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Caroline is sitting in the dark;
The black,     and black black juice's shade,
2 records the unique shifting image.
Brian created the world as black and white,
licked and healed and saw the shadow.
Northeast, Great Food, Moon House,
Acid Green French Soul, Spirit, Ghost,
Kenyan Counterfeit Police, New York,
New York and Queens a few years ago.
Soft, pretty,                        and others use a playground that plays and plays...
Igor's Yiddish children's very old ****** dreams
famous for British Computer,                                                  and
the Computer
Language Computer Museum in Mexico;
Mother's mother,                                      Johnny John and bird-men
Sisera mēšekeridi discovers Noah's *** or ****** life,
rotary engine ****** Bhoj yep ini INI    republic of the republic in the ruined scattered opening will be held in December,
but five dogs,                                                         animal spirit ball-greed girl
but the presence of deadly stars,
in fact, devil's play,                                                            ­             ulcers inik'ik'e.                            Toshi's crazy something to ask Paola to sleep,
Irish green plastic coils death on his couch
Kirishi feyop,                               E ey, yemyik'oreretet'echiviga
and invisible celestial women fighting against homosexuality's
Satanic club;                                     Esketiki during the season,
sun sun jaribechevelechy love daylight,
year year years years years years years year year year year
and color ****** jungle forest George February
and golden historical animals,                            skin and skin for a long time.
Friends long dog,                                            dog combines German genetics,
               use thousands of children's monks,
               changes in the middle of Russia
and, Russia's first fashion model uses yellow behavior,
bad, ah,                              no Black meaning;
Mary is sitting in the dark;
3, dark green dark, loss (or final state) disaster.
The darkest days of war, terrible, terrible,
terrible, terrible, terrible horror, terrifying evil
and terrible destruction,                  the worst child noise in the worst case,
upon request letters of power alphabet
(Charm performance) is forbidden English    / Bright and "Effective Dark Lord, "Two.   "Liloni gets the phones of the same student
One is very easy.
The man is sitting in the dark;                                  Caroline is in the dark
Black and black black pigment
juice,                       2 records of the unique change.
Brian created the earth as black and white, light and healed,
and saw a shadow.        Northeast, Great Food, Moon House,
Green Acid French Soul, Spirit, Spirit, Kenya,           padělecká police,
                                                                ­    New York, New York.
and Queens several years ago.
It uses soft, nice, and other playgrounds that play and play.
Igor's Yiddish children; I dream of a very old ******'s famous computer; computer and [computer computer computer]                 in Great Britain, in Mexico;
Mother's mother Johnny John and Sister's Pub's
attendants,                                  mēšekeridi appeared to Noah *** or *** life,
rotary engine Yepini ****** Woman;              INI, Republic of the Destroyed Republic Opening,                               scattered will take place in December,
but five dogs, animal spirit orb-saint girl,                       but the presence;
The stars are deadly, in fact, Jawbreaker, inik'ik'etotshi ulcers crazy,
what to ask Paola asleep;
Irish spiral death gray plastic on his couch.            Kirishi feyop, ey,
celestial ga yemyik'oreretet'echivi  
and invisible women struggling against homosexuality's Satanic
Eske tiki club during the season, the sun sun jaribe chevelechy,        year fine daylight years years years years years;                     YEARS YEARS YEARS
                       and the color
of the ****** jungle forest;
George generous golden and skin,
skin and skin for a long time.             \  The German dog's dog is a long dog, which uses thousands of monk children,  
           changes in the middle of Russia, and Russia's first model uses yellow,
                                                                ­           bad behavior in Black means;
Mary is in the dark
3, dark green dark loss (or final state) disaster.
The difficult days of the war, horrible, horrible, horrible,
horrible, horrible horror, bad scary and terrible destruction,
                the worst children's worst noise in the worst case,
to request the alphabet letters (Charming performance)
is prohibited English / Bright and "Dark Lord," Two.
                      "Liloni gets the same student's phones;
One is very easy.
The man is sitting in the dark|
Matthew Jan 13
Do you ever realize?
That we can never be perfect because we
are individuals.
A world of perfection means a world without individuality.
So we will remain enterally in chaos.
Maybe, maybe not.  Just a random thought
James LR Dec 2018
I hear a single glassy song:
The thought of life itself is wrong.
When overhead and over trees,
Over clouds and over seas
Suspended by a silver thread,
Is air that gleams in heaven's bed
And glittering realms that wait in dreams.
Things that only dead men see.
Ross Lopez Dec 2018
You don’t have to do that babe:
Getting gussied up to go out and get
    groped by the grotesque ghosts and
    goblins that turn the green grass
    brown and the blue skies gray.
Just stay here and smoke with me and
     lounge around in the haze of your
    dying potential,
But take comfort in knowing that your
    demise is only eventual.

