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When none is around me

I find only myself closer.

Silence, silence and then

our memories together appear

like a good-looking ghost

which I hear about in folklore.

It reminds me of the moments

that I can’t forget.

No worries, good memories

The ghost tells me not to weep

because time will not bring relief

after you are deceased.

It’s a big lie!

Mohammed Arafat
I wrote this poem to mourn the death of my grandmother who we painfully lost her on May 7th, 2020
Chris Jun 2019
Here I am
The shadow of a man
That never was.
David Hutton Mar 2019
The deceased piling up in battle,
Enough blood to fill more than one barrel.
Crows pillage the scene,
Nibbling on their cuisine.
From a distance you can hear them cackle.
Inspired by Vasily Vereshchagin's "The Apotheosis of War" painting.
John Stephenson Mar 2019
It's an anniversary,
The children are playing in the garden,
The Sun is shining bright,
On this day you walked toward me,
For the rest of our life.

The roses are in full bloom.
Our friends and families gathered.
In the Sun's warm glow, we partied in Paradise.
On the day we walked on together,
As Husband and Wife.

In Paradise we built our kingdom.
We thought it could last forever.
But, the crystal light has faded.
Now I walk alone.
Each step, less sure, with every passing day.

Our kingdom is no more but Paradise remains.
With fond memories of years gone by, I remember.
Solemnly and Sincerely I recall our vows.
With roses from the garden,
I kneel beside you now.
Anya Oct 2018
Death, loss, mourning
in many Western countries

purity, rebirth
in many parts of Eastern Asia

honor, patriotism
certain places

Other places

bright colors
At the,
of the

And yet,
I'm sure there are more
colors worn
thought of
these complex emotions
impossible to capture
No matter,
we try
The uniVerse Jul 2018
Words are dead!
there I said it
words are dead
the words in your head
are in the past
the words that you said
will not last
fireworks that attract the eye
liar's words in the mind
an explosion of language
and then silence
they do so much damage
and cause violence
chasing words
feeling tiredness
healing words
are band-aids on the soul
a soothing to the ears
they're dropped in empty holes
for who hears?
who really listens?
words are dead
we have visions
images of creation
words are no salvation
just pointers
pointing to the infinite
still they loiter
words we can't forget
we hold them to our chest
like lifeless children
we always do our best
but the words **** them
and now all that's left
is dead...
dead words.
Bridget Crooks May 2018
In loving memory of the old me,
I am deceased, gone, I’m history.
Faded away but still breathing,
Fighting the urge of really leaving.
My public persona is laid to rest,
Was prepped, embalmed and dressed,
Laid in a hole, deeper than six,
A permanent solution with no easy fix.
Or better yet, I was cremated,
Burnt, diminished and completely degraded.
What was left, my cremains, were put in a box
And shoved on a shelf like a broken clock.
Either way, it doesn’t matter,
Be it the first or be it the latter.
Burial or cremation, the cost is the same,
One human soul, only a memory to remain.
Juni Notte Feb 2018
i'm a dead girl
with a little smile
that's rotting from the sadness
i'ma little dead girl
trying my best to crawl
since my legs are too weak to walk
my face sunken in
my eyes glazed over and grey
i'm a dead girl
that just wishes she can breathe again
Aerinlia Dec 2017
I know you can't read this anymore
But I still want to tell this

There were times when I almost gave up
There were times when I had breakdowns
But I don't want to disappoint you

Thank you for all these years
Thank you for all your guidance
Thank you for supporting me all this time

I will officially graduate
One hundred days after your passing

I'm sorry I can't bring anything as gratitude
But up there, you are proud of me, right?
Please continue to guide me from now on.
Seema Nov 2017
You happen to fear no one
Look what happened now
You had a licensed gun
To death you now bow

A deceased material
A so called psychopath
So much of you unreal
Yet no one measured your depth

Surely you got unnoticed
And took your own life
Dear friend, you will be missed
But your news is a rife

I hope your soul rests in peace
As your appreciation to people was less
Do behave wherever you are, please
And not create a forbidden mess

On your casket, here I place a rose
And pray solace to your soul today
I do grief on your loss as we were close
Sadly, in a very short time you went away...

Fictional write.
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