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David Hutton Jan 12
You were overzealous, had me concealed.
You tried to care, you thought you were my shield.
You created this storm-cloud,
Always angry and loud.
You were hazardous, too weak to be healed.
Amanda Jul 2018
Inside arms I find comfort
Close to your rhythmic heart
Your loving embrace an escape
Welcoming pieces when I fall apart

I hear your voice telling my ears
"Keep moving forward. You can do it!"
Cradled in adoration you shower
My fear exposed bit by bit

Whirlwinds of life swirl me around
Have no oar to guide my route
Softly you set sails for my boat
So eyes will see a way out

I used to resent concern
Progressively my opinion changed
Day by day discovered it meant
Intimate bond could never be exchanged

There is no greater love than a mother's
You give more than most
I caused so many headaches, so much greif
In return my talent and beauty you'd boast

You have been there when I needed you
Offering hope; a shoulder to cry on
The lessons you taught me over the years
Will live in my character long after you're gone
I dont remember if I posted tbis yet, bur its for my wonderful mother.
antxthesis Aug 2015
Only thing I’ve ever been really scared of is this cage
Been feelin this way since a tender age
Cooped up in this house and now I’m at this stage
Filled with “attitude” and unnecessary rage.

“No you can’t go there”
“Don’t cut your hair”
“Stay right there and don’t you dare give me that stare”
"Can't you see that we care?"

I’m 18 and I’ve never celebrated a birthday,
Yes, I get you, Jesus wasn’t grown that way
But are you gonna die if you say
“Yay, happy birthday,
Glad you’re a live to see this day
Keep on being strong, and never go astray,
Oh and here’s a small little cake” ?

And no I’m not upset, neither am I mad
But it makes my soul a bit sad
When friends boast and brag
Saying :”hey look at my new bag”
Showing it off as if they’re in some silly ad.

Never have I been to the movies or a play
I don’t even have to ask, it’s always nay, never yea
And it taunts me everyday
Then you have the audacity to ask why I am this way.

And no, I’m not asking to be like those kids that spend days partyin
Getting high and drunk to make their hearts feel  
In fact I doubt it’s even my scene
Doubt it ever will be
I just want to at least peep and see
If what I imagined is what I'll see,
Please, I want to get rid of this sense of curiosity.

I don’t beg but right now I’m going down on my knees,
For heaven’s sake, I just turned  eighteen,
This is my cry, this is my plea
Prison guards, can I be free?
Lilianna Jul 2015
I'll never know unless I'm taught.
So, teach me how to dance.
Teach me how to knit.
Teach me how to fish.
Teach me how to cook.
Teach me how to clean.
Teach me how to draw.
Teach me how to play a game.
Teach me how to talk properly.
Teach me how to follow instructions.
But if you teach me that if I go anywhere but with you I'll die, I won't listen.
We all know it isn't true.
Jimuelosity Jul 2015
Dear Dad,
I love you - oh so much!
I understand
that you were the one
who stood beside me
ever since I was little
ever since Mom lost it
and fled off, eventually.
But I still thank Him
for every single day
He gave you to me.
And Dad,
I know you're scared -
Daddies get scared too -
And I understand
that ever since Mom -
you have lost too much
But you won't ever lose me, you see?
I won't ever leave you!
The wind won't ever carry me away
to places you can't go
unless it takes me to the ladies' room
then you'd have to let me go.
But after that,
I'll find you outside and
hold your hand.

Dear Dad,
There's no need for P-38, no.
That P-38
You swore you'd use
that on every boy
who breaks my heart
But Dad, cant you see?
It's okay!
I want to get my heart broken.
I want to know how pain
is associated
after the expiration of love
I want to know how you felt before
Because I want to be wary,
I want to take caution
on the next dates I'd have.
And I have to get hurt
to build my own muscles
to become as strong as you.
So that the next man who
breaks my heart
I wont cry so hard all night
that I'd feel the guilt
because I kept you awake.
You'd then call me a princess
and pledge to avenge me
because princesses, you say,
shouldn't be in distress.

But Dad, I am not a damsel
of course not!
I am a warrior!
A ******* goddess at war.
You have to ingest
the fact that your baby girl
has grown into a soldier
in a war she trained herself into
because it is her war.
Keep your P-38, Dad.
There's no need for that.
She's in a battle -
let her win it
without you.

But dearest Dad,
at the end of the day,
I will fall inside the
castle of your arms
and tell you my
whimsical adventures
and assure you
that I'm still your baby girl.
That way,
you won't feel old and
you won't feel like disappearing.
Because you are my King
and kings don't leave
their daughters alone in the woods.


Dear Dad,
Somebody broke my heart today.
Where are you?
to my late dad
Chansee Williams Apr 2015
you are like toothpaste
i stick on my face
that wont come off for a whole day
i wish you where the ending.
when i whipe it off
the pimples have gone away.
you are like my mind
you never shut up
Devashish Kumar Mar 2015
I Am A Selfish Lover
I love you in my own selfish ways.
Like other guys I don't claim to love you unconditionally.
I love you on a condition that you're going love me back.
I want you to be happy.
But I want you to be happy with me.
Yeah I'm overprotective sometime.
Sometimes "irrational" too.
But that has got a reason.
I can't lose you.
Because mere thoughts of spending the rest of my life without you
Gives me nightmares.

— The End —