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Loser 3d
I cant keep my hands from shaking when I write about you.
I get nervous, and I stutter when I speak to you.
I'm always scared that we're drifting miles apart,
and what ***** me up most is knowing that neither of us want the distance.
I think I miss you more clearly when I write about you.
I keep listening to the songs that you gave me too.
you look so cute in your smile.
I know that sounded weird.
I'm sorry.
The truth is I get a very honest tug at the corners of my lips when I see you.
I know that what I'm about to say will sound sad and pathetic,
but I practically live for the hug you give me at the end of the day.
I'm sorry.
You'll probably never read this anyway.
I just really hope that tonight goes well.
I found this in my note book a couple days ago and it was dated 3/15.
What I can't seem to figure out
Is that
When I look at you
My heart lights up
It burns bright and fierce
Sharp and strong and thrilling
And yet
My mouth turns down
My eyes frown
And the singing flame in my heart
Burns like shame across my cheeks
The gears in my head freeze
Even as my heart begins to melt
My flesh crawls
Even as it tingles
At the thought
Of you on my skin
I want you close
Even as I want you far
I want to let you in
But I can't
I was
from the start.
Inside my chest was
a fast beating heart. I was
worried that you wouldn't like
me, even though I arrived ten minutes
early. I was thinking about the best way to
greet you, and then suddenly began to think if
it was a bad idea to wear blue. I didn't even notice
when you appeared, and you must have thought I was
so weird! I stuttered on my first sentence that I had planned for
so long, and I instantly felt as if I did everything wrong. "I'm
sorry." I whispered. "You're doing great!" Did he really
say those words? "Sorry, I'm just a little nervous."
"Don't worry about it." he said as he put his
hand on my shoulder. "You'll do great, I
know you will." he said. "And I know
this because you're
If you're curious about the format, usually when I'm nervous, I think about stairs. I know it doesn't look like stair too much, but here it is! Please tell me what you think, is it too much rhyming, do you like it? I love hearing from others, whether through comments or messages! :)
E Hartwig Mar 8
Your name is on the tip of my tongue each moment I have an opportunity to say it
"Oh X and I were just talking about that-"
"X doesn't like that kind of food."
"That's so funny, X was saying the same thing!"
I've never liked the feeling of someone else's name on my mouth more
These are the moments when I wish the folk tales told to me as a child were true
Because if I could say your name three times and you'd appear, I would sing it like a song
Humming each time I felt myself wish you were here
I wonder if your ears burn when I laugh your name to my friends, filling the room with the anxious adoration of my energy
Does my name hold the same power?
The ability to masquerade panic as confidence, in the moments most required
Only to later melt into the world just through recalling the moment you used my name in warmth
Arisa Mar 7
i'm sorry that me nervously tapping on the table
annoys you
but like,
it's not as if i can just
have anxiety
or anything.
******* it sara
Thabang Moji Feb 28
Not trying
To be alone
I crave
A connection

To put in

Can't find
The right song
To listen to
Loss of focus

Can't find
To consume
Loss of appetite

By the muscles
Under my skin

Adds to the room
When others walk in
9/14/17 2:11p.m.
Thorns Feb 25
Hope you feel better than i do
Todays my moms birthday...
i feel so nervous
im tired
my stepdad called me a *** and goth over me being emo
and almost killed me for the 3rd time
i feel like the cover of a fricking Nirvana album
I don't kno any more
lins Feb 22
today is shaky
by that,
I mean I am
The light will be shining
on me.
I'm supposed to be the star,
and yet I'm so
The keys will be right there,
waiting for me.
Black and white
silky, ivory keys.
Don't worry,
I tell myself.
And yet I know that
I will.
Tonight is my piano concert. Man, am I nervous!
Mara Feb 8
lingering fingers
drifting eyes
parting away
from some
run down town
and into this diner
our fate awaits
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