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I don't like
the shrill excitement of sirens
warning me of what's to come.
I would prefer
melancholy raindrops
tapping hints into my window from the sun.
I can go without a quick start
with the false hope of an emergency.
Please, just lift me gently
and promise me that there's no urgency
when you wake me for the day.
alarms just don't do it for me these days.
Tori Schall May 20
Life is a bittersweet journey.
No way to predict its outcome,
guided only by the cemented memories of the past.
Everyone leaves there mark on this world,
large, small, wherever it may be.

A warm hand, a soft touch,
the gentle caress of the breeze
as I run fingers through my hair.

Through fire, ice, storms, and grassy plains,
I will keep walking onward,
towards the horizon that calls to me.

The path is steep, there are twists, and turns
and unyielding walls that we must climb to our future
but the view at the top-
it must be beautiful.
It'll all be worth it once I finally reach the peak
of the mountain we call

I'll get there someday,
but for now,
A day at a time
is all we can achieve.
If anime has taught me anything,
it's that life is never easy. There are mountain and valleys, storms and sunny days. But we fight through them all to reach the place we most want to be.
-T-hank you "Violet Evergarden", for inspiring this piece
The clouds are especially hazy tonight
Maybe they are putting up a fight,
With the moon and the stars
While I am just sitting here by the river
Gazing at my phone, getting no network bars

Just like the river, in life, there is an ebb and flow
That is the only way I know how to grow
To a newer version of myself,
Fading out of somebody I used to know.
Gabrielle Apr 20
She drew arrows on paper
Thin lines and angles
Head to hand, table to elbow
A neat triangle
JJ McCoy Dec 2019
Often I set my eyes distantly
When in evening the sun sinks low
The weight of the day pressing down

Considering whose vengeance is just,
Who in six days made all I see.
What trial awaits if I vex His patience?

If our days are so shortly numbered,
Meet the night with reel and song
For it would bring needless sorrow
To waste even one.
I don't know what to do,
they're asking me questions,
it all feels so new,
is it all just a test,
they're looking to me,
and I'm doing my best,
I have no experience,
my knowledge is sparse,
I am delirious,
I am a mess,
I'm drinking again,
to control the stress,
back on my *******,
like I never left,
back to my old self,
like I never changed,
I'm dreading tomorrow,
it's coming so soon,
I'll call myself lucky,
if I make it to noon.
Work is stressing me out, and I'm doing things that I wasn't hired on to do. Hope you all enjoy. If you're stressed out, you're not alone, friend.
Who are you
To hold so much
Power over my

When I think
Your gravity sinks
Me down to the

And Fall I
Must now for I
Am in the Up
Side Down
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