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You and I are two souls fighting to be the same body
We wish to absorb both into one
Merge lips, merge tongue, merge flesh and bone
We each claw to have executive power
We don't want to be together but we don't want to be alone.

We are hate stronger than immovable force
We are love as an immovable object
But this is not a universe of parallels
We kid ourselves to believe both can exist
I will not be stopped
You will not be moved
Let the battle to see who is wrong begin.
Whoever is standing in the end will win.

All is fair in love and war
And when it's both, rules are no more
I'll use my teeth and nails to make you bare
I'll torture you until you can no longer endure
You'll bow to my will like a **** in the wind
And I will be your master in the end.

So in hand to hand combat let us make love
What we could not say with kisses
Let us tell with blows
Leave your marks upon my skin
For neither of us can be gentle again.
Pulse Oct 4
My mother was dead before I came into the world,

I know not what killed her, only that something did.

Standing in her place was something that tore through words and the mind’s fragile shields,

Brought me down to levels I was sure could not get any lower and then continued to do so.

But I only figured it out, truly figured it out, when she didn’t stop him, when she just watched.

You see, what hurt my mother the most, despite all she screamed and yelled,

Despite her talent for reducing me to a sobbing mess of myself,

A mess that couldn’t be pieced back together again,

He loved me more.

Even when I didn’t want him to, he loved me more.

My mother was not the most beautiful thing in the world, she was only the loudest.

And not even the loudest thing can hold your attention for long.

To him, I was beautiful for my silence.

And to her, I was a knife to the throat.
saw a prompt for 'mother's injury' and this is what happened
Going, you know that you have gone.
Walking clockwise around yourself
I’ve learned that I know nothing
Other than that sometimes you don’t need to know

You need to know calculus and how to sing in 2 different languages
You need to know how to dress business casual and shake hands and beam people with your smile

But when do we learn how to comfort ourselves
Comfort found without the BPA of anything above a 0.8
Who taught us that hearts beating fast will become familiar.
Warm, even
Ryan Rylee Sep 3
A hollowed tree
Like the air in a haze of silence
Like a sunflower seed in the palm of your hand
Like a child anticipating Christmas morning

It starts faster than you’re prepared for
At first you’re falling
Terrified, uncontrolled, holding your breath
Eyes closed
Wind whistling past you
You’re shaking
Now you’re screaming
Heart racing
Teeth bared
You’re smiling now
As you catch yourself
Adhering to a branch
Swinging from side to side
Weaving through everything in your way
Intertwining with yourself
Braiding your own silk
Don’t stop for a moment
If anyone saw you they’d tell you to slow down
But you don’t know how
You’ve given up control of your body
You’re the creator
And the follower
Constructing your own masterpiece
Time is a fictional concept
The world is a cloud of fog
And you have never seen more clearly
The patterns dancing before you
Growing in magnitude and detail
And it’s exquisite
You hear the murmurs as people walk past
Admiring your quilted work of art
It’s all that’s ever mattered
It’s all that ever will matter
Past, present, future, as one

Now for the first moment
You take a breath
Lucky to have been given this talent
Satisfied with your efforts
Blessed to be a part of something so great
So breath-taking
Twists of sweet silk wrap around you
Intertwined with your self-made comfort
Wrapped in your blanket of security
Tangled in your thoughts of happiness
Gum on the soles of your feet
Captivated by your own distractions
Bound by your expectations
Smothered by the necessity of love
Glue on the tips of your fingers
Trapped by the need for control
Suffocated by your pride
Choking on the admiration
Rubber bands constricting your neck
Bound by the fear of change
Knotted by the unwanted consistency
Imprisoned by your own design

Your legs strapped, unable to move
Your hands cemented to the transparent rope
Tightening around your wrists
Your hair becomes the sheer silk
Your clothes are now tangled twine
Encompassing the entirety of your body
Adhering to your ankles
Strangling your neck
Drowning your thoughts
Suffocating your free will
Vision blurs
World dulls
Sounds muffle
Struggling only weakens you
So you become stone
Unable to move
Unable to breathe
Unable to find the motivation
The purpose
The drive
You once had
You’ve lost possession of your worth
Surrounded by beauty
Your stomach remains an empty glass jar

You’re swept
You’re spinning
Out of control
Trying to grasp onto a thread
Something recognizable
Reaching to hold on
Arms flailing
Hummingbird heart
As everything you’ve ever known disappears
Ripped apart
Torn to shreds
And you’re left
Gasping for air
Controlled by the wind
A single thread
Cinched to your leg
Dragging along
The crushed dream of what once was
Ache lingers
Birds flutter
Ants scurry
And you’re left stranded
Abandoned by your past
Unable to begin again

