nawke Jun 6
What does the good heart ask
Who are still remain to compete
When a disease remains un defeat
Where on deathbed at the feet
Will I waste my last words so sweet
Why  "Do you see, I won? "
Jessa Asha Jun 2
If happy is her,
Im happy for you.
Pax May 21
Too many shattered Mirrors
Mirroring my sins.

Too many walls
Hindering my wings.

My growth remains
as silence Kills.

How do you love the
I was never a writer
I was just some poet
Who seek some
understanding in my
understatement @pax

at times I feel so tired...
thanks to those who still read me..
Emily R May 6
All I ask is for someone who wants me for me
Getting to know me for more than my body
All I get is lust and never love
It’s like I’m never worth the effort
All I get is sweet words and bitter actions
I don’t think I’m asking for much
Someone who wants to text me
Someone who wants to call me
Someone who wants to show me off
Someone who wants to know me deeper than physically
Someone who wants to be by my side
Someone who is for me and only me
And MOST importantly
Someone who wants to go further than this “talking” shit
I don’t want to make a generalization
But they’ve all left me with this realization
Living through horny desires
Thinking the female mind is insufficient
I’m more than capable to think with my mind and put my feelings aside
I see past the sweet lies and fake efforts
I’m tired of these ain’t shit typa guys
The ones that think saying “I’m not like these other dudes” will actually make me believe it
I’m not left broken hearted but this is fucking with me mentally
Leaving me to think that my worth is inordinate
Maybe I’m just being insubordinate
I just want someone to love
Someone to care for
Someone to buy things for
Someone to lay down with
Someone to make happy
Someone to share jokes with
Someone to be there for
Someone to go on dates with
Long drives with no destination
But like a deprived child I don’t get what I want
Maybe the feelings are just one sided
My time is just something to be wasted
Not speaking of infidelity but this lack of effort is measuring to be the same
Feeling unloved I turn to poetry
To my unknown lover
Just know I want nothing more than to make you the happiest you’ve never been
opi May 4
treat people
the way you want to be treated,
they say.
and so i give them
rainbows and a field full of flowers.
but tell me,
why are hurricanes and a sea of thorns
that i always receive?
Yan F Apr 29
You've always seen right through me...
It's like
I'm looking into your eyes
    and I see forbidden fruit...         
a forbidden love         
It's like
I'm staring into a mirror
trying so hard          
to look for myself    
but all I see is black.
Like a corpse---            
It's like
I give all I have
In love with you
             I give all I am          
To be with you
To let you feel      
  Who I am...
----I am a poltergeist----   
It's like
I'm reaching out
My hands open wide
Extended towards you
      and when              
you look                  
it's like                      
     you don't even see me----
We hug
and it's as if    
you could          
almost just              
pass right through me----
It's like
We love each other...
But it feels like                  
It's like I'm gone...
even if you're looking            
straight into my smile                
my smile I force myself
for you to see                  
it's like you're still looking---                
you can't see me can you?    
forcing a smile
on my face          
do you even know
      that I just smile for you          
I'm tired of you
always crying for him        
But you can't even
See the smile don't you?
----It's like I'm his ghost----
It's like
I'm a nightmare            
and I'm haunting you                
except I'm right here          
always right in front of you.                        
------always waiting to be noticed.    
Waiting for you to realize
That love is not a ghost.                    
Love is not a graveyard.                    
Love is not somewhere lost.            
Love is not sealed up in heaven.    
Nor is it burning in the void of hell.
Love is here                              
Love is waiting in front of you                      
even as you were crying for him                  
    even as you were lying for him
even as you were fighting for him        
even as you were falling for him                        
even as you were breaking over him
even as you were blinded by him                         
even as you were losing him
even as you were mourning for him...    
Even if I'm            
the only love                
you're allowed                  
to love,                                      
you've never                
allowed yourself                
to love me...                              
You've always seen right through me...
We are both alive but when we hold each other it feels like necrophilia---- there is emptiness in your eyes even if I pour all I am to fill you up daily....
So many questions left unanswered.
So many thoughts and feelings left unsaid.
So many teardrops down the drain.
I am left here.
Helpless and weak.
Unloved and insecure.
My closure will never come.

Will all these feelings turn into hate?

                              With love,
Jostin Mendez Apr 23
Love, why do I even try?
Love, was 'shown' while I matured.
Love, what the fuck did it become?

Love, I run from you.
Love, It has been torture.
Love, was given as a false hope to me and every child ever born.
Love, Was false since the first time your parents held you.

Pain is all it brings by the hatred in this forsaken world.
Abby Jo Apr 23
One bottle of wine all to myself
Didnt even need a glass
Just drank straight out of the bottle
Not one person aware
Just as I prefer it
Im sure it will come to a head
As soon as my tongue touches that one drop
that will push my limit
Everyone will hear it time and time again
Cant keep it bottled up
But for now, I'll keep the bottle up
Don't want to talk just yet, but it will allll come out eventually
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