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Maybe our past version
could never make it work.
Maybe they weren't meant to be.
They knew to little
and felt too much.

But now that we've picked up
our broken pieces
and rebuilt ourselves.

Reconnected with ourselves.
Changed, grown
and matured.

I wonder if it is meant to
be between these two
evolved souls.
of different ages
learning and experiencing
growing and evolving
through different stages
elle jaxsun Jul 16
like the sun
we may seem great
and like the sun
we may know we’re not.
the sun knows that
she is one of the
smallest red giants
in the universe
and she knows to
become great she must
take up more space.
engulf those near
into her flames
to become bigger, brighter.
and we sometimes feel this, too.
that we must take up more space
to become bigger, brighter.
until like the sun we
will become so big that we
burst, becoming small again.
we are like the stars,
especially the great ones.
shayna Apr 11
we read the same books.
watched movies together
and would share a salted
popcorn. 'because sweet
was always too sweet',
we'd say. i'd listen to
the sound of her voice at
four am, she'd listen
to the sound of mine ten
minutes later.

three months later, the
spark died down and
it was as if i was looking
in a mirror. changed the
angle and now i don't
like what i see. i hated
her, changed more about
me so i wouldn't be
my mirror girl.
Ramón Mar 18
Discipline your mind to think rationally and realistically
Let your reasons rhyme and your rhymes never be without reason
Resist resistance and render all rendering rendered
Be relentless with repentance,
righting every wrong until there’s only room for rewards
Whether god sent or godless be on guard regardless
Rearrange the soul of your renegade, show him how to be a real man
Until the distribution of retribution, this is the restitution
And remember, you are who you think
If one have a dream
Way to reach there
Someone to pull
Someone who trust

Some hunger
Some spirit
Something worth for

With words unspoken
Adopt the evolving
What it meant to be
Some water
Some fire
And some in between
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Keep moving
Nylee Dec 2018
add more
what is there
is so less.

it is endless
little still
extra need
more to feed
up to greed

no way to rid
there is a thirst
countless prayers
many faces
every day
ending with empty hands

all the resources
on the toes
multiplying the lives
depleting what is left
it will end
all has been said.
Sindi Kay Oct 2018
Preserve the past in me
Like a mummy I’ll bring my riches
to another world

My sabatoge is your secret weapon.

-Sindi Kafazi
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