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Khoi Jun 18
The attic statics
Viceroys of the white noise
The devils finest
Lu Wilson Jun 2020
Have I been asleep in a dream full of toil?
Laboring to grow, trudging, but never watering the soil

Years spent clawing and grasping at straws
Never really growing, never really fighting while authority broke laws

So absorbed with existence and future opportunity
Never stopping to think about my earthly community

People are suffocating and dying and with every breath I wonder
How many more lives need to be lost, left squandered in the gutter?

As I watch the images all around me of lives yearning to be free
How is there still this much sorrow and still so many in need?

Looking back maybe it was not sleep, but rather twilight
Consumed with rest and survival, never understanding other’s bigger fight

Just being complacent now after all this rage seems like a sin
There is no going back, there is no rest, but where do I begin

In twilight the stories felt far like bad dreams, but in the end not my own
As bad as life was, my heartache and suffering was still from a throne

As I fully wake I pray the world repents away the shame
With so much hate around us that every dead soul has no name

As this twilight fades may I have a voice for those with none
May the clueless open their eyes compelled to save every mother’s son

As I awaken my spirit to see the pain and injustice
Will those lost souls continue to be hate’s accomplice?

As I hear the masses call out beckoning for equality
May the world hear the audible heartbeat of humanity

The slumber is over and the twilight retired
Leaving only room for justice, love and hope’s burning fire

May we lift each beautiful soul up in glory wrapping their ancestors in light
As statues fall and voices are lifted for justice there can be no sleep not even twilight
I can't sleep. I lay in twilight devastated for my brothers and sisters of the world that fight daily for equality and while I was fighting for my own survival I never realized that there was so much more I could have been doing to learn, grow and stand up for justice.
A privilege of white
That I carry within,
Feels like burden to me
Of which I cannot get rid.

It is sorrowful
That I can’t understand,
What it feels to be judged
On the color of skin

Nor to walk on
With fear and concern,
When the ones that protect you
Are the ones that will ****.

They took power themselves,
Leaving unheard ones behind,
Ignoring the change, which
Nation’s people demand.

Damage will not be undone
When there’s hearts teared apart,
And there’s no one to hear them
Seems - humanity’s gone.
Matthew Jun 2020
One month later, will we still be here?
Will my white friends be posting about racial inequality?
Will they 'educate' themselves on the systems that strip us of our identity?
Will they fight the good fight, despite the temptation of a return to normality?
I do not blame you for I would probably do the same.
All I ask is that one month later
Remember I did not choose to engage in this fight.
I was born into it.
I think it is an amazing thing that today people wish to educate themselves more about the struggle that we go through everyday. I do not wish to discourage this in anyway. I just hope people will continue doing the same as this fight for equality does not end in a month's time.
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