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Juno Balder Jan 8
I have become the moon to speak to you;
I’d rather feel disdain than longing
Do the scales tip in my favour?
Lathered in envy for my parallel self;
The muse you could admire
The muse that could inspire

My masked Orpheus
Who could bring me to estrous
With a few sweet words
The Acheron River swirling our twirling limbs
With us too engulfed by the other
To give a ****, or even notice.

It was all ripe figs and robins
In our fleshy secret garden
Where tulips gently parted
Despite the acridness about us
How long could we have lasted?

Now, like an addict
A scent, a space, a couple entwined
Is enough to take me back in time
And then
The fix

In a moment of self-destructive euphoria
I want you
I want you!
But fear you?
I do

I entrusted my being to your boyish limbs
You moved me
So surely
As we scoured sacred seas

We melted and transcended

Yes to the pleasure realms you took me to
Yes to your dungeons of delights
Yes to where the hidden hurts
Were gently brought to light

But. Then. You. Looked. Back.

My selfish love, my jealous love, my dazzling tyrant
Whose doe-eyes turned black
You must be possessed!
But not by me

My ****** delight
I sleep deep in limbo
No sound, no feeling and no light
No me to want you
No wrapping up tight in your dream-speak tonight
lua Dec 2019
where do the bad people go if hell isn't real?
will they linger on in a never ending limbo,
walking never ending roads to never ending nothingness?
will they cease to exist,
dissipate into thin air?
would they think back on their lives,
the crimes they've committed?
would they try to seek forgiveness,
for every ounce, every drop of blood or sweat or tears they've shed for their own selfishness?
would they be sorry for what they did?
or would they remain prideful and allow the maggots to eat away at their flesh?
maybe they'll remain on earth
to watch others go on with their lives
maybe they'll watch their families,
how they go on with their daily business without them
maybe they'll watch the lives of the people they've wronged,
how they smile knowing they're gone
maybe they'll rewatch their lives,
from the day they were born to the day they died
over and over and over again

and maybe that's the hell
maybe hell was within them
and they were hell itself.
some people just ****
David Hutton Dec 2019
He stands there with a passive regard.
The silence mirrors that of a graveyard.
In front of a lit door,
enters the wintry air.
Extends his arm, welcomingly unbarred.
Aaron L Osgood Dec 2019
I’m struggling with heaven because I’m still in hell.
Trying to escape but the pressure is the strongest I ever felt.
Hell seems like the most common life I try not to follow the trend.
My outer appearance looks different than what’s within.
I’m actually greater than the being wearing this skin.
Eyes looking back, with a piercing attack.
Gambling with my life but don’t want to bet on black
I don’t care for this life, I’m just trying get my old self back.
I’m stuck in neverland, I lost my soul like Peter Pan’s did his shadow.
Charlene! (My Soul Twin) help me win this battle.
From Christian to Christian,
Do we get in where we can fit in?
Is it best to hide in a crowd and pretend?
So, we won’t be singled out or lose and any friends.
I question my action wondering, Is This Me?
The only version in a mirror I can see.
Covering up my **** with clothes embarrassing to be.
The real I.
The nice, sweet and generous guy.
Actually that’s still me!
No matter the circumstances I’ll still smile even if it kills me.
I try to **** them with kindness no need for violence.
I just tend to wear a heavy coat and try to hide it.
But it’s who I am I wear my strength like Samson.
My Joy can’t be taken away or feel abandoned.
I guess it’s the light in me, the only version of Christ in me.
The only thing that keeps me going in the darkest areas.
Just so I can see...Do you agree?
How are you?
I dont know.
What do you feel?
I...I am.

Where are you?
Im in Limbo.
Can you describe it?

Theres a lot of wind, and I cant stay still.
A lot of wind but no waves in the water.
A lot of wind but the ships have no sails.
The skies have no stars, nor clouds.

The sun doesnt shine.
The moon doesnt glow.
The devil isnt home.
And Gods on vacation.

Theres a lot of wind. Hes a bully.
Hes pushing me around.
Confusing me. Showing me visions.
Created from dust. Easily dismembered.

Have you tried standing up to the wind?
Baby, i never sat down.
So how does he keep pushing you down?
There is no down or up, theres around, in Limbo.

Theres no music.
Only thinking is allowed as long as you dont show it.
No tears, no fear, no expression.
You have to just be.

Do you know when youll be out?
There are no doors, and no sails. No escape.
Dont worry youll be ok!
I know I will...I always am?
Devin Ortiz Nov 2019
It had to super secede conscious thought.
To be biologically absolute.

Overthinking is a non conundrum.
Fight or flight, that’s all that’s left.

Removing choice, perhaps the key,
Though it’s no clear cut sanity.

Precision is swift, through non mortal blows,
Just within the fringes of lethality.

On the edge of life or the brink of death.
Let the flesh decide for itself.
Reimers Jul 2019
Why is that I'm still here
Trapped in a room, with your pictures on the wall.
That whenever I go near, it disappears
And If I do get to touch it, I fall

Why is that with every fall, I end up back here.
Repeating the same scenario over and over
Getting back up, fall, then shed tears.
The more I fall, the room gets colder

Why can I not stop and give up
Abandon you and start living
With every fall my sanity blows up
But my heart insists on beating

For you and none other
Even if it starts to bleed
I will never falter
I will never concede
Devin Ortiz Jun 2019
I reach out and pound on the glass.
I scream to the world, fist bleeding,
Voice scratching into hoarse whispers.

Everyone. They all move...on.

The roads diverged. And I’m on every path.
But more importantly I’m on none.
Am i blind? What is this? Why have the gods forsaken me? Wait, I see a light. Within the light I see only dark. Where am I? I wake. Thousands of shivers run down my spine as I rise up towards the source. I am alone. The light seems to be moving, does it want me to follow it? The ground beneath me is soft, almost sand like. I follow the light, why is it so dark?
It seems like hours have passed, but time is irrelevant in the eternal darkness, it seems. Even the source is dark, only less dark than it's surroundings. I tire. I reach toward the heavens in prayer, for that is all I have left. No answer. The light beckons. Millions of thoughts run through my mind. Am I dead? Is this limbo? Or purgatory? I shake. I do not even remember who I am. How did I get here? Weird, I don't feel like I'm dead. I still feel pain in my legs and my body from my journey. I pinch myself, what sort of horrible nightmare is this? The pinch hurts. I am sweating. Wake up! I shout, as I bang my head against my hands. It's no use. The only comfort I have, is the presence of this entity, that for some reason is leading me into what seems like oblivion. I become more and more weary of it, yet I'm drawn to it. It is my only hope. But first I must rest. Both my body and mind. Feels like most of the journey is ahead of me. I can't give up. Not now. I fear I will be consumed. It's as if something is watching me, I can almost hear it's breathing. The incessent silence feels louder and louder. It hurts no longer.
The very first thing I have ever written
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