Loving you feels like the closest ill get to see the blue of a flame.

From the inside...
Perri 10h
I miss being cold from my head to my soul;
I want to be ****** back in to the dark hole
I found comfort in for years.
I long for the feeling of lack of touch; hungry for the deprevation of human contact.
So please listen when
I wish to be ignored,
I pray to be unloved
and I beg to be forgotten.
Because that's where I feel
most at home.
Sent away by *** to die, lowly, wretched, unloved
Driven away in droves of youth, beaten, broken, and shoved
To stand apart, is a defiant act, means to justify the end
Scars and bruises are ours to bear, to hold, to cherish, to bend
I cannot recall exactly when this poem was written, but I know it was written shortly after I had begun studying poetry in general. It's relatively short, and, in My opinion, resonates well with the battered youth of our world today. I hope You enjoy it's message. *** bless

Anger brings out a side of people
Perhaps one that hasn’t been seen
But then again it’s useful
It makes the slate start clean

I have a motto now
I’ll live each day for me
I’m done trying to satisfy the thirsty man
And portraying what he wants me to be

Let’s be honest I should’ve seen this coming
After all he wasn’t mine
But *** it shouldn’t of hurt like this
And I shouldn’t be silently crying
Bastian Pop Jan 12
Forgotten rainy night
a lovely walk
full of unspoken feelings

I saw her
a no-named face

someone who
distracted me
from admiring
that unloved

And so it was that
by the melancholy look
that we gave at each other
we both understood
under that unloved
rainy night
that we
would never see
each other
Locked up behind bars like a criminal; cut off from society.
It seems as though this little birdy has forgotten how to fly; for this cruel world has clipped its wings and stripped away all joy — claimed as a pet, chained to a tree, trapped in a cage for everyone to see. Leading life in solitude has become the norm, but this little birdy can't help but long for something more.
Rebekah Jan 4
Your love is the fruit
Of the poisonous tree
That Adam once
Gave to Eve

Tell me how is it
I couldn't see
That you were slowly
Killing me

Your voice is euphoric,
You're a siren of the sea
I'm not sure how I didn't notice
The waves crashing deafeningly

Maybe I was too entraced
In the way you spoke
Of the all the things
That you loved the most

Maybe I was too desperately
Clinging onto the hope
That your love would be the cure
Not a lethal dose
Innocent Tata Dec 2018
there's a warmness to pain
like a sprout in an arid land
almost forbidden but yet welcomed
like a familiar enemy

a cushion in these thorns
the holes they pierce
a stab to the scabs
the reward is to feel

there are truths i can't tell
they can't be made words
not even in the presence of ***
its the essence of my thoughts

there are enemies i can't un-love
mysteries i can't un-solve
lips i can't un-kiss
lips i can't resist

i saw my mother's boy
i saw my father's man
it took my mother's joy
it took my father's smile

here lies the man i refuse to be
in captivity i refuse to yield
in a skin that isn't me
in a place that is killing me
Florenza Dec 2018
The leaves will fall
You will gain memories scars and all
The people will be sad
Trying to make up for the friend ship you never had
You will not cry
These people will only try
Disappointment runs through your veins
Your love leaves only stains
Why would you wait for the leaves to fall
Because all you want is to feel loved that’s all
Green to orange like hate to love
They act as if you are a pure white dove
With hate you die
For love you lie
with no one you choose to walk
That’s when you find your heart drawn around in chalk
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