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I dreamt of you last night
I still remember everything so vividly

when I saw you I knew that I was dreaming
because of the way you looked at me
we didn't have to exchange words
we both knew it wasn't real
we had to enjoy whatever time we had left together
because I would soon wake up
and we'd be back to never speaking again
we'd be back to you hating me
we'd be back to me hating me

I'd call it a dream but then I'd have to admit to myself that I wanted to dream of you
We loved in technicolor!
Your words, your laugh,
your smile and your soul
painting my life in colors
I never knew existed.
And then you left,
and the colors faded fast-
leaving me in a
grayscale gaze.
You walked back  into  my  life
for the What seemed like the tenth time just like you had never left
Like a part of you had always lived in me
I thought my heart your home.

Here  I  am. . .
Now knowing  
Love didn't really exist,
and now when I look at  you
Pain is all I see
when I look  at  you
I no longer see the love

And in the middle
of all this chaos
there you are
Still finding ways back in after I tried so hard to shut you out
There you are still the subject of everything I write
Bansi Adroja Oct 10
Fair-weather love is all the rage
like plastic wine glasses
lost in the grass

A summer haze

Fair-weather love is all the rage
And we are just having one of those days
ktle Sep 28
Bring it back.
Return to me the time I spent with you on my mind.
Gather up the seconds I spent with you,
Go back to find the laughter,
The stolen glances, and
The feelings we shared.
No need to wrap or tie them neatly,
Just bring them back.

Let me hold them in my hands one last time
Before I toss them to the flames.
Before I loosen my grasp
And let the poetry I wrote for you
Be carried away by the winds.

Let me look at you one more time.
Let me smile at you one more time.
Let you see the love for you in my eyes
Once more. No more.
I will turn my back to you leaving ashes and scattered poetry.
You will watch me leave before turning your way as well.

And with our futures in our hands,
And our paths clear of each other,
Let us run so fast that we have no time to look back.
here's to our new future
Love - a game of trial and errors.
Breakups - became a fashion of convenience.
'In a relationship' - now is a funny trend.
Marriage an unexpected deadend.
Victim? Well, that's You!
This is a short verse about love, relationships and how people value it in this so-called modern era!
Artemis Sep 19
You filled me up with daydreams and hope
and a thousand wishes

all just to watch me burst and break
into a thousand shattered pieces.
Mitch Prax Sep 16
I guess I’ll go back
to being cold and alone.
At least I had the privilege of
tasting those lips a dozen times-
but, honestly, I lost count.  
All I have left is a hazy daydream,
one that I think about
more than I should.
But the truth is,
you made me feel whole
for a couple weeks and I
couldn’t be more grateful for
your warmth and affection.
Good exchange in my opinion.
Take care of yourself.
Mark Sep 10
Get out of my life
Shut the front door
Or you'll be in strife
Like I've told you before

So she don't want you back
I could have told you that
Your fault for being so slack
Now who's wearing the top hat
At least ya don't have to put up with her girlie pack
The new gals at the bar will just think your some stray cat

Get out of my life
Shut the front door
Or you'll be in strife
Like I've told you before

But I miss her so much
I miss her soft touch
I know I was a bit rough
But she messed with my brain
Getting lost down memory lane
Like a boxers hit with no real true pain

Get out of my life
Shut the front door
Or you'll be in strife
Like I've told you before

I'll treat her with more respect
I don't won't our relationship to be wrecked
Do you think she will take me back?
I want to get our relationship on the right track
But first I want to see how I go with some other gals
Maybe she would be happier, if we were just good pals.
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