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David Hutton Dec 2018
It has been there for days, wasting away.
Bugs are summoned by the smell of decay.
Furry growth in a moist state,
Flies regurgitate.
Buzz, buzz, buzz all over the Charolais.
Temporal Fugue Jul 2018
Yes we did we went out to  Phil's
and horked down a meal of fat
not for the old as it'd prolly ****
that's just a matter of fact

Juicy burgers and moist buns
filled with meat and with cheese
no greater feast under the sun
so we ate it quick as you please

We followed it up with Amy's ice cream
creamy and full of the best
something she'd never eaten or seen
putting too shame all the rest

Back at her place
we rolled and we played
we did things that have never been done

Settled our hungers
and settled our moods
our bodies we teased as we sung

I know it's so rude and crude
as she screamed at the top of her voice
beneath her sheets all steamy and lude
"I'm so **** creamy and juicy and moist"
:D yes, that's my mind, welcome!
These are shops in Austin, usually found right next door to each other, one of the bright spots in Austin Tx :) (Amy and Phil, are married)
Poetic T May 2018
Let me flick your bean
              Till you grow peas
                             Of ecstacy.
And I swallow everyone
Samantha Feb 2018
I have some pretty unpopular opinions.

Acts of stringing string cheese have always seemed so wrong!
Maybe people say I'm strange because I like some songs.

And that's just the beginning...

Being human, so many think that microwaves pose danger.
I can't imagine why you'd think that radiation's any stranger.
Getting some exposure is sure to not endanger!

Word for wet: "moist?" I don't exactly hate it.
Everyone seems to, though, so I don't bother to debate it.
I don't think that sidewalks are dangerous if they're cracked.
Right! That's not an opinion, it's a cold hard fact.
Definitely, it's a hazard to leave vaccines ignored.
Oops, some disagree! Time to give Darwin Awards.
Can you find the secret sentence? My last three poems should give a hint!
Poetic T Dec 2017
That carrot, what could be said a little girl gave her,
                    Well we wondered why an anatomically
Correct Miss Snow lady had such an amicable smile.

Her nose always seemed to descend to below,
                         She had a friend but his carrot was as
Limp as could be, it wasn’t his fault it’s the cold you see…

But never fear, where there is ingenuity there is away…
                 In their morning Miss Snow seemed to ice up below,
But she seemed to have a rather defrosted glow…

For when it was time for this artificial carrot to wind down,
              She evaporated in pleasure but Mr Snowman was still there
***** but no place to go. Poor Mr Snowman,
                                                          we'll blame it on the cold…
Poetic T Sep 2017
Never could they gently part,
always forcefully, but the gentle
touch was needed you would find.

It was the gem sitting in-between,
soft, delicately waiting for the touch.
But for some it was to hard to locate.

Precious was the this gem between,
for those who could feel its moistness
knew they had found the jewel in-between.
Celeste Briefs Sep 2017
I whispered into his ear,
"I love you."
I whispered again,
feeling his moist,
burning breath
against my brittle neck.
Our souls came together
across the vast ocean of breath;
He touched me,
softly, deeply,
touched me again
fell deep into me
as I was consumed
by him.
Raghu Menon Apr 2017
Its a  beautiful day
Wet and cool and moist day
it was just a dream!
It is too hot, but I wished it is a rainy day!!
Cat Fiske Dec 2015
my throat was rotted and dry,
as I urged for you to hear my cries,

as if make you hear me again,
as if to try and show you my smile again,

to smile and show you,
how everything will be alright,

wouldn't it be nice,
like the puzzle becoming complete finally.

but my voice cant speak these words,
and my lips and throat aren't moist enough,

to motion this smile we both truly need,
to speak these words to stop the cries,

as if to tell you its all going to be alright,
so we will part ways, drift, and fly away this night,
just a poem.
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