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Take a trip inside of my mind
But be warned that there are worse things than
Lions, and tigers, and bears.
The monsters that guard this jungle mind
Aren’t soft and nice when they choose to be
They are horrifying,
Larger than life,
All sharp teeth and horns.

Take a trip inside of my mind
But know it’s easy to get lost in
Mazes, and illusions, and metaphors.
The jigsaws aren’t easy 50 piece puzzles
They are thousands of broken words
With no guarantee
That they will fit together
Or at all

Take a trip inside of my mind
But remember that you will find memories
Broken, and wonderful, and messy.
These recollections will tell you who I am
They say where I came from,
And lack there-of.

Take a trip inside of my mind
But it isn’t overly charming between the
Monstrosities, and mazes, and memories.
If beautiful is what you were searching for
You can only find it in glimpses between
Sharp teeth,  
Broken words,
Lost hope,
And jumbled jungle vines.

So if you decide
To take a trip inside of my mind,
Take note of the
Beautiful disaster,
Organized chaos,
And sweet sorrow.
Be gentle,
Be cautious,
Be aware.
Because this is one mangled mind,
And you are one of the first
To go inside.
Farm laws
They want
Govt. to withdraw
In toto
In toto
Farmers adamant
Govt. adamant
Are farm laws bad?
I am no expert
Are farm laws good?
I am no politician
Then what do you want to say?
Sirs and Madams
I want to say
There is a jungle of laws
Implementation biggest flaw
Inefficient judicial system
Makes laws virtually non existent
Litigation remains on earth
Litigant goes to Swarg
Further, law no exercise in linguistics
Intention behind it  is to be seen
So law is like plasticine
Judges mould it the way they deem
Good or bad farm laws
Shun hooligans and hooliganism
Dear farmers give a try
If you don't find suitable
Don't sell to private traders
Don't enter into contract farming
There's no compulsion at all
If Govt abolish APMCs
Withdraw MSP
Stop growing pulses, wheat and rice
Let people die
You are already expert in dying
I am given to exaggeration
This is my way of expression
The thorns that ***** your heel when you walk into the jungle unsure

The wild monsters that appear in your nightmares float around

The trees, like scarecrows appear like scars on your neck

There is a war inside your head

Reignite your flames, phoenix

And reincarnate
A wolf in the jungle
Leaving my pack far behind,
I was howling for you.
GQ James Dec 2020
I'm in a jungle filled with animals,
Them noises get louder and louder,
When is the chaos gonna calm down?
Will the chaos ever end?
Long as I been around it's gets worse,
I took notice on many things,
I've decided to get out the way.

I tried to put an end to things,
Then I realized there's nothing I can do,
It's up to the universe,
I'm stepping out the way,
Stepping to the side,
Stay in my bubble,
Remain in my lane.

There's nothing left on the brain,
Mind is empty,
System is empty,
Emotions are empty.
GQ James Dec 2020
Why hate on me when you can love on me,
The hate is getting deeper and deeper,
You don't wanna see me win,
Only happy when I'm down bad,
The way we treat one another is just sad,
We are brothers and sisters,
Let's make a friend instead being enemies.

It ain't gotta be so animosity between us,
Let's get along and not go to war,
Put the guns down and pick up the bible,
Homicides increasing,
Economy decreasing,
Let's create a new season.

The community bleeding,
Let's stop the bleeding,
Why your family starving and you eating,
Let's all eat and break break together,
Let's stand together,
Stop the separation.

It's a war zone out here in America,
We some animals in this jungle,
Caged in,
Locked up,
Throw the key away like we ain't humans,
We humans so let's stop acting animals,
We are better than the how the world see us.
Oh God, please
I feel so alone
Help me, please
I feel like the world has just been transformed,
and it's beging to turn into a carousel
A Carousel!
And it's going as fast as hell.

Oh God, please
Have mercy on me
I feel the world doesn't have enough abundance
And I'm still stuck
At the first song
of a playlist of a hundred

Oh God, please
I beg of you,
I beg your pardon,
I feel the world has just been transformed into a jungle
Through animals and beasts,
To survive,
I must only mumble.

Oh God, in reality...
I just wanna be love by someone,
a love
after two days
doesn't feel bad
and doesn't crumble
I just wanna feel and be loved but it seems like I can't wait anymore without crying... but this doesn't matter. i'm trying my best to be positive and sometime it works.

Be healthy and positive, guys
Love you all,
Moved By Light
I'm not the monkey
that turns her *****


don't get me wrong
I know how to play
I can make that box sing
But it's not my fingers she wants
on the crank
not my head she wants in
that little red cap
not my lips she wants
puffing the smoke behind the leash
and certainly not my hairy *** she wants
swaying to the tune


only one can
grind those gears
only one can
tinker that barrel
only one can
make her hum
proper and true
But in the end
he's just another one
one of us

Jordan Gee Aug 2020
my heart is on fire
one half cup espresso, a vape
and a song that drapes my heart in a purple fire,
with the same purple glow inside the go go bar
where that dancer handed Bukowski a dried lily
But only for a moment.

lesson #104 and the
music rides a sine wave into
my left ear.
I sat upon a lotus pad and kept
a straight back
the Angelus Novus couldn’t (insert link)
close its wings against
the winds of Paradise so
elated were the Gods by the
progress of man.
so high the rubble of the wreckage the
view from its summit rivaled the
vantage gained from
standing atop the Six Grandfathers within the
Four-headed Dog from across the pond.

national broadcast in the jungle and
all the box would do is
and all the cockroaches would do is
and all the machetes would do is
and all the bodies burned
and Felicien Kabuga was kindly granted asylum by the West
and remained at large for over 25 years.
(insert link)
may all the kings be strangled with the entrails of all the priests
A hodgepodge of concepts,
Bluntly spoken it is a nightmare.

Were we ever gifted with our own voice,
Our own speech, our words and vocabulary?

To tempt the lion and tiger of
Genius from the dense jungle
Of neural pathways
Begetting the
Flight of fancy
And a solid idea:
The ****.

Last Wednesday
There was a snake at my door
And I could have been bitten.

Moral of the story:
Do not dress up the ego
With sweet metaphor
Else the snake of thought
Will consume itself
In the flames of self-pity
And the cat will go hungry.
I'm a little rusty, but I caught the muse and am overjoyed that the poem reads clearly
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