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Nigdaw Sep 19
A wilderness is untamed,
nature bursts forth in all its glory;
without the guidance and destruction of
It is beautiful,
a place where the soul is free,
although it may be in danger.

A wilderness is here.

Concrete slabs put upright
with windows;
facing more concrete.
Trees are sparse and trained,
grass short and restrained;
people reign.
An empty kingdom
of blank angry emotion,
called civilisation;
where the soul is definitely in danger.

It is our wilderness.
Caroline Jul 10
I won’t chisel a spirit to make
It resemble some other Formation,
Like the sculptors of the faces On the rocks.
I love the mountains more
When their jagged edges and Sun-kissed outcrops
Create patterns all their own;
Granite spires, volcanically Windblown,
Unabashedly wild,
No artist’s signature
Laying claim to the beautiful Potential of the stone;
Only the forces of the
Determine our growth.
Like Crazy Horse,
I want to be brave,
Paint streaks of lightning on
My face;
Look to the mountains and Scream,
I love you
Just like that,
Inspired by the Black Hills.
Juhlhaus Jul 3
It is for no ill will, no caprice on the part of fire, but for love. Man wakens fire from sleep, feeds her, cares for her, and keeps her alive. And so she smiles on him with friendly light, warms him, whispers to him mysterious songs, and drives away all that would sting, bite, harass, or harm. For as man loves fire, so fire loves man and delights in his company, all the more in wild and lonely places.
Juhlhaus Jun 14
You neatly told me
That your muse is more a student
Of mountain writing
Than of poems; the way they go in
And out, all natural and deserted.

How otherwise can one know
The heart of the matter than
To isolate the heart, at least
For a moment or several, with
What remains of earth and air?

Leave it alone without water.
Send it into the woods with nothing but
A flimsy packet of beef jerky,
No swimwear, and hope
That the sky doesn't pour itself in riot.

So be ready for anything with
The grace to let the self be
Washed, dunked in a lake
Of coffee to emerge what it could
Have been from the beginning.
Written as a round-robin with one of my favorite fellow poets.
Will Jun 13
Wake with me as the sun sets across the tree lined peaks.
Close your eyes when your lids grow weary.
Fall asleep in our tent, as the sun rises through the night.
Our fire burned bright, as we talked about finding love, losing life, and weeks gone by.
Savor every moment in these mountains, because soon enough this world will pass is by.
blackbiird Jun 11
You've stripped me bare ,
exposed my weaknesses,
and torn my mask.
now all i can do
is bow down in humility
because You've positioned
me at the Cherith brook
to speak to me.

i've never been more grateful
to be bare with You.
I'm at a session in my life where God has led me alone to the brook where he wants to speak to me and restore all the broken things and use them for his glory. I am learning to be content as I grow closer to the Lord. I wrote this poem to express my gratitude to God for saving me and bringing me back to life piece by piece. I hope this encourages those that are hurting.
GulRukh Oct 2017
Now I am wild wind
over your city,
wanna destroy everything that once with you was pretty,
erase every memory of you being mischevious and witty,
wanna give you pain,
wanna see you asking for piety
but there you are infront of me again,
I feels like a paitent recovers from pain
than I was  hard as ice
now I am melting slow and nice
in my mind echoed a voice,
"You can bear all the thunder
cause with him
once you were a breeze"
I was like wolf who had lost
It mate when my wife passed away left to fend for Itself all alone
In cruel and vast wilderness of Isolation a now lone wolf that would now hunt away the
Treking alone
away from the pack he once belonged too through the blinding white of hard driven
longer belong or go back to the pack to now live alone survive life In a now vast world
Losing my wife was like being left like a wolf without Its mate to face a vast wilderness fend for Its self
Ylzm May 30
Life's a garden, and we're its bondservants:
Disciplined within by beauty, and
Compelled without by fear -
The wilderness, ever encroaching -
We strive; And seek, more and more:
Life's for living, even every moment,
For the wilderness overwhelms, inevitably.
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