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There is no rest tonight
I sleep… But I do not rest
I dream that you are being eaten from the inside out
When I wake and look into your sunken eyes… Hug your frail body...
I know that MY dream is YOUR reality
There is no rest for you
There is no sleep for you

I dream you are drowning
And even though you grab my arm for me to pull you out
The weight of your heart, tainted blood in your veins, and gathered regrets in your mind are too heavy for us both

But your head remains afloat…allowing you to breathe
So you let me comfort you by holding your hand
And you hold your mouth open…only allowing a sustenance that your mind has tricked you to believe is salvation
But its poison…a twisted substance that tangles itself in your mind, attaching itself to your body…
I remain holding your hand, because in the depths of your sunken eyes, I still see the glimmer of your spirit

I dream that you are being destroyed from the inside out…almost every night
And you are
Your thoughts and emotions are continually triggering and misfiring
Sharp and ricocheting through out your whole being
Destroying you, leaving you aching and in pain
Your solution…to go numb and distract from actually healing

I dream you are choking
And you are,
Pills, Acid
Corroding and dissolving more than just your physical being
Your turmoil becoming sludge
Just wanting to escape from your body
Getting trapped in your lungs and throat as you cry out for help

I dream you are suffocating
And you were
A dark shadow found its way in front and on top of you
A heavy blanket of darkness so dense you had no way to breathe

And somehow, through these dreams and in our waking moments together
You always found a way to extend your arm out, reaching for help
I’d grip your hand tighter and tighter every time
Your grip feeling stronger the every next time

And somehow…your reality began to change, and my dreams…my nightmares began to fade
Somehow… you found your way…back to us …
Away from the grips of your addiction
Closer to love, light and clarity of your life
Your Mind
Your Heart
Your Spirit

Tonight we rest,
Tonight we sleep,
Tonight I know you will actually dream.
Dedicated to my son who gets to read this. Dedicated to the families who have experienced the many affects and rollercoasters of addiction. Stay strong and keep a light of faith on.
uv 1d
As a mom..
you always need to be prepared
As a mom ..
you need to make sure your expressions are well read.
As a mom ..
you need your baby well fed.
As a mom..
lack of tissues is a subject of dread.
As a mom..
less is always more said.
Motherhood is a form of poetry
U learn and u teach
And you enjoy everything in your reach.
Daisy 2d
I now know
          what it is to have
               your best
                          walk around in
                human form
           I now know
              the held back
               to support a tiny soul
I now know
                hunger pain
                      until the last belly
                              is full
           Love so deep
                           only oxygen is more
                I will laugh
                                      with you
                     every moment
Poem 3 of 3 poems inspired by motherhood
Daisy 2d
Hidden Scars
                   and lines
             A mirage of
             Ethereal Glory
                                Children's homes
                  their souls'
                 ­            gone
Part 2 of 3 poems inspired by motherhood
Daisy 2d
Your Heart Beats
The rhythm of my
                     first music
      Your touch
the first sense
                   of this world
       Your eyes
                    of love
the home I once knew
first poem of three inspired by motherhood
I have a life growing inside of me
She tosses and turns each night to remind me
My little Astrid
She will sleep in her rocker next to me at night
And wake me several times before the break of daylight
And I’m okay with that
If you had asked me last year,
I would have told you that this was my biggest fear
But now with only five weeks to her due date
I am going to be a mother and I can’t wait
She was sent here to give me my purpose
And you can be **** sure I’ll prove to her I’m worth it
Told my feelings were fake
Laughed at for crying
Brutalized for refusing
Depicted as anomalous
This is my "home"

I exploded, caught a breath as I felt the silencing

Crossed volatile environments
Misunderstood ephemeral friends
Bullied, ostracized
Experienced injustice
This is school

I performed, in the illusion of shutting silencing

Living my curiosity
Knowledge is my strength
Reflexivity makes me grow
Embracing my difference
This is my refuge

I introspected, in the freedom of their paralyzed silencing

Meet mind-like people
Discovered my emotions
Explored my preferences
Dug my family history
This is my travel

I free-fell, as in my trust I hit structural silencing

Communicating humbly
Nourishing healthy relationships
Trusting my positions
Affirming my autonomy
This is my womanhood

Becoming a mother, I urge to gather the pieces for her freedom
I wrote this poem after days of suffering from my mother's intrusion in my maternity… how she made fun of me and invalidated my thoughts, actions and desires towards my future daughter.
elle Jan 18
through the slit of her mouth
where dandelions smiled
begging to be
uprooted, undone
in a cosmic sigh across this endless leaf, the Wind she
turned her back to us
what felt like a yawn across a fatal gorge
and down below, the tremble of her core
lifting up our dreams in outstretched fists
of flower dust, from a time before
close our eyes in unison
breathe out
the tune   of our birth,
which our mothers' hummed in their sleep, our being
only imagined
in their unfathomed dreams
Matthew Jan 16
A moment she was already starting to repress.
That would never come back again...
Though, she gained weight.
Something she couldn't deny.
It was her boyfriend's
she told
them all.

It was okay.
They threw
her a shower
and gave her

She smiled
for her

To come






A story of an expecting mother
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