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Estel Apr 22
I’ve shed too many tears for those who don’t care
All I wanted was someone who loved me
And all I got were people who used me
Now I’m an outcast
There's the flame you cast upon my chest
it's all burnt down
Was I just too much?
JKirin Mar 27
Call my name,
see the ghost of the past I became.

Of this world, I am lost in the shadow
left to feed off the old war’s debris.
It’s too big for an innocent child
that is forced to grow up, don’t you see?

In the village, I walk unnoticed –
every grownup stares right through me.
On my tasks, I try to stay focused,
while the one thing I want is to scream.

Scream out loud at the people, the street
to be heard for a second, be seen.
In this world, do I even exist?
How, a child, would I even know this?

Call my name,
bring me back to the living, again.
about orphans
K Mar 17
Some days I'm fine, but other days I see a picture of you and get so mad... why couldn't you love me? Why couldn't we be? Of course I know the answers, the reasons, but still... there's apparently a part of me that can't accept that we didn't happen...
Estel Mar 10
Should I even try to speak
When you don’t hear me
My words don’t “benefit” you
Like your friends do

I want to tell you I’m weak
Like a plant in the storm that bends
I can only bend so far under the pressures

But you would just blow it off
Maybe you can’t take the stress of it all
You don’t want to bear mine
But I think of ur friends
You listen to them…
Maybe I'm forgetting the times
you’ve listened to me rant
Maybe I’m expecting too much from you

But it still hurts when you don’t even look my way…
It’s never perfect
But is it supposed to feel this lonely?

Maybe I’m not good enough
I don’t deserve love
I’ve made mistakes
Piled higher than the mountains
Would you forgive me if I let go?
Because I can’t see the love...
little lion Feb 19
I don't want to love you anymore.
but how am I supposed to make myself fall out of love
with the one who taught me
what love really feels like?
I hear nothing from you
No just a text to say hi
Or even a how you doing ?
But then ....***.....
That's all
So you think
that will get me to respond
Sorry ....
I spent 7 yrs lovin' you
Still do
Sorry ....
I'm to expensive
You can't afford me
I need a how r you
A thinking about you
At least once in awhile
Cause , I'm worth it
So go *** yourself
© J DeLong 2/3/21
sankavi Feb 13
you make me feel unlovable
you make me wonder why I'm not good enough
why I will never be enough for you
Katie Feb 8
Nobody loves
The fat girl.

Nobody loves
Stretch marks and body rolls,
Double chins and chubby cheeks.

Nobody loves
The 5'5" average,
130 at lightest, 170 at heaviest.

Nobody loves
L or XL shirts,
Size 12 skinny jeans.

Nobody loves
The ugly girl.

Nobody loves
Old scars and open scabs,
Acne and moles.

Nobody loves
Frizzy hair and unshaven legs,
Chewed nails and chapped lips.

Nobody loves
No makeup or concealer,
Maybe lipstick on a good day.

Nobody loves
The outcast.

Nobody loves
Socially awkward,
Happiest when alone.

Nobody loves
Religion and politics,
Outspoken and blunt.

Nobody loves
Outdated interests,
Stimming and rambling.

Nobody loves
A girl like me.

And I think I understand why.
If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's that nobody loves a girl with more flaws than benefits. I am a flawed girl, and it's all I'll ever be.
Theo Feb 2
Perhaps I was born to self-destruct,
In loving what I cannot have,
For falling in love with a bittersweet dream.
A dream only half received.
You skipped over love and gave me hate instead.
The thought of you brings up a conversation,
That I am not yet ready to share.
No matter how hard I try,
I still find your presence etched onto my soul.
The memories of you still send shivers down my spine,
And the thought of your touch still wakes me up in hot sweats.
Your the cork still stuck in my throat,
Or the words and memories still too buried,
Unable to claw its way back up.
This was meant to be about still loving someone who doesn't love you and trying to make it a little happy, but my mind went somewhere else.
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