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Jun 5 · 260
Special Seed
David Hutton Jun 5
Sometimes I feel like I'm wearing a crown.
Othertimes I feel like I want to shutdown.
Give me what I need,
that special kind of seed.
The one where I get lost and can't be found.
Apr 8 · 556
The Fling
David Hutton Apr 8
Affection for you I can't undo,
Adhered to you like a tattoo.
I'm a substitute, I know.
Hard for me to let-go.
Painful to dry the ink you dipped into.
Psychiatrist Eric Berne states in his book *** in Human Loving that "Some say that one-sided love is better than none, but like half a loaf of bread, it is likely to grow hard and moldy sooner."
Mar 15 · 222
The Apotheosis of War
David Hutton Mar 15
The deceased piling up in battle,
Enough blood to fill more than one barrel.
Crows pillage the scene,
Nibbling on their cuisine.
From a distance you can hear them cackle.
Inspired by Vasily Vereshchagin's "The Apotheosis of War" painting.
Dec 2018 · 356
The End of the Affair
David Hutton Dec 2018
It was hard for you to say "Goodbye",
Easy for you to turn a blind eye.
Things we did together,
Things you didn't treasure.
Our time as one was a fateful demise.
Dec 2018 · 399
David Hutton Dec 2018
It has been there for days, wasting away.
Bugs are summoned by the smell of decay.
Furry growth in a moist state,
Flies regurgitate.
Buzz, buzz, buzz all over the Charolais.
Dec 2018 · 2.4k
If I Disappeared
David Hutton Dec 2018
Just imagine if I disappeared,
Would your memory of me be blurred?
Rusting away in your mind,
Leaving me behind.
A face you had known, a name you had heard.
Dec 2018 · 134
David Hutton Dec 2018
The house I live in serves no purpose.
Dry, cracked and irritated surface.
Scratching and itching.
A liberating mission
to unpave the layers of burden.
Nov 2018 · 573
David Hutton Nov 2018
They share hollow thoughts, they're just clones,
Harbouring a plague of bloodthirsty tones.
Violation begins,
Spreading their deadly sins.
Motivated by the cries and moans.
Nov 2018 · 2.8k
David Hutton Nov 2018
Raw landscapes shape the far distance
Brutal terrain tests our endurance
A greeting with coldness
A sheet of fog invites us
Raw landscapes welcome us with silence.
May 2018 · 2.7k
Tourist Resort
David Hutton May 2018
Satellite dishes line the sky
Sending signals and on standby
Can't see the horizon
Many buildings rising
Concrete jungle horrify
Oct 2017 · 2.2k
Motion Blur
David Hutton Oct 2017
The motion that is an echo of you
are the ghosts that bear resemblance to you.
Oct 2017 · 262
David Hutton Oct 2017
The state of absence floods internally,
Overflows out of every aperture,
Absorbing the entire anatomy.
Oct 2017 · 240
The Evidence
David Hutton Oct 2017
Bloodstains staring back at me,
Illuminating every part warmly.
Blanketing the entire floor,
Ingrained into each pore.
Disinfect to a high degree.
Oct 2017 · 1.7k
David Hutton Oct 2017
A portrait of you I found somewhere,
Your eyes had an abstracted glare.
Why do I keep this?
Maybe to reminisce.
A time I caved into your snare.
Oct 2017 · 507
David Hutton Oct 2017
Now and again it can be painful,
The friction from you can be fatal.
Organs made to measure,
We bridge together.
Like when we were young being playful.
Oct 2017 · 203
The Abandoned
David Hutton Oct 2017
Under this skin devoid of substance,
The days are a joyless existence.
Dispatch the sleeping pill,
Shelter me from ill will.
Slip away without resistance.
Oct 2017 · 357
David Hutton Oct 2017
Attached like muscle tissue,
Exchanging our ****** dew.
Danger, high blood pressure,
Epicurus pleasure.
Our flesh and bones leave red residue.
Oct 2017 · 402
Partners in Crime
David Hutton Oct 2017
Known him for a very long time,
Our relationship started sublime.
My weakness for a man,
Is an ****** ban.
Our intimacy regarded a crime.
Oct 2017 · 375
David Hutton Oct 2017
They wrote "Go back to your own country".
And said I look like a monkey.
They treat me like taboo,
a mindless point of view.
But with all the odds I still pull-through.
Oct 2017 · 462
David Hutton Oct 2017
It came very late at midnight,
Evolving like a parasite.
Twist and bend and inverse,
This mind gets too perverse.
My body craves fresh appetite.
Oct 2017 · 362
We are in Everyplace.
David Hutton Oct 2017
You like to make us feel out-of-place.
Consider yourselves the master race?
You hate and you fear,
But we won't disappear.
Because we are in everyplace.
Oct 2017 · 1.9k
In the Deep End
David Hutton Oct 2017
Down here, it is dark and damp,
Like a Concentration camp.
No more desire to discover,
as darkness has declared every colour.

My duration is close to descend,
No desistance from this decline.
The decision to disembark,
Means no more bloodline.

Don't delay my departure...

I can't see...
It's getting darker.
Sep 2017 · 337
David Hutton Sep 2017
The walls are thin, too anorexic,
Trembles like an epileptic.
In my echo chamber,
I can hear them stutter.
Inner voices apoplectic.
David Hutton Jul 2017
You see my face and race comes first.
I walk around and I feel cursed.
You greet me with "Ni hao!",
expect me to take a bow?
I filled the bathtub; go in headfirst.
Writing poems is always the best way to let off steam.
Jul 2017 · 440
The Harvest
David Hutton Jul 2017
Their bodies, in a state of carnage.
Their organs are used as hostage.
External dissection,
internal infection.
Can't move, can't scream, in pain, in *******.
Jul 2017 · 1.1k
Death in Autumn
David Hutton Jul 2017
Curtains are drawn, the days shorten.

                 the leaves fall,
                                              it's autumn.

Soon I will descend,
nearer to the end.

In the ground, I will be forgotten.
Jul 2017 · 193
David Hutton Jul 2017
Pulsates a beat to animate.
Weak when there is a slow heart rate.
Within the rib cage,
this is the final stage.
Only time will tell to terminate.
Jul 2017 · 394
David Hutton Jul 2017
A land abused in disrepair.
The void is empty, not much there.
Appendages torn,
so many to mourn.
People are blind, they're unaware.
Jul 2017 · 317
David Hutton Jul 2017
Crimson red is all that I see.
Anatomy displayed carefree.
Human colony.
Say goodbye to your family tree.
Jul 2017 · 1.3k
David Hutton Jul 2017
The troubles buried deep in past.
Life doesn't look like it will last.
Finding a way-out,
His final check-out.
May the other-side be a contrast.
Jul 2017 · 316
David Hutton Jul 2017
Darkness haunts when I'm all alone.
Feeling like the Antarctic Zone.
Suspended motion,
drift in open ocean.
Drowning body, this tomb I disown.
Jul 2017 · 504
David Hutton Jul 2017
In the dark they're determined.
Little mutters of feral sermons.
Creeping up within me,
Feeling very beastly.
Countless voices full of vermin.

— The End —