After showering myself in needles
and stitching my wounds open with my self appointed meds
I plastered up my tear ducts. It seems.
my rivers are droughts
my heart at thirst.

I’ve scrubbed hard enough
to uncover your name needled black
inside my index below my chest and on the tail of my ear.
how have you not mentioned you as an artist?  
Such an artist that
what you engraved is temporary,
whilst I don’t recall the needle broke into my skin
Tasting raindrops
Each one
My Beloved’s kiss
Licks of wind
Each one
My Lover’s sweet hands
You have Infinity
Tattooed on your skin
I remember
A tattoo is so temporary
Is eternity in every atom
This immortal love
Is in every particle
Lovers dancing every dance
Written in 2018
by Bethany G. Blicq
Kaz May 9
Roses are Red and Violets are Blue!
Why keep craving for that someone new

Is it his smile?
Well I smile too

Is it his eyes?
But I've got two

Its not me, No! its You!
You was Bae and I was Boo

my heart marched forward
While yours withdrew, subdued by the view of Andrew

Now my nightmares are alive
and my fears came true

Of how she left me
For a Sexy Tattoo
Tony Cortez May 7
Why am I so destructive
I let my doubts and fear Nestle in
I'm not worthy of her

I know now why I want my first tattoo to be a snake
Not as something cool or to represent a different city
But as a reminder that I'm manipulative and hurt everything I touch

I'm so lucky to have met this beautiful woman who gets me and understands me
Yet my demons don't feel for my feelings and they don't care....

Babe I love you but you need to know under this skin is black scales and fangs
I hope you can forgive me
Your my world
Why am I like this
Fire May 2
Why won’t you accept who I am
It’s like my whole existence is a sham
I’m told about who I used to be
What if that other me was never even really me
And what if I said I’ve changed
What if I’ve grown up and rearranged.
Sure I still love to bake and read
But I’m not the same, let me grow I plead.
I’m an artist. But to what extent.
I can be creative but I should have your consent.
I can draw and be wild
But in your eyes I am still I child.
I want my body as my canvas, to hold the things I love.
But it’s like I am a bandit, one you want rid of.
I want to color my hair to change with the wind.
But you’re inclined to remind me that it’s “just not me”
I never stopped being me don’t you see.
It’s how the me I am should be.
Don’t hold me back
I might draw back.
And sink into my void.
All because you destroyed.
Your wild blue eyed bird
Stewie Apr 25
I get tattoos because there is something about the blood that spills from my skin and the immense pain I feel from the needle. The way the tattoo artist uses their hands and whole body to permanently stain my body forever. It's quite neurotic, the sound the tattoo gun makes, that turns me on in a way I can't describe.
Isla Apr 20
The image of you
babe, it's like a tattoo
see the hues of those eyes
every time i close mine
and suddenly
i cannot breathe
dammit darling
you've taken me
ehhhhh don't really like this one but I feel bad for not posting anything lately, sorry (it sounds better if you read it like a song or rap)
Aa Harvey Apr 16
Tattoo pretty

Make me pretty, pierce my skin;
Push the needle deep inside.
Make me happy, picture perfect;
Picture this until the day that I die.

Symbolize the latest trend.
Oh my God it looks so cool!
Draw your vision upon my chest;
Make me another painted fool.

Tattoo pretty, picture perfect.
Ok, do it; I shall have no regrets.
Give me pain and a permanent imprint.
I should have done this with a straight head.

Pass me a joint so I don’t feel it.
I don’t know why some people like pain.
I just want a pretty picture,
Permanently placed upon my skin.

Oh, it must be on my arm, so everyone can see it!
Now I need to buy some clothes, so I can emphasize it.
Now all I need is a neon light and to speak a little louder!
I hope they hear me and ask me about it;
I’d hate it if they didn’t bother.

What if they don’t notice it?
What if they don’t notice me?
What if I’ve made a huge mistake?
Why should I be concerned?  
It’s not like I can do anything.

Ok, I’m now so tattoo pretty;
I have a symbol on my arm.
I don’t know what the Chinese symbol means,
But I think it does look really cool.

What next?  What can I put on my leg?
What about after that?  Maybe one on my chest?
Oh and I must get my back covered with something;
Oh that would look so cool on my neck.

I like that one she’s got on her hand,
I’d like to have that, on the side of my head.
I’d love it if I completely covered in tattoos.
Tattoo pretty died, unrecognizable to her kids.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Resting on your shoulder
About to fly away
Across your back to freedom
That will never come
@LadyofRavehill 2018
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