
A love I never knew before
A love that gives me hope
And happiness
And confidence
A love that lets me forget
I lose myself, floating softly
Amidst clouds of warmth and joy
Pride and serenity
When suddenly my chest —
How could I’ve let go
Even just for a moment
Thinking this bliss could exist
Without the ever-looming
Doubt that laces a mother’s mind
Frannie Feb 13
Dear Morgan,

Hey Tink, I just want to be able to give you the world. I want to give you all of the opportunities I was never given. I want to hold you in my arms and protect you forever. I just want to see you smile every time I am in your presence. You, my dear are chosen, you are destined to be great. You will go on yo do incredible things, we just have to be strong and have patience. You are filled with such curiosity, creativity and compassion. My life before you was pretty simple, but life without you, I couldn’t imagine. I wish I could solve all of your problems before life throws them your way. But *** is impossible to avoid life’s obstacles so be sure to paint many rainbows for times when your skies are grey. Life is a balance of both good and bad and I witness this every day. I promise to always listen to you, even when I can’t take your pain away.


          P.S. Be Brave, Be Fearless, Take Risk
Frannie Feb 13
From the moment I first heard your heart beat, I knew my life would be forever changed!

From the moment I felt your little flutters, I knew that our connection had been perfectly arranged!

The first time I held you in my arms I felt a love like never before.

The first time my eyes connected with yours I knew that my heart had been chanced at the core.

You have shared my life in many ways that I would have never imagined.

You have helped me to refocus my hopes and dreams by helping me find my passion.

From the start, I was a frightened young girl just waiting to conquer the world.

But you have taught me how to be brave and how to take on the world unfurled.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that God trusted me with someone so precious and pure.

But with my life, I promise to love you, nurture you and keep you secure.
Verity Lane Feb 5
I have held so many of your tears
on my skin
in my chest
that I have forgotten
I have my own.
To my middle child.
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