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Norman Crane Sep 2020
See simmering vats
of shoulders, elbows and knees,
A banner reads:
"Welcome to the joint stock company!"
A mule may melt your heart,
but the cartel will dissolve your family.
David Hutton Jul 2017
You see my face and race comes first.
I walk around and I feel cursed.
You greet me with "Ni hao!",
expect me to take a bow?
I filled the bathtub; go in headfirst.
Writing poems is always the best way to let off steam.
Frank Ruland Aug 2014
With the widest grin
little Timmy did begin
to scurry across the field
to Coach, his eyes peeled
for the same happy smile--
Coach just waited for awhile.

"Coach! Did I make the cut?"
Timmy asked, his heart in a knot
Coach, however, sighed
he just couldn't lie.
"No, Timmy, I'm afraid not
in fact, I need to tell you a lot."

"Frankly, your game *****
I've seen faster moving ducks
You just can't seem to hit the ball
your swings don't come close at all
My ex-wife has more game than you
I just don't think you could improve
My opinion is you don't have a knack
for any sport, as a matter of fact
You wouldn't be good at anything
Hellen Keller wouldn't have you sing
And I am sorry, but I have to say
I was just told by authorities
that your parents gave you up
said they were done with that chump
I don't think you'd ever be adopted
any hopes of that should be stopped
The only place that might take you
is a sweatshop making ninety-two
cents an hour, but that's good news
I mean, what else could you do?
And, someone ran over your dog
He's in a coma, but for how long?"

And with this, Timmy's heart broke
His world shattered; no more hope
With a tremor in his words,
he opened his mouth and he slurred,
"Coach, that just can't be true!
You're just kidding, aren't you?"

Coach smiled, and then he said,
"Yes I am. The dog's already dead."
Frank Ruland Aug 2014
Dearest Jinx,
I bid thee thine warmest farewell;
I was in a rush to get to work today
I did not see you by the gate
You escaped and did not anticipate
That we lived right off a highway
I suppose,
tragedy was all too imminent
in respect to your namesake.
Frank Ruland May 2014
It's not too often I find myself appalled by ignorance
In this world today? It's all around us
In every shape and form,
in every color of he rainbow,
and in the eyes of countless ****** souls
Why ******? Why don't you ask them
They'll tell you stories of days gone by,
and if worlds existing only in their minds
What are you afraid of? Change?
While the rest of the world is moving on,
all you do is try your hardest to

"Self-righteous," says the pig wallowing in his filth
I can just smell your ego, and it makes me sick
Justify genocide? Please, I could use a laugh
You've dysentery of the brain,
and volatile diarrhea of the mouth
You'll do anything to make others see it your way,
even if it means gouging their eyes out
I see your corpses, hanging from the walls
Trophies, only in a mad man's mind
The world is your oyster, and you are a glutton
Come near my fair share and I swear I'll be your end
All the world's a stage, and I hope you break your leg
Maybe even rupture a vital ***** or two
You want to make the world a better place?
Either repent, or place this .44 to your head
and paint my walls, red.

I'm not saying I'm better then everyone else,
just you
From my lips to God's ears; you're deaf
And by this, I mean ignorant
Fraught is your soul with the hate you harbor
and the lies that riddle your rhymes
Correct me if I'm wrong,
but you think yourself so much better,
based on nothin more than race, religion and color?
What once were hallowed grounds is wrought with indiscretion
Neither pity, nor shame, and no remorse?
So much misdirection
Your anger bears no truth or reason
You just want an excuse to be the only one left standing,
befause you think the entire world's as hollow as you,
and believe we secretly just hide it
So hollow, but always regurgitating ****.

Where's a good jumping off point? I need to wrap this up
How about a bridge for starters?
You'd go "splat," and I'd just laugh
Problem solved, and I'd feel so much better
All your ugliness, just laid out, for everyone to see
Maybe then; the world could know, how horrid hate can be.

— The End —