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Zack Ripley Mar 2021
Livin like a wannabe.
Not that you want to be.
Always looking for that one opportunity.
But you'll never find it
cause you can't see:
if you work for someone else
you'll never be free.
Free to speak your mind.
Raise your voice.
Free to love.
Make a choice.
There's a whole world.
Make it yours.
See what's on the other side
of the door.
Eric Feb 2021
Let me support you , while you hang from the cliff edge .
                   Let me congratulate you on destroying
                                      every past thing said .
                      As if it meant nothing from the start .
                  Creating misery across life, like it was art .
                               Who knew you'd go that far .
                             But guess what , I'm still here .
                        How do you explain away the scars ?
                     Do your stories , only match the ones
                                 You deemed greater then us ?
                Do you give their life pain with the feelings of
                                            So why only me Love ?
The lights flicker out
and I'm left with darkness overwhelming me
Thoughts pounding my head
until I'm screaming and crying and laughing in pain

I see the reflection of myself
shatter in the broken glass
and my whole reality is
Β Β a
Β Β Β Β  l
Β Β Β Β Β Β  l
Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  i
Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  n
Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  g

I'm sick of staying alone
in an empty house
thinking empty thoughts.
L Antonia Apr 2020
Is it worth to let go? Close your eyes once and for all? Let the darkness consume you?Would you dare to free your soul and let it explore the other side of this dejected world?
a few words for a few thoughts we all had at least once in our life.
David Hutton Dec 2019
He stands there with a passive regard.
The silence mirrors that of a graveyard.
In front of a lit door,
enters the wintry air.
Extends his arm, welcomingly unbarred.
Annie Feb 2019
My mind got wrapped into a spell
Entwisted by two hands
And slowly, my resistance fell
Into a man’s presence

My toughts began to twist and spin
Into thin fingers touch
And faster, I’m entangling
Into a frantic clutch

Out of two dark, abyssal eyne
I drew new force and energy
And realised I can’t decline
A kind of curiousity

And fled myself into a vibe
Both flustering and soothing
Until I found myself beside
A control I confide
Rezium May 2018
I was formed and once known,
Now no more.
But still apart of his world.

I'll always leave residue
So don't think I'm all gone, dude.
I've always haunted and proved,
You're nothing but a fool.

I just wanted you to see that you were something I didn't need.
Instead you made me beg and plead for you to leave. PLEASE!
But I did and left you a gift

No matter how much you shift or adrift, you'll always fall in my ways.
Even if you try so hard to prove to others that you are strong,
I proved you wrong.

So go ahead and write your songs.
Just let me know when I go global so they can know of your wrongs
I've always been with him and I'll be the reason he writes. Sorry, I mean why you write
I wish that I could sleep
to wander through my dreams
to sift through thoughts of pure intent
to ride unconscious seams

I wish that I could see
through the mist to the other side
where life's escape awaits us
where spirit will reside

I wish that I could vanquish
the hatred that burns so deep
for those who drive my conscious thoughts
to wishing they could sleep
oldie - slight revision
jas Jan 2018
lack of motivation
life gets overwhelming
where am i consciously
thoughts are unpleasing
they tell me "chin up" but it's not that easy
swear it's like a disease
only can rely on me

tell me , am i setting myself up to fail?
just wanna make it , don't tell me the ship has sailed
spinning in circles , ******* life derailed
just take my *** to jail
problems too big it broke the scale

i'm losing myself ; can no longer feel
is anything left even real?
lost control soon as i took my hands off the wheel
swear i'm so low , how is this ideal?

gasping for air
if i took my last breath
who would care?
death and despair
why can't i just disappear

ripped apart from reality
the page tears
fell to my knees
so i say a prayer
why is happiness having an affair

how can i find myself
try to rewire my brain
force feed me pills to get rid of the pain
think i'm going insane
i'm not that picture perfect
don't pick me up and put me in a frame
compared to you , we are not the same

stuck in a slump
this is a speed bump
fall back down just to get up
than i shrug
life's got me ****** up
but negativity i will unplug

sweep these feelings under a rug
squash depression like a bug
don't come around if you ain't got no love

least i know my way back home
where the flowers bloom
the fireflies glow
when i take a midnight stroll
if i get lost along the way
i'll search for the words i wrote
and sing along to the tune that goes

"you might hit me with throws
and the low blows
put me on a ledge
keep me on my toes
but this is not the life i chose
if i'm down only god knows
i'll find the glasses colored with rose"
Harley Hucof Jul 2017
She leans closer to me
Kisses me and whisper in my ear

" Stop! Surrender!
  We are one, remember ? "

I smile and look her in the eyes
As i feel our bodies merging to the other side.

Words Of Harfouchism.
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