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If one have a dream
Way to reach there
Someone to pull
Someone who trust

Some hunger
Some spirit
Something worth for

With words unspoken
Adopt the evolving
What it meant to be
Some water
Some fire
And some in between
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Keep moving
Nylee Dec 2018
add more
what is there
is so less.

it is endless
little still
extra need
more to feed
up to greed

no way to rid
there is a thirst
countless prayers
many faces
every day
ending with empty hands

all the resources
on the toes
multiplying the lives
depleting what is left
it will end
all has been said.
Sindi Kay Oct 2018
Preserve the past in me
Like a mummy I’ll bring my riches
to another world

My sabatoge is your secret weapon.

-Sindi Kafazi
Ken Pepiton Oct 2018
Bang the bell
start the tellin of a story 'bout a man name…

Yo, t'was a wombed man, ennui is no excuse
onus is on you. vive la differ-ents.

True, t'tell, she was an upgrade. Mito-mom.

First ol' Ish said, it sounded like,

"Wow, ishi mine? How'dyoudothat?"
so for a while ishi was her name.

Was I sleeping and now a wake, or

are we past all that?
The garden walks meeting all we met, with names,
knowns, all named

The I in Ish knew names of every man-named thing,
but Adom 2.0,

she was something else. Ish could hardly think

something so beautiful is made of me?
Why, Ish wondered, but didn't say aloud.

Is she curiouser than me?
Is that what's different? No, there's more,

but that's a lot, curiouser and curiouser,

Here come the servants forming to inform,
curios come,
kachinas from the west.

This night we all learned the dance the angels do,
on the point of no return.

Too beautiful for words and then,
past the point of no return,

Ish take her and she is mother of all living,
Eve for short. Mom.
Family dinner in the local retaurant where everybody knows me, but none, in fact  know my name, so my mind wandered...
Tyler Smiley Sep 2018
how can i have peace of mind,
when i can’t help but feel like there are
missing pieces of my mind?

i gasp for air and realize I’m no longer whole, feeling the winds of regret
through and through.
my lungs feel as weak as the
late November leaves
that are left behind
during the changing of seasons.

i am reminded of the times i gave
the worst people
the best parts of me.
words they didn’t deserve to hear,
skin they didn’t deserve to touch.

i can’t turn back into my old self,
but in its absence,
i felt presence.

recognizing that
i was once just a flame,
but now i want nothing less
than to be a forest fire.
Tyler Smiley Sep 2018
I don’t have the right to miss you,
because you were never actually mine.
You were just a passing day,
a place and a time.
Your eyes burned through my skin worse than
the sun does in mid-July.
Your fingertips lightly imprinted my neck
and lit me up brighter than the early summer fireflies.
But this thing we built collided into nonexistence
when the cold came.
Because without the heat I was now nothing,
but a lifeless flame.
Soot covered branches, burnt and cracked.
All I felt was tears, when all I wanted to hear
was your laugh.

But I didn’t just lose you,
I lost all of the best parts of myself, too.

You had taken my warm June heart and
somehow turned it into a January afternoon.
I yearned to be painted a shimmering gold,
no longer a toneless blue.
So I started caring for myself the way
I used to care about you.
I tried my hardest to scrub my wine stained soul clean.
I woke up, realizing there’s so much life to live,
I was only nineteen.
The seasons changed and so did my mind,
and I finally felt myself let you go,
after all this **** time.
Amber Evans Aug 2018
“When those menthol’s inhabit the deepest parts of my tarnished lungs, I faintly remember the way you first positioned your hand across my thigh. Innocence was nowhere to be found in this moment. Instead, your eyes grew wide; crystallized and chivalrous. You spoke with knowledge of this whirling world, for there will always be certainties: bats will swoop for the moth in the midst of the night, the eyes of the villain may deceive you, purity doesn’t always mean superiority, and most importantly, the shaking of your hand won’t stop once you’ve reached the filter.”
– Engulfed in You: part 1

“The shards of glass from my past still cut me every now and again. I don’t want to bleed all over you; all over us, so I bandage myself up. Over and over. It’s a never-ending wound that I can’t seem to stitch. The ache eases when your breath enters me. I think I’m in love with you.”
– Engulfed in You: part 2

“Maybe love isn’t the word. It isn’t savory on my taste buds. Love doesn’t fill the corners of my mouth with delicacy, nor aggression. It doesn’t satisfy every inch of me. I don’t wish to be in ambiguity with you. I want certainty. I want words to fill me up and pour out of my mouth like they have overstayed their welcome. I want to feel tranquil when you lie next to me. I crave chaos. I want your hands to grab harder once they’ve discovered the bruising. Lingering lascivious for one another. Maybe love is too small for how big I truly feel.”
– Engulfed in You: part 3

“Vibrations violate my ears. The sincerity of the chords blend perfectly. They mix up like an old recipe inside my head. Isolation sets in once your locked eyes drift away as the hours flow past us. Blistering hands strike the door. The pounding never stops. It’s a continuous knocking of a door; a continuous knocking of the heartbeat. You never stopped plucking the strings on your acoustic; the design haunts me. The dove stares into my uncertain eyes: striking and radiant. It’s everything I wish I could be for you, but I’m not the perfect melody. I don’t soar. I cannot rest. I’m the crash of a shattering liquor bottle that slices your foot the next morning.”
– Engulfed in You: part 4

“The twinges of pain don’t occur as often when you’re around.”
– Engulfed in You: part 5

“I love the taste of your fingers down my throat. Throbbing heart; don’t slow down. My eyes are half-open but I can see you perfectly in this dim-lit room. Calculated movements come my way with short breaths. I’m never as vulnerable as I am when I’m begging for you.”
– Engulfed in You: part 6
Roschana Aug 2018
I am shedding layers of un-purged skin, only to reveal I left myself long ago
I have outgrown this moment my hedges need trimming, will you help me?
I am evolving
I can't see myself right now but soon I'll know what I'm looking at
Everything is decaying, for the good obviously
You can't rattle me from resurrection
I am as grounded as the serpent
I am only protruding pain
Pain that no longer serves
I am no longer reserved
Vulnerability welcomes you to my heart
Here goes something like never before
Inkling, tender hearted passion
My skin is soft
My shedding skin is soft
I am soft
Don't poke me
Soft whispers ****** my state of mind
I am mellow
Watch my eyes fall slowly tonight
Slowly onto your shoulder I'll rest my impuissant head
Rest easy my child, for its only a while
The sun will kiss you gently
The future sees you, I see you
Enigmatic strings tie knots in my bleeding heart
Unknot me
Unwind me
Unfold me
Never confine me
Now is my time
Pull me out from the depths of Gaia's ****
I am of woman born
Reign me my power
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