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seraph Sep 1
i am overzealous and underwhelming. i say somethings and i regret them. i say nothings and i wish i hadn't. i am weighted and unbalanced. i place value where i think it belongs. i lean heavy into things for too long. i am uncertain and so sure. i run out of thoughts before my heart runs out of feelings. my thoughts run over and overwhelm my heart. i am liminal and concrete. im incomplete but hoping i could be.
Tyler Eavey Oct 2015
When the sun is high
And sweat rolls down your neck
And you bite into a chilled tangerine
And you feel it in your cheeks

And I think of
When you're across a room looking
When you smile
When I feel it in my cheeks

When the storm rolls in
And you find a book
And you sit still
And drown yourself in it

And I think of
When you kiss me half-asleep
When your limbs lie limp on me
When I drown myself in it

— The End —