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Nina Sep 26
What is love?

If you dont even feel it from your own family.

Is it your fault?
For turning into a brat?
When you don't even know what you're suppose to turn out like.

You're just and will always be a disappointment.
No matter how hard you try to be better,
You will still be A failure
Nothing but a worthless bastard.
mathea Sep 26
you think you're unloved and unwanted
but honey, that's not true
open your eyes and look around
no one's as beautiful as you

"too fat", "too skinny", "stupid", "ugly"
cover your ears, my dear
don't listen to society

you may have scars on your skin
or bruises black and blue
it's okay, darling, I have them too
do not give up hope, it'll all get better soon
Nhaia Saibot Sep 25
My heart started to beat slowly,
slowly that I feel like it's going to stop anytime.
I started to tell lies.
I started to hide all my feelings inside. I keep all of these,
just for me.

Tears running down on my cheeks
like they are already used to it. Smiling and talking a lot is the way
to cover my swollen eyes and broken voice.

Fake laughs,
so that they will not recognize
that I am crying inside.
Sssssssssss Sep 24
The moon, a sad, depressed fellow
Alone in the sky surrounded
By glowing orbs of light.
No one just as cheesy, no one just as mournful
Sometimes covered by the clouds to hide
From all those expectations cast upon him
Poets roping him to carry their temporary loves and starlit eyes.
No, the moons light isn’t a peaceful caress,
but a pity glow to remind you to stick out until the sun can truly shine.
changed back haha
Bella Sep 18
My mother is upset;
I comfort her.
My father is angry;
I calm him.
My youngest sister is scared;
I calmly comfort her.

I tell my mother:
I am bisexual;
She tries to beat it out of me.
I tell my father:
I cut myself;
He yells and screams til my ears bleed.
I tell my middle sister:
I am broken;
She hugs me and says,
That’s alright.
This is about how my parents and youngest sister, Carli, treat me like shit even when i care for them.
But its also about how my younger sister, Destiny (older than Carli), treats me as an equal.
Sssssssssss Sep 16
I always make sure my friends are:
Eating, Sleeping, Supported, and Loved.
Because I know how it feels to be unloved and alone.
Because I know how it feels to be an insomniac battling an eating disorder.
Because I understand the hell they are going through is fixable.
I doubt you'll ever see this

I still think of you...
I still cry over you...

I'm sorry for loving you, more than just a friend.
I'm sorry for being a burden to you.
i’m sorry i don’t always think,
i’m sorry i can’t shut up,
i'm sorry that i'm negative.

I love you  T,
I will love you forever
Image is everything and lies are addictive, white lies become ugly truths in a malevolent world. ~ You will bind the best people available to you; in order to further enhance your image and validate your own false reality; once your host is unable to enhance your facade they will be discarded and you will move on to the best people available to you; in order to further enhance your image and validate your false reality., once they are unable to enhanceyout facade, they will be discarded and you will move on to the best people available to you; in order to further enhance your image and validate your false  reality.
This cycle is destined to go on and on and on throughout your entire life-cycle.
"What a being!"
No  direction just a circle.
List in a loop.
Marle Aug 30
My bones are shapes.
My bones are glass.
As they shatter into pieces of shafts.
I start to think of the past.
Slash, slash.
I see my bones.
But, it's not what will last.
Her soul is prettier than the stars in the sky
Yet you still think it's ok to make her cry
What did she ever do to you?
Look at what you've put her through

She's crumbling like aging stone
Yet you decide to not come home
Again and again you play tricks on her mind
Making her think you're there, but leaving her behind

Her heart is prettier than the dark ocean water
But the tide is just as strong, maybe stronger
The longer your gone, the longer she's alone
The sooner her ocean will be as dry as a bone

Her mind is as beautiful as a sunset through the trees
Pink and purple sky and warm scented breeze
She is everything that means "safe and love"
Yet you put her on a cliff and give her a shove

You think she doesnt know, but she does
You think she's still at home, well she was
Now she's physically there, but her minds disappeared
Lost in the stars wishing she wasn't scared

She wants her soul to be prettier than the stars in the sky
Too bad you never look up there to compare
Your eyes are set on your other highs
So you've never really seen her soul bared
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