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Mar 13 · 321
Take Me Instead
She Writes Mar 13
Death must fear me too much
To take me away
So instead he takes those I love
If only death knew
I am not afraid of him
I welcome him with open arms
I stand next to her casket screaming
Mar 13 · 65
She Writes Mar 13
Your words cut deeper
Than the blade at my wrist
Feb 8 · 240
She Writes Feb 8
there is no beauty in suicide
just a cold, clammy body
blood merging with tears
the loss of hope on display

the end of pain
becomes the reality of another

there is no beauty in suicide
just wet eyes and heavy hearts
another soul gone too soon
and a box in the dirt
I hate that suicide has become the norm in society, glorified through social media. Too many beautiful souls lost to mental health issues that have gone untreated. If you are struggling or think someone else is struggling, reach out. Save a life, maybe your own.
Jan 9 · 178
She Writes Jan 9
You lit me up, then put me out
Tried to pick up my broken pieces
Repair what you destroyed
Realizing too late, I’ve become ash
Never to be whole again
Jan 9 · 198
Dying Heart
She Writes Jan 9
I love the way you hold
All the pieces of my dying heart
Determined to heal me
From pain caused by those before you
Jan 9 · 200
She Writes Jan 9
Such relief I felt
When I stopped holding my breath
Waiting until I was told I could speak

So free I felt
When I stopped holding my pen
Waiting until I was told what I could write

So powerful I feel
Knowing I can bring you to your knees
With only my tongue and my pen
Jan 9 · 434
Rock Bottom
She Writes Jan 9
I welcome the familiarity of rock bottom
I have laid my head here many of night
Looking up from the depths feels safe
I cannot fall further
When I have already hit the bottom
Here I am safe, here I am home
Jan 9 · 238
She Writes Jan 9
And even the sun is jealous
Of the stars in her eyes
Jan 9 · 217
She Writes Jan 9
I slipped away from you into the darkness
Before dawn could shine a light on reason
The cycle must be broken, but how?
Your sun was always brighter than my moon
Jan 9 · 331
She Writes Jan 9
The remnants of your influence
Echo down the halls of my concience
Long after I slipped away into the night
Here you are still
Whispering that I am not good enough
I cannot make on on my own
Jan 9 · 129
Counting Lies
She Writes Jan 9
Most count sheep when trying to sleep
I count lies that have been told to me
Jan 9 · 431
She Writes Jan 9
Look into my soul
You’ll see walls a mile high
Unreachable and safe
Confined and alone
Dec 2018 · 342
Self Love
She Writes Dec 2018
And through the pain
I’ll find my voice
Turning this quiet violence
Into loud words

I am not my past
I am not my disorder
I am not my obsessions
I am not a victim

I am strong
I am smart
I am brave
I am free
Sometimes I need a little reminder.
Dec 2018 · 200
My Words
She Writes Dec 2018
You can take my breath
You can take my sanity

You can take my spirit
You can take my heart

You can take all that I am
But you’ll never take my words
Sometimes I feel like these words are all I have left
Dec 2018 · 190
She Writes Dec 2018
When you lie with her do you think of me?
When you lie with me do you think of her?

When you lie with me I think of her.
When you lie with me I think of her.
When you lie with me I think of her.
I feel like I am losing it.
Dec 2018 · 76
She Writes Dec 2018
I left my heart in your care
With only a stare you ensnared
"Trust me" you dared

My deepest fears I shared
Nothing can compare
To the hurt I must bear

You finessed me with flair
I became aware
Of your secret love affair

You gave no thought to my welfare
Why is honesty so rare?
Now I am left in despair

Trapped in this nightmare
I hope to repair
Our relationship threadbare

Of this beware:
If you find love elsewhere
you will find me nowhere
Dec 2018 · 512
Lonely Moments
She Writes Dec 2018
Loneliest  is the moment
When you have no one to run to
The one that eases the pain
Is the one causing the hurt
Where do I go now? To whom do I turn?
Back to the lips that lied?
Back to the finger tips that betrayed?
Dec 2018 · 290
She Writes Dec 2018
Every time a heart breaks
It grows a little harder
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
She Writes Nov 2018
I awoke to a sunrise so beautiful
Monet himself dare not
Attempt to capture its beauty
Nov 2018 · 911
She Writes Nov 2018
Your lips on my neck
And your hand between my thighs
Is better than any antidepressant
A dr could prescribe
Nov 2018 · 451
Stranger to Myself
She Writes Nov 2018
I am learning to love again
This stranger that is myself
Nov 2018 · 201
She Writes Nov 2018
Love is a peculiar thing
It crept in and made its home
In the most unexpected place
A hello to a smile
A smile to a laugh
A laugh to a kiss
A kiss to a touch
Once strangers
Now life without you
Seems unfathomable
Nov 2018 · 284
Self Sabotage
She Writes Nov 2018
I’ve found my biggest enemy
Resides right between my ears
Poisoning my thoughts
Feeding on my insecurities
Killing my self worth
One negative thought at a time
Oct 2018 · 1.0k
She Writes Oct 2018
It is not the future that I am afraid of
The prospect of repeating the past
Is what scares me the most
Oct 2018 · 210
White Lies
She Writes Oct 2018
Am I a fool to believe
The ease with which you lie
To those you hold most dear
Would not also pertain to me?
Oct 2018 · 2.5k
Failed Love
She Writes Oct 2018
Our love
Was destined to fail
Instead of seeing me
For all the things I was
You saw me
For all the things I was not
It took me a long time to realize I was good enough all along.
Oct 2018 · 352
Your Light/My Dark
She Writes Oct 2018
To you I will turn
Like a flower to the sun
Soaking up your light
Until my darkness is none
Oct 2018 · 2.5k
Raindrop Kisses
She Writes Oct 2018
I let my fingertips
Dance in the rain
Washing away my troubles
Bit by bit
As each drop
Kisses my hand
Oct 2018 · 4.5k
Spring Rain
She Writes Oct 2018
I am a gentle rain
On a cool spring day

