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The first puncture
Makes me beg for more and more
You literally give me colours
Everytime you get into this skin

They said that you are impenetrable
But this is me trying
To be skin deep with you
You should know by now that im restless and nothing's stopping me now

It's the small wounds and the colours
You touch me little by little
and drop by drop
It completes the art i want to have in me

I dont do tattoo baby
But i got your name inked all over my heart
Rune Sep 14
I want to have you tattooed on me. In True size.
Every point copied; Pierced through my dermis and dotted under my skin. Line by line. Your soft curves imaged. The pretty picture you are.
The artist has to capture your look and feel.
Grasp the splendour of your character; without taking it from you whatsoever. You are far to untamable to be pinned down like that; there is a reason butterflies  are being framed and lionesses not.

Suddenly you stood there, and I was ****.
Nobody could forsee that I were yet to see a godess. They are not made as Beautifull as this anymore.
Seldom before and with greater exception after.
An attempt to translate stumbeled Words I drew in dutch with incomparable results and the question whether it is or isn’t a succes.
Deeee Sep 11
You're like a tattoo
On a secret part of my skin
A tattoo that I got in my youth
A tattoo that I don't quite regret
A tattoo that I cover up

But in the bathroom,
All alone,
I run my hands over you
Feel the texture on my skin,
And I smile

You're like a tattoo
*On a very secret spot

Cut me clean as that of a cut throat.
And watch me bleed in silence.
Pull my teeth with no pain killer as I stare cold like a lion.
A concrete wall with no emotions and fists like lightning strikes.
Here I stand a scar laced man forged through the flames of fire.
From here on in there's no way back I'm only aiming higher.
With your help or without it Jack.
I'll take it and I'll fly
But relax...
You've got this kid...
Your a natural diamond guy.
AditiBoo Sep 4
He took the needle and jabbed it in my hip
I closed my eyes and prepared to bite my lip
But, lo and behold...where was that legendary pain?
The proclaimed warning, was it concern feigned?!
As the ink formed the words, my body only screamed for more
MORE, MORE! Feed me more, Watch as I turn into an ink *****

An empty room with a razor was my haunt
But with this discovery, self harm...i won't
An expression, a feeling...just being
An action, the calling...so calming
Like a wide-eyed child, I have found a new delight
Like the innocent beguiled, it's praise to the con I can only cite
Colour my ankle, Imprint my neck, Draw down my back
Turn me into a moving storybook, a plot is all I lack

For there is something empty within me
And all I want is a stimulating autobiography
For there is something I have long lost
A passion to heat up a heart trapped in frost
For I fell down and never got up
For I rode ******* and kept looking for the stirrup...
Her titillating tattoo
tantalizes me deeply,
to the tenth degree. I see
it as I slip her silk dress
slowly down her left shoulder.
A lizard lying on a
boulder, contrasting with her
silky smooth soft snowy skin.

I kiss her shoulder, and she
shudders and sighs a deep sigh.
Goosebumps rise up her body
as a sturdy gust seizes
the moment. The forest we
make love in quakes and shakes
as she shivers and quivers
under the touch of my hands.

My left hand holds her upper
arm, while my right grips her hips.
She closes her eyes, smiling,
giggling in amusement.
I spin her slowly ‘round, and
look into her hazel eyes,
her soft ******* and thighs against
mine for warmth and gentle touch.

I kiss her lips. Strawberry.
And we slide down to the ground.
The scariness we have found
slips away in our grace. We
sinners share our shame, our ****,
and come to a conclusion,
and bust each others doors down,
sweet ****** on this cold ground.
Kora Sani Aug 15
It's been a year since you've left
maybe even longer than that
You were already gone
had your bags already packed

You waited for the day
when you could let your demons die
but along with them
was a beautiful light

The light is gone now
but somehow it still lives on
I see it right here
It's on the side of my arm

Creep is the word
it reminds me of you
A short-lived friendship
5 letters gone too soon

People don't know
when they look at me
the pain in each letter
the ones you set free

I'll carry it for you
and remember your name
murdered by demons
such a ******* shame
My tattoos are memories
Rights of passage into manhood
Homage to the family name

A novel in the flesh

Every one has it’s own story
Good times and bad
People and places

I remember every chapter well

There’s nothing like that first one
It roped me into an underworld
And I had found my tribe

I never did fit in too well anywhere
Until spending some time under the needle
It was as if I had finally come home

But after I got one
It opened the flood gates

I felt unbalanced
So I got one on the other side
That lead to another
And another

Yet I loved every hour of pain

The noise of the machine gave me chills
Plus it always payed off
In the form of something permanent
A tuff lookin’ badge of honor
That I could take to the grave

I was hooked
And I still am

People ask me if I regret them
What I regret is not having more

They also ask how I think I’ll look at 80
My only answer
Way cooler than you

To me
They’re works of fine art in pigmented skin
Beauty in the form of a colored scar
My life in a picture book illustration

If I could go back
I wouldn’t change a thing
I’d even add a few pages
©James Dennis Casey IV
eva-mae Aug 1
i tattooed a heart
on my wrist
to remind me of you
and how you stole
my love from off my sleeve
so i never let it happen again.
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