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Julia Feb 2021
blessed sting
i’m numb
with jubilation
a nettle found me
Star BG Apr 2019
Verbal herbs infused with an om
I will create.
A soothing ointment for the world to hear.
I shall lace it with light song.
loving breath,
and the essence of lotus.

My herbs are free for the asking
just focus and breath it in.
Let it soak into bloodstream
and flood your heart.
Allow its mixture to enhance your being
by releasing old mind pattens unneeded.
Let it pour onto eyes aimed at precious mind
so doubts and fears are dropped.

My herbs are sacred permeated
from the loving shadows of angels
for inner peace to anchor.

Its remedy will reborn one
into their divine self.
Its cure will relieve
any troublesome journey.
Even that of the writer.
Smoke Scribe a grand writer who, inspired me. Thanks
No her name didn’t start with an “S” or “K”
Her first name started with an “M” and last name started with a “J”
She was such a beauty, all crystalline sometimes and no makeup ever hid her face
She was different , her green composure sometimes found a little purple lingering adding taste
She was flexible , I could make love to her anyway I want , in a bowl, a ****, wraps, or even create my own ways
I was 13 years old when we first met , she nearly took my life with the first breath
Choking from how strong she hugged my lungs I knew she was the best
She made me laugh from the first kiss until I went to sleep in my cloud-like bed
Some years have passed now and we’ve decided to get married since then
From first sight, first touch, first kiss, first hug, I knew Mary Jane would be my first love and even a better friend. If we ever tend to split I know she’s my first from beginning to end.
Love for the herbal Mary Jane is forever
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
I see the picture, but
the sound's not playing
I see your lips move, but
don't hear what you're saying

because I'm not here

I'm over there,
sitting in a chair,
in a meadow
watching the weeds grow

I'm up there,
in that tree,
with only my company

I'm down here,
in this cave
with only myself
to save

I watch the picture
but there's still no sound
I watch you mouth for words
but none comes out
just a bunch of buzzing, ringing noises
Bea Mecum Jul 2018
I once played a game of cards with the devil, under a blood red moon upon the lake of our lady Babylon. With a grin, the devil did win, for his hand had totally waisted me.

Shower time- It's better than normal time. Especially with the smell of herb in your head. Step out. Dry off. Hit the herb again. It's time to start the day.

I ingest 3 cups of coffee, and hit the herb again. Then I start my day. I go out into the world. Out there where it is cold. Out there to slave the day away just to do it again the next day.

Please tell me that there is something more than this. I beg, but I get nothing.Maybe in the end, that is all there really is... Nothing. This thought's cold logic sinks in, and I am sick.

Sick of things done in repetition to no end. Tired of hearing the same one line joke day in and day out.

Welcome to my store.

Can I get you any more?

Thank you, come again... and again... and again...

I can not take it any more!

Oh, wait! It's time to clock out.

Hear how the pen scratches the paper. Rolling on fragments of thought. Dripping with the same ink as yesterday. I am bleeding all over this notebook. Could I ever write loud enough, so that somebody could hear me screaming?

I once played a game of cards with the devil, under a blood red moon upon the lake of our lady Babylon. Plain and clean, the devil's hand was mean, for it had totally waisted me.
A Simillacrum Jul 2018
Remembering hurt.
Designations of dirt.
Crawling, knee and nail.
Dessicated herbs.
Resignation of worth.
Stretching for the bag.

I've seen how this ends.

Up in smoke.
Dreaming delight.
Up in smoke.
Dreaming delight.

How long will this pattern run?
Up until the day is done.
How long will this pattern run?
Up until the day is done.

For any calm from halcyon,
I need

to burn
the herb.

I've seen
how this

Up in smoke.

Thank you for reading.
kathryntheperson Jun 2018
blessed green herb
your sent easily reckoned
haze of grey fill the air
spark me once again
take a ****  
inhale the smoke
infiltrate my ribcage
like a dungeon entrap
the perception of your psyche
become who i am
and what i want
temporarily fill the hole
in my being
*** and poetry
As gunfire
round position
was hostile
to foment
a spider
there against
its mayhem
while Miranda
made us
brighter if
a discriminate
cry ready
as toll
cross nation
yet deliberate
soliloquy aside
blue smoke.
A Noteice Made Legal Now
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