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Alan S Bailey Jul 2019
With the sun
The fire spirits
Bring amber hues
Golden and applied
To a weathered canvas
In the deep blue water
Floating in pools
Of violet and marine
Evermore fulfilling
Evaporating then only
Descending into the
Emerald green
And soft grass
Holding flowers
Giving them
A cordial of life
With her laughter
Echoing afar.
Amaris Apr 2019
When you’re on top of the world
The high is unlike anything that exists
But the fall is a long, long way down
A motivation for those above to persist
Word of warning to those still climbing
Hold your desires close and don’t let go
All of us fall eventually, inevitably, but
Distance is so much worse when it’s slow
Poetic T Aug 2018
Woven patches of grey,
hues slow in momentum.
Tattered gaps letting through
              gleams of radiance.

But in motion do the faults
get sewn in silver linings.
And this blanket  
             mesmerising below.

Then the lonely flower opens
       its petals, reaching towards
the patch work of loving greys
                 yearning for a touch.

A singular drop falls, taking its
                   time to meet below.
So far has it descended to gently
              caress her wilting petals.

Replenished dew drops hang from
                         now pristine colours.
It waves in the subtle breeze,
      swaying in a dance of gratitude.
its amazing what a little kindness can give to others.
G Rog Rogers Nov 2017


The shadows descend
as a darkness arises
Sleep well my Darling.

English Haiku

George Krokos Oct 2017
The heart is the medium by which we communicate with love
and if it also becomes pure the Divine descends from above.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
David Hutton Jul 2017
Curtains are drawn, the days shorten.

                 the leaves fall,
                                              it's autumn.

Soon I will descend,
nearer to the end.

In the ground, I will be forgotten.
Aŧül Apr 2017
Down on her I descend,
To kiss her pain away,
Slurping her tears...

Then I climb down more,
I kiss life inside heart,
Slurping her grief...

Further down the valley,
Bringing fire to that rift,
Slurping her pleasure...
My HP Poem #1491
©Atul Kaushal
Lenore Lux Dec 2014
Tabby Lix is the chick with the **** sure to get your hammer swanging. Pull back and strike! without each and every regret you were fed by the newest precedence in social norms. Peek this bull-****, scope his or her form. Non-binary ***** she's splitting your mind in two and got you confused so rear back your neck, dragon, it's K -- I got the shield. Boy. One of you might want to **** me the other turn tail 'way while another one even less understanding might got something to say, he say: *** drop ya pants, I'll cut ya little **** off n I'll feed it to you and if you need a reason you only need to know who ya talking to. When I walk with my walk I'm a horse trot, like I got the whole pride of lions riding on my stride --
I like to **** the girls
I need deplete *** to survive
I know the entire world
yes everything high and low there is to see and, all of the reaches and trends begin and end with me. I know you know I got the right the justified authority to beat you in your ******* face for the choices you make that might lie beyond the confines my head. I don't believe in you and I don't need to. Rear back your head, Dragon, it's K I got the shield. And when I'm back on attack I gotta let my **** dangle down to show you ******* what's real just like sometimes I **** ***** or lick ***** and ****-****** or **** butts, I'll penetrate you, you ****. House-pet cat Tabby Lix gets her fix by dancing with the devil on or off her leash you, never, never -- **** with master. Check the collar. Guess boy/girl for $10. Lift muh tail up. Use your fingers. Can you find, blind? When I win I'll buy a dime bag.  Make me feel good. Kitty catnip. Stick your tongue down my throat, descend unto madness.

— The End —