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The synapse in which both of You and I meet.
Though, no longer can I tell where I end and You begin.
An enduring connection of which escape is dubious.
Inevitability remains a common guest,
A parasitic fiend that clenches control
As You and I laze, nonchalant of the approaching villain
That of whom strides quicker, grows stronger, and wills to linger.
A darkened silhouette against our brush plain.  
Finally: It conquers us, You and I,
And as It reveals itself I see It's face - one of a cryptic familiarity.
The Unknown presents It's dominance with an otherworldly grin.
In that moment, I see what looms so maliciously.

I see that after all, It was truly You,
Rather than some unnameable Thing
Or a being higher than I,
My sunset plain was merely broken by You,
And You alone.

Pockets of sunshine
Shimmering rainbow, some rain
Verdant harmony

Paul Idiaghe Oct 17
body blazing, he roams
with flames for feet, drags earth
behind his back, as in magma
melting mountains, as in moon
pulling, seas shifting; skull swinging
        like windows
                             at dawn—

all gloaming, sun slept on the satin sheets
of his mind; make merry the morning
melody till it awakes, it wakes—

he weeps, tears trickling like candle-wax
dripping from its flicker. he flares
& firmanents fall through the fumes,

bruised, blinded
—burning bush for his

ash and cinder know not
his swelter. he bore the heat now
he becomes the fire.
Beulin S S Sep 26
Ever changing portrait,

Seen from the darkness;

Yet, it shines in the dark;

To calm the painful hearts...

No wonder, it's the Sky!
My loveable portrait
Alex Sep 12
Achievement; You've managed to post a selfie!
Somebody might think its funny considering it as one of your goals,
Somebody refers it a piece of cake,
Like every morning til afternoon,
A quick snap wont bite them,
But for you?
There's nothing greater than you're proudest moments,
Building you're self - confidence,
Positivity, throwing off anxiety out of your roof,
After somebody already ruined it for you,
But congratulations!
You're step ahead of becoming yourself,
You've been on a deep snooze,
Living in you're comfort zone,
And now you've managed to showed a self portrait,
Without hesitations,
Or doubts,
Just a bold smile,
And a bravery of not giving a f*ck.

Let me
Treat you
A piece of art

A living art
A moving art
A breathing art

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: forever
Author's Note: So mute, yet so loud.
Dante Rocío Jul 22
Coming up at my face in
charcoal, embossed,
in canvas, then hung
That’s cast anew,
that made it through-
After and at so many endings,
Blizzard, joy, death and sun
A Shepherd’s life through trials
as me, given in-
Is that finally it? Tell me, Heart, did I
Come to know the key? Yes!
Redemption arrived therein!
After that long time;
Look, I no longer
Have what you think it takes,
Saw more light in night than day,
But, indeed, honey in that
canvas’ eyes swirls back
Every shade a muster of reflection,
Fingers are grazing in sensitivity
No surgeon can try to beat,
Black lips glimmer in heat-
Shush, the point of
Such sight?
Just: that I can look in that
canvas mirror
That all realisation greets my mind.
That a narcissist is the
highest claim of support and love.
That after all
The path
All mirage left,
And broken
I know


(... Yes, the battle has seen its end...
Sword’s placed in peace in proud,
Murky earth.)
Someone left the beloved dead one in snow
To keep on going on.
After Coelho’s Shepherd’s Heart got him stuck
In a realisation.
And I finally looked at my given portrait
And saw finally again I am worth a whole world
And more.
You drew her in
Like the last breath you'd ever take
Drowning in her eyes
Hitting the blue and silver wakes

She reached for your hand
Shaking you from your slow descent
Her touch like a velvet rose
A warmth without an end

She laughs and you close your eyes
Hanging her smile in your mind
A gallery of your favorite pieces
Her portrait a one of a kind
As a writer,I try to
Write write and only write.
Just to spill my thoughts on the board white.
I have no expectations for future be bright.
No tantrum no act of fight.
I just wanna potrait a world right.
Every writer is unique in his/ her own way. what is it you as a writer wanna do..???
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