I will provide you sustenance
Help you grow

Gone as quick
And softly as I came
Oct 2018 · 482
She Writes Oct 2018
Where are you are is where I need to be
Because you feel like home to me

Safe and warm curled under your arm
Hidden away from worldly harm

You put my anxious mind at ease
To my heart you have the keys
Sep 2018 · 1.9k
She Writes Sep 2018
Through blood we are tangled infinitely
A sideways eight to let the world see
Just how much you mean to me
Sep 2018 · 2.3k
Insomnia’s a Dick
She Writes Sep 2018
Shadows dance upon the walls
The clocks incessant tick
Why am I awake right now?
Because insomnia’s a ****
Why am I awake zzzzz
Sep 2018 · 5.8k
Blind Faith
She Writes Sep 2018
Should I believe in a higher power
That I can not touch, see, or feel?
That lets innocent people be broken
Then worship him to heal

Should I trust that he is the reason
That I live every day
If I need a miracle
Drop down on my knees and pray

I don’t know how I feel
Or what I should believe
My god had forsaken me
Left me feeling naive

I want to trust
That he has purpose for me
From this indecision
I long to be free

Is blind faith a sign
Of strength or weakness
This indecision
Leaves me sleepless
Sep 2018 · 196
She Writes Sep 2018
I placed her upon a pedestal so high
She grew wings and flew away
Sep 2018 · 2.3k
She Writes Sep 2018
I loathe myself for loving you
Despise the way I care
I continue to throw myself at your feet
Lay my heart out bare

You are self-centered and thoughtless
Living your life without regard
For a child you left behind
Is saying “I love you” really that hard?

Why do you distance yourself?
Is it because I remind you of my dad?
All the pain you caused
And the life you could have had?

Though I walk a fine line
Of replicating your mistake
I know I won’t
The thought makes my chest ache

I want to repair our relationship
I long to let my heart mend
Make up for lost time
Before we reach the end
Sep 2018 · 504
She Writes Sep 2018
You were not forged with wings
To spend your life perched upon a branch
Watching the world pass you by
Sep 2018 · 322
Young Love
She Writes Sep 2018
All I ever wanted was for us to stay
Just the way we were
Lying under the stars
When we were young and in love
Sep 2018 · 2.9k
Prom Night
She Writes Sep 2018
We laid in the grass
In the park by the school
Listening to the music
And the laughter from our friends
As the tears rolled down my face
All I could think was
How lovely it would be
To be in your arms
Instead of under them
I wrote this years ago... I’ve been dusting off some old journals ❤️
Aug 2018 · 374
Who Am I?
She Writes Aug 2018
I lost myself trying to become
Everything you wanted me to be
Now you are gone
and I am finally free

But who am I?
I don’t know
I’ve lost your directions
Unsure of where to go

The future is uncertain
I fear the unknown
How will I fare
In the world all alone?

I will slowly transform
Become the real me
The one that I
Was always meant to be
Aug 2018 · 430
She Writes Aug 2018
I’m scared of the things I’ll do
Just to be closer to you
I will give too much
Just to feel your touch

To fill this insatiable need
I’d do any deed
You are the only desire
Setting my soul on fire
Aug 2018 · 254
Good Intentions
She Writes Aug 2018
Your “good intentions” cause more pain
Than your bad intentions ever could
Aug 2018 · 295
Untold Story
She Writes Aug 2018
It is quite painful
To bury an untold story
It scratches and claws the mind
You must bite your tongue
Clench your teeth
To keep the secrets from escaping
Aug 2018 · 952
My Words
She Writes Aug 2018
I live and breathe these words
Raw emotions
Failed relationships
Love, ****, and heartbreak
These words are my life
My sanity
My blood, sweat, and tears
These words are all I have
When all is said and done
And I will cling to them
Because they are the only acceptance
I have ever known
Aug 2018 · 411
Three Little Words
She Writes Aug 2018
I laid my soul out to bare
This type of honesty from me is rare
I said the three little words
Now my emotions are stirred

I am finally happy
Blissfully sappy
Picturing a future
A relationship to nurture

In the back of my mind
Are feelings of another kind
Negative thoughts loom
A sense of impending doom

I’m scared you will tire of me
Up and flee
Worried I’ll end up hurt
I am on high alert
Aug 2018 · 2.6k
Slow Down
She Writes Aug 2018
I bared my soul
You told me
Slow down

You were right

Red lights flashed
Caution signs in my eyes
I know I need you too much
Aug 2018 · 4.4k
Slight Light
She Writes Aug 2018
My light is too slight
To hold back all this dark
Aug 2018 · 381
Wrapped in Loneliness
She Writes Aug 2018
And tonight I’ll find myself
Wrapped in loneliness
Instead of your arms
Aug 2018 · 417
She Writes Aug 2018
Even though you’re the one that hurt me
I still want you to be the one
That holds me to make the hurt go away
Aug 2018 · 505
Writers Block
She Writes Aug 2018
My mind is full
Yet my page is empty

-Writers Block
Aug 2018 · 2.0k
Handle With Care
She Writes Aug 2018
I hide pieces of myself
Wrapped up in a bow
Anything so you can’t see
The broken me underneath

My sender forgot to mark me
Handle with care
I’ve been damaged
Lost in transit

When I finally arrive
At your feet
I hope you  can look past the cracks
And cherish my pieces
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