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George Krokos Apr 19
Corona virus
versus human parasite
either side may win
Written in 2020.
Leah Carr Nov 2020
Mental illness a parasite
It's hard to spot
Even harder to treat
And many don't believe in it's existence
Purely because they cannot see it
It gnaws away at everything good inside you
And leading you - if untreated - towards an inevitable death
It's impossible to see
But slowly
Very, very slowly
You can start to see it's effects when you look at the victim
Little by little
You begin to notice the damage
And no matter how much good you put into the person
The selfish thief of the parasite steals it away
Before the person gets the chance to use it
Mental illness is a parasite
It's painful,
and scary.
So so so scary.
Lewis Wyn Davies Sep 2020
Born 30 days apart in the early 90's,
musical fan and blue dragon holder,
you fought parental disapproval to
fulfill your dreams on the big-screen.

South Korea to renowned global acclaim,
Jessica's Jingle infected Western culture.
And yet your name remains underground
in towns and cities throughout this land.

Park So-dam. I write as my ink dries up and
the world scratches my head with a coin.
If I ever escape the fate of my own family,
I'll start a fan club for you in Chicago, Illinois.
Poem #18 from my collection 'A Shropshire Grad'.
HYA Jul 2020
i have a devil on my shoulder
it speaks to me when i sigh;
when i follow his orders, he grows heavier
my sight, which was once bright, is now darker

he, the weight upon my shoulder,
pushes me down when i try to fly
quite selfish, isn't he?
he has his wings, but still on my shoulder

he whispers rumors he hears from a far
and giggles when i listen to him
he sure is heavy on my shoulder
when would he ever fly away?

he has the space on my shoulder, yes
but at times, i feel him somewhere else too
he holds territory on my shoulder
but also on my mouth, my hands, my eyes, my ears, and my feet

i thought he is only on my shoulder, parasiting me
now, he holds me wholly and stops me from moving
he slowly takes over and control my body
when did i get this devil on my shoulder?
Bea Burnett May 2020
I can't shake the feeling,
The feeling of submission in my own body.
A creature has slipped through the cracks when at my weakest,
It's burrowed under my skin
Latched to my core.
You can find it:
Buried in my flesh, eating at me.
I feel it.
Swimming through my bloodstream, pumping poison.
I hear it.
Crawling in my thoughts.
Drinking my joy, spitting melancholy
my vision is dark, Shrouded in misery.
have you ever felt unsettled,
alone in the dark, but not quite.
Personifying depression as a parasitical creature.
Keith Strand May 2020
A creeping black
destroys me from within

I'll never go back
to our wandering sin

You command me
to destroy it all

I'll always see
the result of your call

In my corner I suffer
with the coroner I'll rot
Echinococcus Granulosus is a parasite that leaves hytadid cysts (potentially the size of grapefruits) throughout the body. It is definitely worth a quick bit of research.


rig Feb 2020
tower of oceans,
bug golden thriller,
blue denim body,
cinnamon lemon,
and old birthday rain.
Mandi Wolfe Dec 2019
The shallow words you offer now
will never begin
to fill the deep chasms
you've eroded into me.
My person.
Into the heart, soul, bones, brain, sinew of
When we were still new
you had already begun
to chip away at
But you said
with each raise of your maul
“I love you
and I would never
do anything to hurt
No one
but NO ONE
had ever loved
I opened myself wide
and you crawled inside
to make yourself a home in
I was empty before then
and still I am empty.
According to Bukowski
I should have let you ****
Proctor Ehrling Nov 2019
I've had the money
I've had the power
But for you, honey
I couldn't even grow a flower

I've spread the vermin
Became a parasite
But for you, darling
I couldn't even set it all aside
Freestyle written in 3 minutes.
Anthony Feng Nov 2019
You know my past
you've seen my past
but you've never been in my shoes.

You know my past
but you don't know my present or future.

You've only seen what I wanted you to see.
So don't act like you're me or my maker.

Your words were good intentions
but the message pierced through my heart
with doubts.

You've seen my scars
but you never felt my pain.

You're you & i'm me

I'm the author of my own story.
I'm writing my own life how i want it to turn out.

I'm doing things my way, not your way.
this is to the ones who doubt me more than i doubt myself.
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