Let's just munch the leaves and drop
    the eaves and pet the peeves
And reject the difficult and embrace
    the sensual.
Then maybe when we've grown old
    and burdened from the waves of
    regret residual,
We can be like Romeo and Juliet and
   end the physical.
Juho hankela Dec 2018
Another sundown.
I must have seen a million by now.
God knows I’ll see a million more.
Roaming this barren land, incapable of emotion and unable to die. Each passing day only works to prolong my pain. I have lost the ability to see beauty in and around me. Once a man has seen his millionth sunrise he suddenly stops seeing them. Actually seeing them. He becomes blind to what once was beautiful and his heart stops caring. There is nothing but a long tiresome ride. Back and forth forevermore.

A ride without reason and a man without meaning.

A tale as old as time.
Helena Wayte Dec 2018
A cry for help:

I'm sinking, I'm sinking
Into an ephemeral blink -
Stains and strains of time,

Oh colourless ink.

Dry relief rains:

This pain
                     will wane,
Why worry
                       in vain?
Death lurks
                      in all works.

Don't let it drive you insane.
A sudden gust, end-time rush
Took his breath away.
Courtney Pruitt Dec 2018
When everything is clean
and in it's right place
I always think I'll feel...
ready to
live my life

But all
I ever
want to do,
is replace
what I threw
To fill
the empty space.

And it's meaningless.
It's all meaningless
I'm just adding things to my to-do list and checking them off. But nothing ever seems finished.
The Moon has abandoned us
We are but blades of grass in a shielded blow
We are merely stones in a river's roll
One day we will be no longer.

We are desperate to cling to
some semblance of reason
but what good does the morrow bring worth breathing today for??
What good is so good that I should stay awake?
We are trying so hard to pretend that sharing our crazy is the least crazy thing
We cling so hard to this notion that we forget to look in the mirror while exchanging pictures of each other instead of reflecting on who we are,
But then, what's the point of reflecting on who we are when all we're capable of is our own life? Literally, the most powerful thing we can do is end ourselves. We aren't so special. We're just bodies with artificial flavors. No semblance of natural beauty; it's all been placed there by our self-serving pursuit of purpose. It's so much easier to believe we suffer for a reason. We don't.

A sad, frail calamity
A ship on endless ocean
Misery loves company, and that's why we've outlawed suicide, because really
You can't tell me you really believe we will be punished for ending our own durations, given to us without permissions,
You can choose your destiny as long as you stay alive. Death is not an option, until it is, and then what?

You're so glad that I'm expressing myself, but you wish i'd say some different things
So glad to see me creative again, but so against the things i say again and again and again and again and I just want somebody to make it all better like when you're 5 and don't know what existence ******* is but you get a cut on your finger and now you exist, but then your momma comes and sticks a band-aid on your finger and the pain of existence is gone. i want that feeling again.

But my mom's antibacterial powers have subsided as the ills have built resistances; they're now resisting penicillin and we don't own anything else right now. I open up my medicine cabinet, anyway. There's Tylenol. At least it'll help to ease the pain.

I take one. I take another. It isn't working. I take some more. Do these have a limit? I think they do. But I can't read at this point. I take another. I take another. I'd be counting but i can't do that, either. I keep taking the pills. I never stop. For all of eternity I take additional Tylenols, until a sad, frail calamity comes home from work and sees a sunken fleshy ship at the end of its ****** and final voyage.
The real subjectivity of life is overwhelming;
Prospective consumes our frontal cortex
But there is no escape from this vacuum seal.
We see the faces of our own delight,
The know how of the here and now,
But we are too blind to look past our own perspectives.
Even when we fathom the hearts of others,
Our understandings are predisposed  to our own Identity.
Objectivity is a fleeting notion of reality, of truth
and its as though the ground we hold so dearly
Is constantly fleeing from our grasp.
Today we call this individualism,
a disconnect between one's self and society.
But I so selfishly and foolishly believe
that this chasm stems from being lied to so often.
Am I lying to myself or am I being lied to I do no know,
but it is important to understand that it does not matter
that nothing matters, because everything exists in my field of view.
The only question remains: am I correct
Or has the devil made me a fool?
But  this does not confirm nihilism
only hints at its initial potential.
Yet there are common truths that are irrefutable
no matter who you are, real or not:
The reality is the here and now,
No matter what ghosts or demons there may be.
They affect the consciousness constantly
indifferently to whether or not they are fraudulent or true.
And my experiences are true, the emotions are radical,
and even if everyone I know is a figment and interpretation,
they still hold a grasp onto my withering heart.
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