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Frannie Jun 17
I fold, I bend, I stretch
But I don’t break.

I chip, I crack, I flake
But I don’t crumble.

I press, I squash, I scrunch
But I don’t split.

rhionna Feb 7
I see myself becoming a different person
for the better though it seems
anxiety covered thoughts are present
I'm nervous for this person
for what she'll be
I'll welcome her
as she is me
and I am she
more evolution
I wonder
How did you claim
To know me?

Still you have to
Verify the existence
Get introduced to
My shadow
A silhouette of the soul

I search
For my self
Within myself
To know me
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Evolving
Violetempath27 Dec 2019
In the middle of Reality and surrealism is where you will find me.
Finding it may be difficult to differentiate.
Everyone seeks to find the way.
Asking for guidance might help gravitate.
Time has always taken it's time.
Causing detachment from everything, everyone even me.
Learning, healing and being is my aim.
Hoping we'll be able to digest the end.
Awesome Annie Oct 2019
I could fill my hands with wishes.
Vials of fairy dust tucked deep in my pockets.
one day,
I might need it.
But that day I think may never come.

Prayers whispered on red stained lips,
but they drop sincerely,
with to much heart.
Silence says to much in ways I can't comprehend.

Wind says that it can take me to a place, where shadows can't haunt me.
Sorrow can't sit on my door step,
reminding me of things that want to consume to much of me.

Monsters grab me in the night.
Profanity and ****** don't mix well with whiskey.
My stomach is always twisted in knots of strangled butterflies.

I could be a runaway.
Just another face on a milk carton,
or those cluttered bulletin boards at Walmart.
I fade away so easily,
flowers in my hair and feet bare,
sunshine warming my face.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Maybe our past version
could never make it work.
Maybe they weren't meant to be.
They knew to little
and felt too much.

But now that we've picked up
our broken pieces
and rebuilt ourselves.

Reconnected with ourselves.
Changed, grown
and matured.

I wonder if it is meant to
be between these two
evolved souls.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
of different ages
learning and experiencing
growing and evolving
through different stages
elle jaxsun Jul 2019
like the sun
we may seem great
and like the sun
we may know we’re not.
the sun knows that
she is one of the
smallest red giants
in the universe
and she knows to
become great she must
take up more space.
engulf those near
into her flames
to become bigger, brighter.
and we sometimes feel this, too.
that we must take up more space
to become bigger, brighter.
until like the sun we
will become so big that we
burst, becoming small again.
we are like the stars,
especially the great ones.
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