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Arden Sep 18
I don't have an eating disorder
I eat one meal a day

I don't have an eating disorder
I cant eat more than 700 calories a day

I don't have an eating disorder
I have to skateboard at least 5 hours a day

I don't have an eating disorder
If I don't know how many calories is in something I can't eat it
Every meal is hard to swallow
With you present at the table
My stomach rumbles
Yes, in pain
The swifty of my ways
I absolutely hate eating with you
Yearn to I do, retch
The unpleasant time
In which should be my fathers
You take his place at the table
But never, will you EVER have a place in my heart
Ruined it you have for yourself
Many not once a time
including grandmother, has she despised you.
I’m sorry to say. But it is what it is.
Bony parts bruise faster.
I think to myself.
I look down at my arms. They are tinted yellow from the fading bruises.

Fatty parts bruise harder.
I think to myself.
I look down at my thighs, they have black spots scattered over them.

I sigh and touch my collarbones protruding from my body.
I stack the coins. I can fit 17 on each collarbone.

I look in the mirror and I know I am looking at a hollowed out skeleton, but all I see is me .. just as I've always looked, grey, boring, ordinary...
Xallan Feb 22
You're folding up inside yourself
Afraid of your own flesh
You're deprived, emaciated
Cheekbones like craggy cliffs
Vertebrae like a mountain ridge
Hipbones like sharp rocks

You're a skeleton covered in tissue paper
Sallow, sunken, and gaunt
A member of the undead, stop there
Your sickness is infectious
As armies of your ideology invade
At the dawn of a new year of hope

You lost your reason
Stomach like an haunted cave
Joints like arthritic boulders
Shoulders like burned forests

Your hair and blood are thinning
I'd catch you when you faint
If I believed you were there
If I believed you were more than air
Do your muscles stand out
When they're exposed?
Because you can't even lift a fork

When you smile, your teeth
Consume your face with starvation
The gums have receded
From within their sockets your eyes
Stare with their mad zeal of apathy

You have the spindly fingers
Brought to life from a child's nightmare
With each movement
Your tendons dance revoltingly
Under that thin membrane

I think I could call you hideous
The way you hide under your limp hair
The way you spread your contagious rot
The way you refuse to live, you're
A repulsive idol inviting in
Tiny creatures that live in your closet
That crawl inside your clothes
Under your skin
Devour your appetite, your cheer,
They took everything I loved about you
Chris Calkins Jan 27
I am broken
Like a carousel that's off its axis.
I am lost,
Because I have to figure out how to fix a shattered mind with no blueprints for what a stable one looks like.
I am hopeless
In a world that shoves happiness and recovery down my throat anyway.
I am someone
Who lives only for the sake of others
Who mistakenly believe I can be saved.
I am soulless
For all that I feel
Because none of those emotions touch me deep enough to pull me out of this void I am living in.
I am.
And already dead inside.
I have journal prompts given to me by my therapist and the first was, "Who am I?"
Sam Maye Jan 10
Rounded child
sits at the mirror
pressing, poking
fat rolls
tummy spilling out
over the jeans she wore
and cried.
Goddess Ana
came down from the clouds and
stood behind the child
wiping the tears from her watery green eyes
and said
'there is a way'
and so the child
let this goddess control her life
and ultimately
in the end she was just another sacrifice
to this Goddess Ana.
Through and through my mother is anorexic
You would be too if your environment was toxic
I can’t help but be sad when I come home late at night
And she’s asleep on the couch with tear stains from a fight
I bring back food from the restaurant I work at
She says she can’t have it because she’s too fat
Eventually she caves and I get her to eat
Fish, broccoli, fries, and red meat
She tells me it’s too late at night to eat snacks
Although she’s a normal weight her bones still sound like they crack
It’s now 1 am and I go to turn off the tv
She quickly wakes up and stairs blankly right at me
“Leave it. And turn the heat on”
She says to me, fighting a yawn
Before I leave I notice the wrappers
A caloric binge had clearly trapped her
And tomorrow I’m sure the cycle will repeat
As the image of my mother withers and retreats
slr Jan 2
Are you're doing it in a healthy way?
Are you watching what you eat?

Yeah.. That's why I didn't have a bun with dinner.

What I didn't tell her is that watching what I eat means
watching what i would normally eat sit on the shelf
watching what i would normally eat go to others
watching what i would normally eat shrink off my body

She says I've gotten smaller
My coworkers say I've gotten smaller

I don't see it

When someone asks if I've eaten I just avoid the topic or say I've had enough

If someone is concerned I laugh and say "I'm back on my anorexic *******"
Bunny Rubinstein Nov 2018
"Everyone wants to be a little anorexic" she says

"You know, like, in a glamorous way, like fashion friendly anorexic"

I bite my cheek and nod, pretend to agree

All I can think of is waking up to stars dancing on the ceiling

Pale skin with bruises of unknown origins

And battered feet on and off the scale

Almonds in Ziploc baggies

Bite marks on fingers

Hair down the drain

Measuring crunches by the marks they leave on your spine

And battered feet on and off the scale

Enough water to turn organs into boats

Eating an apple with a fork and knife

Desperate hands grasping for ribs

And battered feet on and off the scale

Standing and the world going dark

Coughing around shots of apple cider vinegar

Carrying an emergency rice cake for weak spells

And battered feet on and off the scale

Enough green tea to drown organs

Sugar free gum to mask the smell of decaying organs

Whatever nail polish covers yellow and purple

And battered feet on and off the scale

How many calories are in toothpaste

Thinspo blogs

Pillows squeezed between thighs

And battered feet on and off the scale

Is today the day my heart gives out

Waking every day in a new body

Fingers clasped around wrists

And battered feet on and off the scale

Notebooks filled with numbers

Purple crescents under eyes

Fingers clasped around forearms

And battered feet on and off the scale

Elbows knocking into hipbones

Being scared of your own reflection

Lies to get out of dinner

And battered feet on and off the scale

The stench of *****

Oxygen that tastes of Splenda

Fingers clasped around biceps

And bleeding feet on and off the scale


If this is your idea of glamour

Then you can have it
Trigger Warning
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