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Cara Anne Sep 2020
I stare at the ceiling.

I have memorized all the bumps, grooves, and cracks.

The blank canvas is dingy and dull.

It casts a shadow of boredom over me.

The bare mattress creaks underneath me

I shift my weigh side to side causing it to rock gently back and forth

It is the only thing that is keeping me warm and sane.

I can hear my family members playing outside

My brother's feet shake the earth beneath them.

His cries of joy fill the air

You laughs boom around him as you meet his demands

I can hear the metal from the swing clank in the wind as you push him higher and higher.

Patiently, I sit here waiting for you to come back.

Wondering when you will unblock the door.

Questioning when you will remove the stripped tape that is wrapped around my head and limbs.

My arms ache from being held in an awkward position.

The tape bites my wrists and sinks it's teeth deep into my skin.

I can feel the lacerations it leaves in it's place.

The chemicals have numbed my face.

My skin screams as I move my cheeks up and down.

The tape twists and pulls my skin in all different directions.

The sticky substance weighs down on my soul.

It traps me physically and mentally.

I am forced to watch time go by as I am stuck in a stand still position.

My young mind does not understand why I am forced to stay here.

I cannot comprehend why you are so mad.

My optimistic thoughts dissolve as time goes by

Here I will sit cold, hungry, and bored waiting for you to come back for me.
Bryce Oct 2019




A Simillacrum Feb 2019
Knowing what I know today,
I'm torn between honesty,
and never saying anything.

Pulling from my memory,
I recall expression
as a natural efficacy
of mine.

Fill me with love again,
love as the willingness
to speak as easily as
I can accept my errs.

Knowing what I know today,
I'm torn between standing out
and fitting into the crowd.

My slightly younger self,
saw my much younger self,
thought, my far future self
wouldn't have the gall.

My slightly younger self,
saw my much younger self,
thought, my far future self
wouldn't have the gall.

I'm torn between standing out
and fitting in, and surprise,
I did say it again.
Athu Feb 2019
I woke up today to find the duct tape running dry,
I had been using it non stop lately, too many things are broken.
The first time I really needed it, was when the canary smashed the window to fly out,
Yes, the canary was adamant, he really wanted to leave,
So one day as I opened the door to his cage, he flew out and with momemtum smashed the window and flew away,
He wasn't hurt, I think, but he left a **** hole in my window.
So A broke misérable like me just went to the store and bought a role of duct tape,
Then drew cross patterns of duct tape until I filled up the hole.
I cleaned the broken pieces of glass and looked at my work with a feeling of satisfaction.
Then, as if antcipating the arrival of duct tape, **** started breaking one by one.
My sink started leaking, so I duct taped.
My radio antenna broke, yes i own a Radio, so I duct taped.
Before realising it I had a house filled with duct taped half broken things.  Though a strange thing started to happen,
The more I duct taped around the house, at night before I shut my eyes,
I would Imagine duct taping things, little cracks in the night.
And then I realised, that there were  no leaks, no holes and no cracks.
In fact, the only thing that had existed was a canary and duct tape.
A canary that had broken a window.
The canary flew into the heavens free of all things earthly.
Then left me with a broken window and a sense of guilt at the extent it went to leave.
So I bought a role of duct tape that is now running dry,
Maybe, thinking of this canary, Ill go and buy another.
Duct Tape
Sam Oct 2018
I'm putting tape over my ears so I don't hear cruelty,
I'm putting tape over my nose so I don't smell my own fear,
I'm putting tape over my eyes so I don't see a joke in the mirror,
I'm putting tape over my mouth so I don't say what people don't want to hear.

I'm taping my arms to my sides to avoid gesturing,
To articulate points that are certainly wrong,
I am taping my legs to avoid the shame
Of walking in the rain to the same sad song.

I am taping my body,
I am taping my mind,
I am through being honest,
Done with being kind.

It's selfish to die,
It's painful to live,
My solution is tape,
So I can't take or give.
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