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David Hutton Jun 5
Sometimes I feel like I'm wearing a crown.
Othertimes I feel like I want to shutdown.
Give me what I need,
that special kind of seed.
The one where I get lost and can't be found.
David Hutton Apr 8
Affection for you I can't undo,
Adhered to you like a tattoo.
I'm a substitute, I know.
Hard for me to let-go.
Painful to dry the ink you dipped into.
Psychiatrist Eric Berne states in his book *** in Human Loving that "Some say that one-sided love is better than none, but like half a loaf of bread, it is likely to grow hard and moldy sooner."
David Hutton Mar 15
The deceased piling up in battle,
Enough blood to fill more than one barrel.
Crows pillage the scene,
Nibbling on their cuisine.
From a distance you can hear them cackle.
Inspired by Vasily Vereshchagin's "The Apotheosis of War" painting.
David Hutton Dec 2018
It was hard for you to say "Goodbye",
Easy for you to turn a blind eye.
Things we did together,
Things you didn't treasure.
Our time as one was a fateful demise.
David Hutton Dec 2018
It has been there for days, wasting away.
Bugs are summoned by the smell of decay.
Furry growth in a moist state,
Flies regurgitate.
Buzz, buzz, buzz all over the Charolais.
David Hutton Dec 2018
Just imagine if I disappeared,
Would your memory of me be blurred?
Rusting away in your mind,
Leaving me behind.
A face you had known, a name you had heard.
David Hutton Dec 2018
The house I live in serves no purpose.
Dry, cracked and irritated surface.
Scratching and itching.
A liberating mission
to unpave the layers of burden.
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