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the only tattoo I still have
and that I will never erase
it's my mother's face
left on my right arm

since then
every baby I take to my chest
calmes down and falls asleep immediately
cheek on cheek
forehead on forehead
all four eyes closed
Millie Oct 14
Her words
Like a tattoo
Stinging as they etch onto my heart
Never to be removed
It’s so fresh in my memory
the day you showed me,

I just wish
the one to feel it first
could be me,

Still remember my first tattoo
the day I got it,

Marked the one I always called home
finally knew what I wanted,

Now I notice
I’ve got myself inked again
but with an invisible one,

Just enough to make me feel
that you are the one,

Do you realize
   no one can make you laugh the way I do,

But I do know
I’ll never look at a sunset
without thinking of you,

You are the tattoo
I will never regret,

As I’ll always remember,
you are the one
who made me a poet.
August 2020
Marked our skin in ink

Each one with secret numbers

Now just lines I think
I marked my body with symbols deep of our love, a code only we shared she marked hers with my number "74" she wore, circles for each of us children too. I chose a key, she'd unlocked a heart I never knew I wear "14364". She has a keyhole on her hip meaning so deep and now does it mean anything to her but ink in skin she wishes not to keep, perminate even if covered. I will wear mine to my grave together with my box of things she forgot to put the parts of my heart in. No colors gay, she chose to stare at the mirror because real life was too bright. Year Slater I cry winding if I'll ever know before I die.
Amanda Hawk Jul 2
Purple, slowly dripping
down her back
gently stroked, a tattoo
Irises were her favorite
so she built a garden
upon her back
Irises bloomed, spreading
from one shoulder to the other
Amanda Hawk Jun 28
I still felt their hands
Upon my skin
Their names tattooed
Upon my tongue
And my love life
Flash art
Plastered in peripheral gaze
Each man
Holding a tattoo gun, waiting
To tease at my skin
I heard it in the morning
Instead of the birds
My body, a canvas
Possessed by each man
That whispered I love you
In my ear in error
Saint or sinner,
One and the same.
If u prayed for me,
I'd pray for u.
If u said you forgive me,
Id say "I've already forgiven u"
If u say u love me
I'd say" I love you too".
If u miss me
  I'd ask "miss me like you're scared to meet a ghost?"
Love is a ghost, elusive at most - Johnny Quidink
Love is like a ghost, elusive at most - johnny quidink
Thomas Goss May 29
on her arms
carve a delicate

each pinprick
a sandy glint
in her Martian landscape

canals of meaning fill
until finally the storm has left her streaking
like an iron sunrise

on her limbs
the word-tattoos dry
like calligraphy
on tree trunks

so mysterious

in motion

crimson flower
stamped with the light of dawn
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