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EEVEE Jun 14
Who are you
To hold so much
Power over my

When I think
Your gravity sinks
Me down to the

And Fall I
Must now for I
Am in the Up
Side Down
I first felt the ferrous fissures
Delivering shivering quivers
Down my spine
As each chime took the light
Outside of our present days

Then the shakes grew into tension
My naked, sobering suspension
Was left never to mention
Nor whisper what I needed to say

And when I asked you of this
You withdrew so quick
I only had time to trace the lines
Of your escaping shadow

Holding on to tentative strings
And all the small things
You left for me to find
The same gray forests of signs
And silent ways

Designs you used to craft and convey
With clever ease
Laughter beseeching my thoughts
Silence now haunting my dreams
They are now presently looming
Cold coniferous trees

It's not as if I can pretend
Like simply taking paper and pen
Could possibly remedy this
When I have to look down forever
At the ink staining my foot, leg, and wrist
I'm convinced that I created this fate
Because it seems in this picture frame
I'm the one who made a mistake

You carry the hate in your heart
like it's been priveleged to you

My misgivings have now adopted
the persona that I imbue

I faced the other way as we faded
when you withdrew

You suffer daily
and face this struggle alone

Claiming everybody abandoned you
and did you wrong

But you don't lose me
Like I've told you all along
"Smashing, watch the glass fly
Ain't no way, ain't no way you can go back
Float away, float away, float away yeah
We're frozen in this moment
Ain't no way, ain't no way you can go back
Float away, float away, float away yeah"
hypnopunk Apr 23
eyes that stargaze
and eyes that hold stars.
tangled fingers and fireworks.
moments: stained with ash,
drained of color, full of passion,
eyes on a starless night.

love to showcase
and hold on display.
being apart for the whole day.
wrists: stained with pink ink,
full of bones and full of vessels,
those boastful hands, linked.

heart that shudders
as if it was cold.
listening to each other's pulse.
skies: stained with rainclouds,
gloomy, grim, and full of answers.
liminal space delight.

light that flickers
long after earth caves.
shunned and disowned,
dimmed, but still here.
eyelids: half-raised now,
ridden of doubt, sure and rhythmic,
divine mystery eyes.
this poem is ***. it's one of my favorite ones i've written so far.
To claim I am not creative anymore
Strike me as grey
Talent is not abhorrent
But rather the clinician's missive

In art or in memoriam
My last thoughts will be expressed clearly
Daniela Mar 20
Why do we expose so much of ourselves to someone? We give up so much to make them happy.
We lose ourselves in them, becoming them.
And call it "love".
Not realizing how unhappy we've become.
That your old self is gone.
That your favorite color isn't even your favorite color, it's theirs.
That you, don't even care about yourself anymore..

And if they leave what's left?
We beg them, cry for them, and ask them to stay....why??
Because we've stopped loving ourselves.
Because without them we will have loved for nothing.
nitelite Feb 4
sounds become soft pitter-patters,
muffled within the overdue snow,
and light steps leave heavy tracks,
gentle  shadows overpower glow.

baby stars  and baby constellations
slowly fall from distant streetlights
only to take the center stage of it all:

the vast world around him
the bitter coldness it  holds
the serenity in the air's sigh
and the dimly lit rose skies

they become dancers
to a song unheard.
i long for the heavy
                 the warm
                 the calm
         and the regular
i want to submerge
    and to float
    and to breathe
    and to feel
i'm longing to spin
             and to sink
             and to shine
My gaze remains unrequited
Yet I spy smooth skin without ripples
The smile that arrives when you wave
Your hair that flows about in currents
Yet my gaze remains like statues
My passion seated in cement
Seeing what moves others but remaining still
And how the others, for you fall
As you come and then take leave
With amber eyes a flush in autumn
Yet my butterflies have been grounded
My stomach suspending their flights
So that emotional baggage is delayed
all are so cold to me now:
with nothing more to say
still covering the bay
where you used to lay.
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