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GCTA shouldn’t spell your name
but I’m pretty sure you’ve hacked my DNA
so that a well-meaning scientist
seeking to cure my horrendous malady
with cutting edge gene therapy
would scratch their head
in finding your name writ so deep
Brittany Ann Jan 29
Sometimes, I fear that the passing of time

will be the ruin of all that makes up of me.

I hope not to be the consequence of

destruction by distraction-

fading away within the fleeting of life.

Sometimes, I fear my

responsibilities becoming like a weapon

for involuntary manslaughter.

I do not want each day to erode my soul to dust.

All of what I am

becoming the ground beneath


I do not want hazy eyes in a dazed filled life,

each step I take almost simultaneously.

I do not wish the world to warp

my individuality.

I want to devote to my own

ideal of integrality.

And remember all of the

persistent passions

that have coursed relentlessly

through my veins,

morphing all that's evolved to me.
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
Undoing every punch
Lock my voice inside a dial tone of conflicting passions
Is it ok to cry?
or should I rather call?

It’s a curious thing when
You let these buried phantoms master you
They reappear and sweep you up
Into uncharted territories
unknown to a single man

As you sit and stare at their ghost of a memory
Reflecting the dimensions of yourself
Smiling happily knowing you are not that

Dissecting the luminosity of your youth
Naive innocence
Still there
No faded imagery or idea
too far away to be..
All is possible
in the mirror
of another world
or so it seems…
Frannie Jun 2020
I fold, I bend, I stretch
But I don’t break.

I chip, I crack, I flake
But I don’t crumble.

I press, I squash, I scrunch
But I don’t split.

rhionna Feb 2020
I see myself becoming a different person
for the better though it seems
anxiety covered thoughts are present
I'm nervous for this person
for what she'll be
I'll welcome her
as she is me
and I am she
more evolution
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2020
I wonder
How did you claim
To know me?

Still you have to
Verify the existence
Get introduced to
My shadow
A silhouette of the soul

I search
For my self
Within myself
To know me
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Evolving
Violetempath27 Dec 2019
In the middle of Reality and surrealism is where you will find me.
Finding it may be difficult to differentiate.
Everyone seeks to find the way to reality.
Asking for guidance might help gravitate.
Time has always taken it's time.
Causing detachment from everything, everyone even me.
Learning, healing and being is my aim.
Hoping I'll be able to digest the end.
Awesome Annie Oct 2019
I could fill my hands with wishes.
Vials of fairy dust tucked deep in my pockets.
one day,
I might need it.
But that day I think may never come.

Prayers whispered on red stained lips,
but they drop sincerely,
with to much heart.
Silence says to much in ways I can't comprehend.

Wind says that it can take me to a place, where shadows can't haunt me.
Sorrow can't sit on my door step,
reminding me of things that want to consume to much of me.

Monsters grab me in the night.
Profanity and ****** don't mix well with whiskey.
My stomach is always twisted in knots of strangled butterflies.

I could be a runaway.
Just another face on a milk carton,
or those cluttered bulletin boards at Walmart.
I fade away so easily,
flowers in my hair and feet bare,
sunshine warming my face.
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