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Zywa Mar 15
Girls tease each other,

just to attract attention --

from the toughest boys.
Old Chinese poem:
"Of beauty", 1908, Gustav Mahler, based on the free version "Am Ufer" by Hans Bethge from 1907, after "Cai lian qu" by Li Bai [701-762])

Collection "Thinkles Lusionless"
Zywa Feb 10
I was full of pus,

and chock-full of hormones too --

A pimple on legs.
Acne / Acne / Akne
"De rat van Amsterdam" ("The rat of Amsterdam", 2016, Pieter Waterdrinker)

Collection "Germ Substance"
Zywa Jan 18
I had to kiss him,

my wings are breaking through now --

they itch on my back.
"Maar hij wilde het zo graag dus ik kuste hem" ("But he wanted it so badly so I kissed him", 2011, Ellen Deckwitz)

Collection "Home sea"
Zywa Dec 2021
Amsterdam! Free
man of the world you want to be

your wild eyes threaten
my father hand, please, send
an angel, light, a woman
a favourable wind, sweet dreams
someone, something to help you
unbreakable mirrors if need be

Father, mother, earth, universe
make something happen, of course
who sees everything, does not know why
to intervene

freedom would be meaningless
if for adults only

understanding and obedient
everything with measure, giving up
what is beautiful and attractive
and smiling
at the discontented excuses
and lies of the past

You grow up wounded
I too have built, defended
and then demolished
castles and walls -

old men's proud
of the scars of my fight
Collection "I am"
Zywa Dec 2021
Dad thinks I'm fighting,

I do, I'm fighting the wind --

in his idle mind!
Collection "I am"
Zywa Mar 2021
Stubble field
husks in the air
dry summer scents

poplar trees along the ditch
our haystack at the end
inside, out of sight

our cave
pulled and pushed
in the long yellow grass

I dream that I am with you
lying there, naked
like newborn animals

that's all
nothing else matters
we may die

that's our secret
mum doesn't understand
she is afraid
Collection "Eyes lips chest and belly"
Zywa Nov 2019
Persephone wears flowers
and tough jackboots like a soldier
with muscles, or an open waistcoat
with a mini skirt like a ******, always
conquering the instincts around her

In Coco's dress, she parades on Jersey
the transparent plastic rustles
every time I kiss it
passers-by take photos
she is in the newspapers

Spring has begun
old desires wake up
people get aroused
and inspired to let themselves go
she is an example

everyone sees her, but doesn't know who she is
flowers cover her bare body
she charms soldiers and virgins
with instincts, singing her praises
and creating life
“Polythene Pam” (1969, John Lennon)

Celtic symbolism: Coll (the Hazel), whose nuts contain magic power and wisdom; the Hazel should be guided by Manannan Mac Lir (the sea god, a master of disguise) and the Salmon (the oldest and wisest animal, the symbol of inspiration and creativity)

Coco Chanel (Gabrielle Chasnel, Saumur 1883- 1971)

Collection “Lilith's Powers" #10
Daisy Ashcroft Jan 2021
is this
what it feels like
to be a fossil
in the making?
to have pebbles,
sand and grit
swept slowly
on top of me.
not to mention
the crushing
and deafening
of miles of water
pressing it all down
to bury me.

but sometimes
sometimes there's
relief and light
when someone
digs through the
weight to reveal
the shadow of the
creature that once
lay there.
but then that husk
is reduced to
cinders in a mountain
of others.
and i guess you could say
that 'power station'
is adulthood.
or life.
That Girl Oct 2020
I live deep inside my own head.
I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever make it out.
I don’t know what living is anymore.
I’m never fully present.
There’s always a piece of me off somewhere else.
My mind wonders off...
I don’t even have control of it anymore.
I do it subconsciously.
I’ve been in my own head for so long now.
I don’t know where it all began.
Maybe puberty.
When I was in 5th grade I became a “woman.”
I was also hurt deeply by many people that year.
Friends introduced me to things a little girl should never be exposed to.
Then middle school was tragic.
I was hurt more times than I can count.
Maybe that’s when the day dreaming began.
The real world hurt me so badly that I had to create my own world.
My own reality.
After awhile I stopped knowing the difference.
Reality vs Fantasy
What is there to pursue in this reality?
Motivation left me years ago.
I beg her to come back but she never does.
Why should I pursue dreams in the real world, when I can achieve so much more in my world.
I guess that’s why Motivation left me.
She served no purpose in my life anymore.
I now live for the small things in the real world.
Seeing a new movie. Eating at my favorite restaurant. Hanging out with my best friend.
I’ll save the big stuff for my world.
Zywa Jun 2020
They flutter a bit,

the newly born butterflies –

guessing at flowers.

Collection "The Big Secret"
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