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I'm going to be a father
Yet my heart does not comprehend
      My youth faded earlier
my shoulders grew heavier each day

As I handle the weight, she handled-more...
I was too young
So I lust over different women
They gave me a taste of what was lost..
But I forgot what will I even gain for
                  temporary pleasure

As I looked her in the eye I saw the
       broken songs we once sung
Her voice cracked like it was too much
                  for her to speak
The hatred she held for me for being a

But God I was too crazy for my youth
       I forgot she was preparing for -  
                       our future
I'm sick of taking flights to see these other girls swear to God I'm gonna change
Humanxyz Jul 23



Cheated on
Still loyal


This is the repercussions of forgiveness towards
A lover
That wondered off into
Eves garden.
Cheated on
Rae Jun 29
Punched and lulled and soft
Swung, fat marcato
Something whispered, stolen
Each voice is a scent
Each color is a word
And the taste of ash permeates each touch

I smooth a hand over the ending
A coating of dust turns my skin gray
Fuzzy and soft, like downy or feathers
Or the soft lighting of a rainy day

I fluctuate, expand, reexamine and redesign
The scent was cold, now hot
And the only thing I remember
Is the orange essence that clung
To your fat, red tie.
Daniela May 18
It's crazy how close we were
Then we fade and it's all a blur

All the memories we have had
It disappears except all bad

Whenever I think about you
I just somehow start to feel blue

You have left a hole in my heart
Some days I just want to restart

I thought about second chance
Maybe we can fix our romance

Then I realize you're the cheater
I don't want to be the repeater
clever Apr 8
you asked me why you would leave,
when i'm all you could ever ask for.
but i want you to stay, and i know that it's wrong.
sindy Apr 2
When I said i was alright,
I really was!

But now it's all **** up in my head since i know about her.
How could i miss that?
How could i pass by?
How can she pass through ?
(while i am supposed to be your everything)

I keep playing the scenes in my head the one when i am talking with her I know it's not right but it can't help it. It turns  like a loop all over again.
How could i miss that?
How could i pass by?
How can she pass through ?
(while i am supposed to be your everything)

I did not mind to be cheated on, humiliated and rejected.
But it's the feeling of not having be flagged out i can't stop thinking about.
I sold her to you, she manipulate me, i feel betrayal by her more then by you
Kada Feb 25
You were there
my rock
my anchor
until you decided to let go
In my vulnerability you took advantage
I loved you but you didn't love back
You were the truth that turned into a lie
you kicked me down while I tried to get up
you did all of this to be but you never told me
Be careful who you let into your circle.
Axel Jan 31
every sunday
every gloomy day
I'd go to your home
but you're always not there.

but a book
that you gave
just made my lotus
bloom in a different way.

so I keep
thinking that
you're running
I keep thinking
that you're flying,
but the truth is
you're lying
and you're laying
in your bed
with the flowers
that she gave
and the doorbell ring
is just a song
that you listen
and forget.

so I drove
down to town
to the supermarket
and asked
'where can I find the aisle for happiness'
they said
'I don't think we have that here,
or anywhere else',
that's right
it never existed
in my life
and in my melody.
"try to be positive",they said, but it's hard, because it's not in me.
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