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An inky tattoo
Was crawling up his neck
A newfound taboo
For I, was a wreck

What had happened
His nails were sharp
I could not tell
Each arm apart

Exposed was I
Helpless and hurt
Couldn’t look to the sky
Couldn’t utter a word

Weak and broken
I hated myself for
I was a token
I looked to the floor

And shouts were near
But I shut them out
I couldn’t hear
Those I cared about

In my head
To escape what’s real
I might have bled
But I couldn’t feel

No, I haven’t moved
Since I fell that day
Nothing to prove
Nothing to say

So I’ll stay silent
For no one can hear
The world is violent
The world I’m near
this is the perspective of the character Maribel from the Book of Unknown Americans.
Amy Borton Nov 2018
Loving you is
Shading a tattoo
Needles piercing already-open flesh
Inking your presence onto me
Covering it with a bandage
So no one can see
The blood seep out

I want to give you the power to hurt me
And trust that you won’t

But as the needles pierce my flesh again and again
I’m unsure if I still have skin
Or if you peeled it away with the rest of me

I miss you today
n Feb 12
She wanted to remain pure,
She had toyed with getting a tattoo
but realised it wasn’t
individual anymore.
But she was in need of validation.
Was she past her peak? She’s still cool right?

The needle stuck into her skin like the scent of an old lover. It left a fizzy sensation behind.
The ink spread.
She kept poking,
stick n poking.

What emerged was a star.

strained by Tar,
her sparkle faded.
My experience of doing a stick n poke tattoo of a star on myself. My thoughts on my first tattoo. I called my star tattoo Tar.
Rowan S Jan 29
Most days I forget

That I have black ink marking
The top
Of my thigh

But the days I remember

I touch the
Thickened five stripes
Separate, just below this mark

Reminding me
That the insanity of a past self
Craved the caress of
More than the memory
That mark
Rowan S Jan 19
Sterilized flesh burns
While colored ichor drips, drops
Buzzing needles hum
I need some tattoo work done ASAP
Salma Elaouni Jan 16
I will get a moon right there
Where you kissed me
I will pin it with needles and ink
And make the stars watch
As my skin shivers out of the hurt you have kept in me

I will step away and watch from a far
Maybe drink more
Or hold on to my guitar
I will climb every roof and curse the words for being real
I will hold every ocean and swallow every fear
I will keep my moon right there
Beneath my ear
Where it can whisper and I can hear

All the things you have failed to say.
One last poem about you
Star BG Dec 2018
The wind tattooed in ears,
a song as sweet as birds.
It spiraled gracefully,
hugging cellular walls,
primed to hear wisdom.

Your imprint pulsated
with shades of reason.
Transformed moment
for expansion.

Wind you give life to breath
circulating in lungs,
bridging passageway to heart,
so spirit could be heard.

You carry mystery
that quenches thirst
for understanding.
And hug in dead of night.

Forthwith my words
were marked with gratitude.
With smile of celebration
as I speak daily in tones clear...

Hear! Hear! To being awake
in a sacred human vessel.
To dance not alone.
I saw word tattoo the rest is history
Julia Dec 2018
this Christmas
i will give my boo
an apple tattoo
on his heart

and we will start
to make a new life
through Winter’s strife
this New Year

everywhere i hear
all you need is love
i pray to God above
send some our way
i love you acorn honey
Anne J Dec 2018
Chattering yet still
Frozen and wrapped by venom
Decayed by sharp fangs
I'm a junior in HS, but I take a senior class. One of the seniors recently got a tattoo of a snake, said snake's end tail erasing around a skull. The tattoo quickly made me in a mood for a haiku. I shall end my period on haikus for now on this eery 3 stanzas
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