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joey Dec 2020
we're in that weird kind of limbo
not the party kind of limbo
that friendship to relationship bridge of limbo
and i don't even know
if you feel the same way
but i had to say
i can't wait anymore
written on april seventh of twenty ninteen
old willow Sep 2020
I walk through life,
writing countless stories.
Surely of thousands stories,
a dozen would be deaths.
Plucking death from life;
is plucking seed from a fruit.

What is there to gain?
We say life have no reason, purpose, nor excuses.
So what say we live?

Plucking the seeds;
I witness countless threads.
From the bitterness of fate;
to the sadness of departure;
down to the solitary of loneliness.

I fear fighting those who have nothing,
those with nothing find comfort in death.
But... is death truly nothing?
Life is full, but emptied to the eyes of death;
Therefore, I tend to see life as nothing
and death as nothing;
ultimately, seeing through life and death.
EmperorMoth Sep 2020
It was the thought i had that set me on fire that day.

It was only three years ago when I realized I was stuck in a limbo,
constantly living the same results time and time again.

A bird would sit beside me
No, a cat
And would peer into my soul with the wicked eyes of blue.

"I see what you're thinking"
It would seem to say, and I would cower in my mind
descending into darkness,
time becoming absent
chaos becoming the realm i reside in

channeling every demon and every sin i ever committed
I would drone
balled up fury begging to go back home
and in that darkness came clarity

this is not what's meant to be
im ok
i'm ok
i'm ok.
I'm ok.

It became my mantra
singing the sour revival of my brittle broken soul

back into reality
and with that came the question

If this were where I were to end,
i would be stopping a great story from finishing

And i came back to life.
Just like that

A rollercoaster never-ending
From life
To death
Like a merry-go-round
I see it coming
It sees me leaving

Forever being chased around until the endless darkness swallows me whole

and that...that scares me
Maruko San Aug 2020
Right now I'm in a limbo,
stuck between being a kid and going through adulthood
where i'm always depressed,
where pressure is always pressed,
where my brain is unstable,
and where my emotions are unpredictable
two choices with many outcome
but for now I'll just enjoy this brief misery
of my teenage years.
just watched chemical hearts
and it really inspired me to make this piece
moonrabbit Aug 2020
I wander our old lives, I take the train I always took to see you, I pass the pancake place we never went because it was always too busy at brunch time,
and the teriyaki place we went instead that was surprisingly good considering it's emptiness.

I see the Kia dealership I waited in front of, not knowing you were waiting for me a block away on a charming main street.

I see the Mexican treats place where we got deliciously odd flavored paletas, and the pirate golf where we ate mediocre pizza and giggled at cheesy glow-in-the-dark pirates.

But you are not here. You do not greet me at the transit center.

While I revisit old memories, you are exploring our future. You are walking streets we may walk together. Perhaps you are passing restaurants that will become our favorites, a park where a momentous decision will be made, the locations of disappointments and joys
yet to come.

Despite the traffic and obvious signs of habitation surrounding me, this place is a ghost town to me.
It's not for me anymore.

My present is a limbo between nostalgia and anticipation. My future is with you. I'll join you soon.
isabel Jul 2020
Have you seen it snow,
the light it shows?
And the people go,
very slow,
to turn their heads
and see it snow.
lydia orr Jul 2020
the woman in white said to me
“have you not learned?”
she picked up my thoughts with her hands
and held them away from me
so that all that was left was a blank, white, light.

look up at her, holding my thoughts
never realized you are limbo itself
when you reside there

she said
“be here!”
and threw my thoughts back down on me
suddenly i was lying on my bed
one leg under covers
one leg out
cars zooming under my window
sun barely peeking through my blinds.
Noura Abdelrazec Jun 2020
the essence of my being is residing
                                                        ­                       somewhere in between
in which i would simultaneously like to be left alone
and hugged tightly as though i were taking my last breath
i want to be held closely and told that i am special
and that i matter
whilst being afraid of ever loving again
                                                           ­                    somewhere in between
a friend and a stranger
dressed in confusion
black cloak
top hat
(you look quite ridiculous)
i am neither happy nor sad
does it even matter?
maybe deadened is the word
dead end
most of the time
i am merely in my perpetual state of
                                                              ­                 somewhere in between
blazing soul Jun 2020
Hearts filled with glorious candor upon perceiving it..
Skins gladdens upon it's rays..
Nature is rejuvenated upon it's sparkle..
It envelops the vast gloomy soul into a singulate bloomy hyperbole.

Sleep in the eyes,
Hunger in the belly,
Straying memories augmented with dreams,
Striving to relegate the soul into a limbo.
The fire in the soul strives to keep it alive..
I can't say exactly how you can, forwhy,  everyone acts according to his/her disposition... But in the name of your greatest fear, pleasure and languor  never allow the soul fire to be extinguished.
Megan Joseph May 2020
my eyes close
and i fall,
it's dark,
there's no floor
or ceiling,
no alpha
nor omega
like God,
but i wake up
and forget.
today has been a bad day for me
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