Wasting my time
Wasting my mind
Wasting my money
When is my ex-wife
Finally gonna' move out?

André Morrison Oct 2017

Why am I in this state of limbo where:
I'm not happy enough to be grateful that i'm alive
But also not sad enough to wish death upon myself

E Hartwig Aug 2017

Sometimes I stay awake in the early mornings
Listening to the shower of sound that comes from the wind tossing through the trees
And wish that at this hour, other things kept my company
The way memories do

Of your hand on my hip, bunching my pajamas in the ball of your fist
Taking a deep breath
And finally
Moving away
With your breath still warm on my lips
Murmuring in tired song about your intentions
About our choices

"What are we going to do?"

Julie C Smith Aug 2017

It's a land where lost souls can spend their chosen eternity
We were pushed down there on our own free will
Banned from Paradise for our own original sins

The gate keeper, the blue-eyed Devil sweet as May
A Judas kiss prepared the way
I didn't plan to go astray

I drink the Kool-Aid like an oxygen cocktail
Cain can't kill you because you are stuck in a rebirth cycle
And that's the Catch-22 that saves me

Own personal freedom is where the Red Circle is closing
Maybe we'll find it either way
Just don't pay the ferry man

So if you meet me guess my name
Your's a secret but I know
Goddess Isis was told by the bright Sun God long ago

I practice my Voodoo rites that never work their Black Magic
Your cappuccino has a hydrogen flavour
And I begin to enjoy the taste

Margarita will wait for you when you begin to see
Loyal like Penelope and blind to all your faults
Let go of these incarnations we created to become pure as snow

Out of the ashes like a Phoenix
And just a tiny helpless bird in your hand, I hope you'll keep it
A hummingbird waiting for the crow to bring the eagle's message

When Orpheus let go of Eurydike's hand
He didn't know of the life-saving house and this juxtaposed place
Down in Limbo

I didn't know what you could go through and learn all in just three months...
I like it in Limbo;)
I learned about this place by reading the book "The Master and Margarita" by Michail Bulgakov, my favourite book and there's a song about this place called "Limbo" by Bryan Ferry.
I wrote this in June.
Ellie Geneve Jun 2017

2 minutes

and in tears

let it rain
down on my shoulders
as close to a hug
I can get

one day
I will fall
into limbo
forget corners exist
and be thankful
I can't see

Lord release me
From this Limboland.
I'm tired of my Life,
Being on hold.
Time to move on.
I have the rest of my life,
To evaluate the Past,
But I might not ever
Make any sense out of It.

André Morrison May 2017

Mind like a night sky
Far-off stars dying, make me want to die too
Forever gazing at the day sky
Sky blue like the denim above my shoe
The sky looks stained through my window
As I stare, self-contained in thy limbo

JAC May 2017

All at once, all of a sudden
There was a cacophony of you
Resounding around my head
And quietly I imploded outward
Sucked into the very sounds
Your voice made in my mind
Because they sounded so good
I had to have them to keep
But instead of having them
They took me as a prisoner
Of a war that doesn't matter
And refused to give me back
So I'm left in a state of willing limbo
Ricocheting off the inside of my thoughts
Losing track of the times I think of you
Tallying the times you think of me
I could count on my fingers, I'm sure
But my thoughts don't have hands.

K Balachandran Apr 2017

Lone crane fly crying,
chasing mates went awry,
from despair swinging.

Jade Apr 2015

You won't run,
But you can't promise to stay,
We won't know if this feeling will fade away,
We spoke and we lay,
In the darkness of the day,
Arms and legs tangled,
As time passed away.

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