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Lunar Jun 2021
When the darkness spreads and the screaming penetrates even my dreams
The seduction of empty space calls at me
It’s attraction is undeniable
My daydreaming naturally becoming more visual  
The flavour of death
An ecstasy like no other
My strongest and last ******
So many options but only one to be my sinful romance

Will it be:
My tanned yellow appearance if I take too much
The chalk outline if I take a nudge
The rose stained bath if I dig a bit more
My neck ornament when I hit the floor
The gruesome distance a burst pipeline will go
The sweating and shaking from a hypo
Or simply a collision with a glare of light
Or maybe the ground was never my right
And I would prefer the pull from my lungs’ weight
or the heat off my skin as it ablates

Or maybe you would prefer an accident
Maybe that will help you cover your names
Don’t worry I won’t leave a note
I’ll let your guilt engross you
And when it gets too much you can use your sorry excuses to help suit you
You can blame my unstable personality
My weak mental health
My poverty of speech
But at least you’ll think twice the next time you speak
This will be my sweet everlasting revenge
However for now my battle isn’t over. I just refuse to be taken to the enemy side. I would rather stab myself with own spear than have my soul be tainted.

When It’s do or die, I feel electrified
- Autumn Kings: Electrified
Left Foot Poet Aug 2019
“many who are first will be last, and the last first.” Mark 10:29

the mixed drink of finance terminology
my stock and trade, or,
used to be anyway, when I was gainfully employed,
intersects with a place I don’t habitually frequent,
seeing as I am an Old Testament kinda guy

dollars to doughnuts,
this errant thought makes me smile,
the devil and me (a/k/a the devil in me)
have a warm milk with KAHLÚA,
in the dead of night, across the kitchen table,
doing repartee and bad poetree
and biblical textual emendation
on the verse in question

having been present, the devil likes it just the way it is,
but the old nitpicking me always thinking,
a little editing makes the ‘milk’ go down easier,
suggests a reversal of emphasis:

the last shall be first,
for many who are first, will be last

less threatening and the point better made

lead with your right, taught my boxing master,
and the last shall be first is
very right

you see, many call me,
the lender of last resort
which is true enough,
but my preference is best
when addressed as

lender of the first resort
Molasses in
cookie's tray
still made
your mouth
water like
the cat
but after
this way
you ate
with barmaid
in the
sweetest Summertime
that resort
really was
key hence
love stayed
tinsel tonight
a cat in the garcen
David Hutton May 2018
Satellite dishes line the sky
Sending signals and on standby
Can't see the horizon
Many buildings rising
Concrete jungle horrify
A Flemish
girl here
this season
with the
sun still
got her
tan with
alabaster lotion
and coconuts
while her
gratis was
her navel
shone lustrous
that subhuman
portrayed their
South Beach
fine indeed
Mazen Edlibi Dec 2017
When the Silence became the only Resort!
When no Places else to be visited!
When words are small enough not be be seen!
What Space is left is a space not to breath!
Being Lost won't be defined!
You start questioning your Silence!
A rotten
bulldog desire
where slips
invite leisure
and surmount
halftime's wage
as victory
while this
lodge initiate
this lingerie
but furthermore
she will
dine in
ether starlight 
how lustfully
that ski
course hitherto.
Big Boulder a winter resort
An absurdity can ring joyous
bell entirely on a beach type of existence
if sometimes very beach combing
in their yarn how exciting is folklore,

when both will seed proper this bottle
and their love with magnitude much
greater than renegade there?

If she'll morn for him again
when a trapezoid is wondering for home  
in future of grapes chords their tricky companion  
of shipment in superior taste newly does arrive
though accessory to wine craft in wax paper.
Life is not just a dream but a bitter reality
So my sweetheart do not resort to dreams
Even being in human ******* we feel free
We are still in servitude of lot many themes

With every background images need change
At times eyes can not go along with sincerity
Being humans we can be strange but in range
Vigilance remains just hallmark of our duty

Whatever we see is stretch of our imagination
Our conscience brings forth all hidden wishes
Dreams are nothing but are our own creation
For all poor minds they are wonderful dishes

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

— The End —