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Between the swaying boughs
Of two lonesome firs
Chirps a mother bird mocking the rising sun

“Why do you mock the coming day mother?”
Her baby chicks chirp
“Do we not need the light for warmth?
To fly?
To eat?”

“No my dearest, it is not the light I mock
But more so the rise that acts as a clock
Counting down the moments until you seek
And food
For yourself, leaving me an empty nest
Alone, between these two lonesome firs”
Vi 5d
They call me
& Love

They call me

They call me
& Auntie Iva

They call me
Mother Dearest
When they're feeling
& Refined

Or Mummylumps
When feeling
Or snugly

They call me
Hey you
& Ma'am
When I'm just another body
In line
In traffic
In their way

They call me
Or by my full name
When they know my mom and dad

They call me
Or User
When they want my money

They call me
With tears, sometimes
Or with ire
With confusion
Or small triumphs
When I have the privilege
Of being their person

They call me names
These are their names
They are not mine
Written on silent solo retreat spring 2024
Hair adorned
with rainbow glee
good tidings brought
to noble thee

Bones are weary
thoughts are cloudy
heart is heavy
sighs are breathy

But on this day
the snow is thick
the days are long
with brightening sun

And your radiance gleams
like dragon's treasure
tucked away in secrecy
your beauty and its measure

For love you have
to share in oodles
soft as silk and satin
warm, like labradoodles

You give of yourself
and want for nothing
so here it comes
a day of wonder

For today you were born
and continue to live
continue to fight
continue to give

So receive instead
these joyous words
to thank you for you
for being a friend

Though life is heavy
and the snow layers thick
your smile lights the world
and in our minds, stick
A birthday poem for a friend :)
Ashwin Kumar May 10
Thou art my creator
Not to mention, my first teacher
From you, have I learned so much
That it has made me rich
Not in terms of wealth
But in terms of character
Always, have you kept me in good health
And assuaged my doubts and fears
To the greatest extent possible
Thanks to you, do I really believe nothing is impossible!

Thou art my creator
There is so much you have to bear
In order to keep me happy
While I often get snappy
Certainly, have I not been the best son
However, rarely have you been wrong
Always, have you been there for me
Constantly coaxing and cajoling
Scolding and admonishing
And finally
Encouraging and praising!!

Thou art my creator
To me, are you extremely dear
The perfect example of unconditional love
However, at the same time
Rarely have you treated me with kid gloves
Many a time, have you taken the blame
For mistakes I have made
Nevertheless, you are the main reason
For me having a strong sense of right and wrong
You are my moral compass
And whenever there is something amiss
You point me in the right direction
Equally important, are your words of caution!!

Thou art my creator
Not just a mother
But also a friend for life
And my strongest companion in times of strife
With me, have you sometimes been patient to the extreme
You are the beam
Of light that surrounds me from all sides
And ensures I never fade
Often, have you been a mixture of strict and lenient
Sometimes, downright blunt
But you can also be exceedingly sweet
All in all, as a parent
Quite hard are you, to beat!!

Thou art my creator
And quite a colourful character
You are the most precious person
In my entire life
From you, have I learned the most important lessons
Thanks to you, have I been able to ride the rough
And ultimately emerge successful
Finally, I love you above one and all
May God bless you
With loads of love, happiness and peace!!
Poem dedicated to my dear mother
Carlo C Gomez Mar 10
In the days of Jupiter
during the age of
lovely intimate things

the abundant rain giving life
to a lactating mother


her magic ocean
and incipient seabright moon
together at the center of creation

Lorelei Feb 22
Standing on the edge
of all my possibilities
I discover each day new ways to fly
And new ways to fall
I stumble against myself
On the way to endless beauty
I swimm gently in a see of love
like I've never seen before
Wondering again and again
Who am I now?

I am a mother
The sum of all I've ever been
The starting point of all I'll ever become
Being a mother challenges you to use all you allready know and are and also pushes you forward by teaching you new things about yourself and the world.
Anggita Feb 12
To the child I can't mother;
don't be too smart. At this age, you don't need 1,000 to count the stars.
You don't need pronouns to define what you are. Happiness defines who you are.
A happy person, I wish you become.
I don't mind you causing a headache,
remember when I read you about nations,
and you asked why countries exist to rule?
Little pumpkin, I can't believe I'm raising an anarchist, how funny is that?
I want to take you to walk the beach at sunrise.
You are probably sleeping, so I'll carry you in my arms.
We can study the peebles and find a perfect spot to lie down,
I can smell Johnson's on your hair and the dream you had last night.
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