Like the air in a muddy cloud of noise
Like a sunflower dehydrated to a crisp
Like a hopeless child, brought to reality

Until one day
It will snap
And you will be nothing again
A take on the feeling of being trapped in something that once was great but blindly became unhealthy.
3 Aug 26
this feeling is not
symbiotic: you reduce
my core to nothing
at least i am something (ashes) and at least you are happy
i am molded symbiose!
m.b.d forever
Little Piper Jul 19
You wake up
Do you feel jittery?
Panic runs through your nerves
Tired and restless
Heart pumping wildly
8 hours, 10 hours, 12 hours sleep
Still feeling choked by a headache
Numbness filled the back of your mind
Watery eyes from fatigue

Time for work

Getting called in
Do you feel the anxiousness?
The tension in the air
Sweaty palms and feet
As you drag yourself in

You're in
Do you feel calm?
Empty and a lil nervous
The thought of 'I dont give a ****'
You knew where this is going

He screamed
Do you feel upset and angry?
With the demeaning insults
Threats after threats
And you sat there silently
Allowing him to

You left
How do you feel?

Your day begins
Do you feel better?
Work after work after work
Piling up like hills so high
Jittery feelings return

Do you feel dead?
Exhausted and drowned with work
It does not stop here
Unfinished business to continue
Type away with blank stares

Your day starts again.
For a friend who feels all sorts of negative feelings with her job and her boss on a daily basis.
Acina Joy Jun 25
Shards scatter the kitchen floor;
Joel Adams plays through the radio.
Hearts chained down, wrists throbbing.
Phantoms appear, knocking the lungs empty.
He?--She?--Them; they appear on the table,
where guests are supposed to sit. The counter,
the couch, the bedroom (where guests are not supposed to be).

(But you reminisce, they're not guests anymore.)

The shelves are cold--freezing even, like a snow storm
has passed by. Not only that, but the pillows, notebooks,
that spot on the floor, the jacket, their mug.
Every single thing they've touched, it freezes every time,
and it stays.

Yearning for warmth no longer there.
Fire no longer burns, heat but a necessity.
But there is eternal warmth in the body;
the blood. The kitchen is scattered with shards of
mug, and where warmth is found in blood, fingers
squeeze onto pieces of glass.

Once again, it is warm, it is relief.

You feel warm again.
But where blood and body meet, there is no end nor beginning.
Where there was, there is.

(It's always been like this.)
UCSP class dried me.
Blake Jun 24
we were like two alcoholics
warning each other not to take a sip

-of course we took many-

our drink was whiskey with cyanide mixer
we drank while smoking cigarettes
with arsenic filters

-rotting ourselves in harmony-

and now we are like two suicidal dreamers
telling each other suicide isn't an option

-while using rope to tie our necks to the ceiling-
Skyler M May 29
I can give you everything,
I can take you anywhere,
Whatever you want it's yours,
Oh you'll be the queen of this deadbeat land.
I am your ever so loyal partner in crime.
You've bewitched me.

As a king,
I'll break anyone who comes close,
Their heads on sticks and guts for confetti,
Eyes as fried snacks, don't you appreciate me?

Say you love me, won't you?
All those who broke your heart,
Are being torn apart,
Don't look at me like that, lovely baby girl,
After all, God has brought us together,
And with divine intervention,
Comes a craving like no other.

As a king,
I don't want to but-
I'll bury you alive inside your own bedroom,
The family you knew and choose to bother to find you,
Will only see the end of an ax,
I worship you so don't worry about me,
Just listen to God- he's speaking- can't you hear?

I'm obsessed,
I'll confess,
I've wanted to see whats under your skin since the day you said hello,
I promise all I do is worth it,
The blood you've seen was requested by the Father, the Holy Spirit, and the Son.

As a king,
I'll break anyone who comes close,
Their heads on sticks and guts for confetti,
Eyes as fried snacks, don't you appreciate me?
A little tale about a man obsessed with a girl- and how far he goes to prove it.
among sharp thorns,
petals blood-red, through
such uncounted pleasures,
and such unbounded pains,
our love somehow grew,
and somehow still remains...

i was told by one
much wiser than myself
(now so long ago)

even the best of loves can die

and if 'tis true,
what chance have I, with
my selfish love for you?

i cannot speak,
i cannot move...
and know my love
could never have
reached you behind
all those carefully hidden
bottles of dark ***

on days such as these,
maybe for years yet to come,
i shall slowly fade,
and lie in the shade, and dream
of shadowed glimpses of your frame,
and lose myself for hours
in what never could have been.
Tori Amos - A Case of You (cover of Joni Mitchell)
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