This love is a scab on my skin
What once was coursing through my veins
Lies flat atop my skin
I keep picking at the edges
I give into the itch
no wonder it won't heal
When everyday it splits
It leaks onto my clothing
It spills from underneath
It stains all that I'm wearing
and makes me grit my teeth
a shower couldn't help me
it stings, I don't feel clean
I wish I could stop picking
But now it's just routine
I wish I would stop scratching
Reopening the wound
Itching just to look at one more
Photograph of you
Itching just to pick up
My phone and speak again
Itching because this skin
wasn't good enough for him.
Talia 2d
I have unrealistic dreams
     you expect the love to last for eternity but it's never like that.
                                                 it goes from
         "I want to marry you."
                                                   to just..
                                                          ­      "Can we just be friends.."
You say it's not my fault;
was it truely all in your head?
Or was it because of that woman,
that woman who was just your "friend?"
The woman who has you on strings like a marionette?
Why is it that you went from
"you're my future wife,"
                                                to              ­  
                                                             "I don't love you anymore.."  
after spending time with her?
You say it's because you're finally being honest with yourself..
But you were never honest with me.
Janan 3d
My parting wish for you

Would be that you find someone

Whose kisses unlock your chakras

Open your third eye

Without conjuring up your inner demons
That you’ve Buried at the base of your spine
I pray that they be exorcised

And i hope that their destiny aligns with your ancestry

And you find happiness at the tips of their fingers

And find God in their breath
Calm, like a lake on a warm summers day,
Soft, like a pillow, duvet or matress,
Firm and strong, feisty and fun.
she's beautiful:
her hair,
her eyes,
her everything.
sweet as if she were made purely of sugar
kind and compassionate like no other before.

she was fun and silly, like a child
she was Happy just to see me.
she didn't care about anything,

but i did something
something unforgiveable
and now...

She's Gone
Franco Anz Jul 12
the crimson of a rose
in the air
leaving on a cold winter day
in old pots
on old tables
spilling its petals

onto the hallways and little rooms of sunlight.

do the churches lead somewhere divine?
Sarah Ricard Jul 11
Thumbs hooked through jean belt loops,

pulling her to you.

You kiss.

Over and over again, you kiss:

so many quick little pecks in a row.

I hope you don't

kiss your mother like that,

but is SHE your mama bird?

It's like you take nourishment

from her kisses.

Is she dropping

food into your mouth?

So greedy,

can't get enough.

Of her time, either.

The odd purity that comes

from being complemented

for the first time this way.

How she leans against your knee,

she's the missing puzzle piece.

The crook of her neck, there,

just there.

The pressure where she uses you

for a chin rest.

During any violent-as-you-wish

T.V. show and

she'd even be

cool to chill with you when

you're with your bro's.

Though alone time is the best.

All that you could ask for,

through hills and valleys

you ride along.

Everything is smooth and firm,

smooth and firm.

Smooth, no hiccup in the road.

Firm is the belief in

the reliability of the course.

They're hot;

the heat

rushes through them,


Ain't never gonna feel

this way again.

Not with anybody else.

You two could lie in bed all day.

We're making relationship flambe.

A secret recipe of

inside jokes and

somebody finally wanting your ingredients,

lit afire by some mystery combustible.

You'd deny 'til you were hoarse

that it's only flash in the pan.

Until one day, it seems like-

how can you have

all these shared memories,

all this love,

yet it's still as if the person standing there

is barely the same person from before?

No more pulling her frontward or backward

by her belt loops,

always pulling her toward

the pulse of your passion.

But  the beat of love's life, at least,

grows faint, and she threatens

to take you out with it.

He'd seen her raise the gun,

for all the good it did.

A bullet hole in his forehead

And it's like his third eye's crying blood.

He didn't want to see

what he saw too long ago.

And he just delayed their misery.

Do you take your meat rare?

This cut's dripping in disillusion,

the animal neutralized, a dead

bag of blood and bones.

No; you're still

all-too human, though.

Alone in a room, it's all you can do

to remember to breathe.

But that's step one.
Martha Jul 10
I remember you skipping rocks with me on the beach
How they flew through the summer sky and sunk way down deep
And I knew from the way you were laughing at me
that this won’t turn out the way we’d wished it to be
In the end

I remember long days we had alone on the couch
with teeth stained in red wine, our worries flew out
the front door down the hallway where you first said you love me
Past first kiss and last dance and holiday plans that fell flat

And I saw your new girlfriend at the bar, she looks pretty
And sometimes I wonder how she looks in the morning
dreary eyes beg for coffee, does she remind you of me?
I guess I just get over all of it eventually

And pretend
we made it
in the end
I don't remember when it stopped
But I know there was a moment.

One day the curls framing your face
And your demanding nature
Appealed to me and made me glow with adoration

Another day the way you wore your glasses
How you whispered promises
(That meant nothing now)
Nothing but a guarantee that I would stay,
Made my eyes drift downward, away from yours
Because there was nothing left of you to see.

You spent so long convincing me
That I could count on a forever with you
That it was almost tangible
My fingers brushing against a vision

There was a time when I would have bet my life on it
when you were naked on the bathroom floor
Begging me to stay

“But you promised you would never leave”

We ate some fishes and laid in bed all night
Staring at the ceiling and each other
Talking about the life we wanted.

I realized that they had stopped being the same

I don’t remember when it stopped
But I know there was a moment

A moment when our life together became too difficult for you,
When you wanted different things,
Different partners,
Different lips whispering good night.

But at the end,
When I thought id never live again
All I felt was the relief.

I’d like to say it was all because you loved me
But you told me once that you're not sure how to love.

I finally believe you.
Her kisses were bitter but sweet.
It almost made me wish I was diabetic,
Because dying from each embrace,
Each kiss,
Each "I love you",
Would have made me a martyr
In the name of Poetic Beauty.
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