Can’t you see me please see me
I’m here right in front of you
Look up from what you’re doing
Look straight at me not just through

I’m the girl in the background
I’m the one that you forget
Standing here oh so silent
Why haven’t you noticed yet

Waiting in my special corner
Quieter than a small mouse
Afraid of making a move
To take my place in this house

Fearful of making you angry
I’m anxious to try and please
While your heart can’t love me
My heart can never find peace

Knowing I have no meaning
Buried in a sea of self doubt
I am drowning not waving
Why won’t you just pull me out

Then I slowly seek your eyes
A mirror with no reflection
You turned me into your ghost girl
A lost soul with no direction

danie 5d

I am suicidal
And I am depressed

I am suicidal
I am in pain

I am suicidal
I feel unloved

I am suicidal
I am bullied, I don't have friends...
My family hates me.
I am gay.
Nobody cares about me.

I am suicidal
And take note I don't really want to end my life
I just want to end my pain.

Not a personal experience just based on what I see in the society
Denise 7d

If my heart could fly,

I’d break it’s wings,

Flee any hurt,

specifically the ones caused by me.

I’d use it so much, it’d begin to destruct,

familiar irony of my existence, and in place for its absence,

I’ll leave behind a fragile piece of mine essence

If my heart could fly, I’d never let myself belong to another

not again…

not again will I trust,

I will never trust that you wanted me here,

our love unconditional, a mere fantasy, over-looped and overplayed,

my welcome,over-stayed.

your world was never supposed to be a hotel staff, that hosted my stay

you made it very clear, my ticket of reckon is uninspired

letting me know it’s time,

time that i left your humble empire.

I never expected your love for me would spoil,

a car neglected, i never changed the oil, fixed the flat on the tire,

so on this love i’ll fly and retire.

never again will I trust. I’ll flap my wings and leave the next, so quick like i taught myself

that’s right steady and fast, never looking back, foot on gas.

anything in my grips seems to fly anyway, it never lasts.

I’d break it’s wings before it left me, and keep it in my arsenal,

for days my propellers lose fuel,

If my heart could fly , I’d give a better reputation to the foolish mule.

Iska Nov 11

I am the trending poem.                                                            ­            
         you see me and I make you feel alive
                                             so you like me and re-post me
                                                              ­    then you leave me alone to die.
I am your forgotten lines.
             you created me with a careful love
                                                          an­d decisive rhymes
                                      and then to the bottom of your page I'm shoved.
I am forgotten, alone and unloved
                           a faded smile a broken dove
                                               I once was beautiful, touching.
                                                       ­   now, I've been replaced, I'm nothing.

Mohamed Nasir Oct 29

where two ears meet they formed a heart
and in the middle of the heart there's the ear
in the twilight weary his most fraught with fear
is to linger alone in the damp cold and desolate
unloved clothed fed and wrapped in a blanket
his children left him converse with the wall
uncouth remarks sometimes do befall
nice to hear a soothing voice
to consult for advice
not he likes
to be told
deaf he maybe
don't speak  mumble out loud
angry if you must but please don't shout

Maria Etre Oct 24

Here's a call
for all those lost souls
trying to find their way one does..

A call for those depressed
about about missed opportunities
that might have lead them
somewhere else
relax...regret nothing..

Here's a call for you
I know how you feel
unloved, in love with unreciprocated love
alone, lonely, isolated, drunk, voided,
relax... there's nothing wrong with you
because I too feel the same
.. you're not alone

Britney Lyn Oct 23

I can still feel your hands on me,
The way they took, the way they gripped at my skin until I screamed.
You liked hearing me scream but you held a hand over my mouth just in case there were ears nearby.
You bruised my lips with how hard you held my face in place, I could barely breath.
Your hands they took, savagely, selfishly
Your eyes trailed my body with a tenderness that you couldn't possibly possess.
They humiliated me, for I was open, helpless.
You took and took, and you fucking took!
I cried, I kicked, I begged, but you were all about finishing what you started.
I can feel your hands, everyone who has ever touched me has your hands.
I'm crying, I'm crying, I'm crying, somebody help me, please stop, no more!
I want to feel pretty but not like this.
I flinch at the unexpected embraces.
I awaken in fright when I should be at peace in the night.
You took.
And you couldn't even look me in the eyes because you knew.
You knew
But you still took.

Can you please take the memory with you too?

I am not living to make myself happy
I am living to make my parents happy.
All my choices are all for my parents
They have taken my life in their hands.
Molding me into something I never wanted to be
But maybe
If I do all they want and go to places I never wanted to go
They will finally love me...

Ashtyn Lucas Oct 18

This is my broken heart
To love and not be loved in return
To have doubts
To not know where I am headed
To be untrusting
To be lied to
To be led on
To be breathlessly in love
To have jealousy
To have no clear answer
To be broken
To be unheard
To be unsure about love at all
To be unsure of life itself
To be hurt
To cry alone
To always be the strongest
Even when I'm weak

This is my broken heart
A beautiful mess

My perfect, broken heart
N Oct 17

What made you feel the need to take my kind heart,
and break it in two.
Not only my heart but my mind, my pride, my self esteem.
All of that was broken the last night we spent together.
Why did you do it?

You told me to shut up, that yelling won't help.
You told me that if I ever told anyone I would regret it.
That nobody would believe me.
That I was not worth enough for people to care.
Why did you do it?

I gave you nothing but love and support for a month,
expecting the time to go longer.
But you didn't care, you used me.
For a whole month, you pretended to love me.
Why did you do it?

You are my biggest regret.
You are the one that pushed me over the edge,
the reason I ended up in that hospital.
You shot a hole in my heart and it can never be filled.

You pushed me onto that bed even when i said no.
You forced yourself on me when i tried to get away.
No you did not rape me,
but you did everything else.
And you made me do it back.
Why did you do it?

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