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May 2023 · 272
Smiles From Strangers
She Writes May 2023
The street hums with lights and sound
A symphony of chaos all around
People rushing, horns blare
In the midst of it all, I find something rare

A flicker of hope, a glimpse of peace
A moment where all of the noises cease
A smile from the lips of a stranger
Suddenly the chaos feels fainter

The world is cold and full of strife
But in these little moments I find life
A sliver of light in the dark
A feeling of inspiration sparks
May 2023 · 226
She Writes May 2023
She takes deep breaths, tries to find peace
Quiet the noise, let her worries release

Focus on the present, the beauty that surrounds
Let her thoughts settle, keep her feet on the ground

She sees this silence as a gift
A chance to reflect, mend, and uplift

To find clarity, purpose, and a sense and direction
And emerge from the stillness with a new self connection
May 2023 · 183
Electric Touch
She Writes May 2023
Your touch is electric, your kiss: a flame
You ravage my body without any shame

You take me higher than I've been before
When we finish I am left wanting more

I have become insatiable
Filled with desire that's irreplaceable

It is an enigma, this intense passion we share
A blend of gentleness and rawness, so rare

I beg you to finish inside
I'll revel in every moment, with nothing to hide
May 2023 · 175
Show Your Light
She Writes May 2023
They take and take with no thought of giving
Leave you in the shadows, barely living

Drain your soul; leave you with scars
Then wonder why you don't reach for the stars

They continue to judge without any care
Then label you broken beyond repair

They ignore your struggles and trivialize your pain
Then wonder why you can't break the chains

Don't let their darkness consume your light
Don't let their words dim your inner sight

You are strong, you are resilient
Your spirit is unbreakable and brilliant

So let them talk, let them judge
They cannot fathom the strength you've trudged

And when they ask why you are so dark
Show them your light and leave your mark
May 2023 · 956
Cacophony of Chaos
She Writes May 2023
Whispers of doubt and regret
Ring in my ears, a deafening duet

With every passing moment, they grow louder still
A cacophony of chaos; thoughts continue to spill

I try to drown them out, scrolling, music, T.V.
Yet they persist, keeping me constant company

I try to reason with them, to find some reprieve
They are stubborn and unyielding, just won't leave
May 2023 · 1.8k
Under Construction
She Writes May 2023
She was scattered, shattered, a soul in disarray
Every heartbreak chipped a piece of her away
She became hollow, an empty shell
A shadow of the body she used to dwell

He strolled into her life with his kind and gentle touch
Pieced her back together, made her feel a rush
Showed her she is worthy of love and affection
Helped her rebuild with care and perfection

Now she is under construction, but it is different this time
She's not fixing what was broken, instead building a new paradigm
A relationship built on trust, mutual respect, and devotion
Love that strengthens and grows with each passing emotion
May 2023 · 717
She Writes May 2023
Life can be too much to bear
The weight of the world starts to wear

I am floating away
Drifting for another day

My mind - a distant land
A place I can't comprehend

It's as if I am watching from afar
A stranger to my own memoir

The world around me has lost its shape
Reality continues to escape

Wandering around; lost in a dream
Things are never quite as they seem
May 2023 · 1.1k
Vice Grip
She Writes May 2023
Anxiety gripping my mind like a vice
Trapped in my own head; paralyze

Paranoia creeping in like a slow rolling fog
Unable to control my inner monologue

Panic strikes without warning
Drowning in my own mourning

Heart racing, shallow breath
Wondering if this is death
May 2023 · 1.4k
Once Bitten, Twice Shy
She Writes May 2023
Betrayal cut her like the sharpest of knives
Leaving wounds that take time to heal
The trust she had; now broken
Her heart is left to reel

Rebuilding trust is no easy feat
For once bitten, twice shy she has become
A guarded heart became her shield
She fears letting herself come undone

Although every step forward feels like two steps back
She knows what they have is worth the pain
Side by side they fight for their love
Getting through together is their ultimate gain
Mar 2023 · 889
She Writes Mar 2023
They will steal your light
And then ask why you have become so dark
Feb 2023 · 234
She Writes Feb 2023
Falling for you was different
It didn't feel much like falling at all
Instead, you walked into my house
And it finally felt like home
The second I tried to convince myself
I couldn't possibly be in love
Was the exact moment I knew
I absolutely was
June 19, 2022
Aug 2022 · 958
5 Year Plan
She Writes Aug 2022
She made a five year plan
With a 3 year man
Aug 2022 · 1.8k
She Writes Aug 2022
I am scared to let my mind wander
To get tangled and twisted
In daydreams

To paint pretty pictures
Of you and me and us
Happily ever after

I’ve been fooled
By empty promises
Too many times

But the way you say tomorrow
Makes me want let go
And trust that the future is nothing to fear
Aug 2022 · 1.8k
She Writes Aug 2022
Open or closed
My eyes only see you
I am convinced
It is the best **** view
Aug 2022 · 3.0k
She Writes Aug 2022
I was a rock in your ocean
Your waves crashed against me
Beat and broke me down
Tried to swallow and drag me to sea
You underestimated how strong I was
Rocks are resilient
I did not falter with storms or shifting tide
I would not break; only change
Aug 2022 · 744
She Writes Aug 2022
You promised me you'd never lie
I believed you
You treated me as if you didn't care
I believed you
You said you didn't want me
I believed you
Now you want me back
Begging on bended knee
Just how naive
Do you think I must be?
Aug 2022 · 1.6k
See You Soon
She Writes Aug 2022
Fingertips tracing your chest
Head rested upon your shoulder
Lips pressed against my forehead
These are the moments
That I take extra care
Memorize every curve of your body
The rise and fall of your chest
Your heart in my hand
So when we are apart
I can still feel your warmth
Until you can hold me again
Jul 2022 · 721
She Writes Jul 2022
I had to let you go
So I can finally grow
Jul 2022 · 1.6k
She Writes Jul 2022
I am a blank canvas
Begging for an artist
To add a little color to my life
Jul 2022 · 4.3k
Childhood Dreams (TW)
She Writes Jul 2022
You handcuffed my dreams to your bed
And that’s where they'll lay, until I’m dead
Jul 2022 · 2.5k
New Love
She Writes Jul 2022
Some things are natural
Predictable and constant
Like falling leaves in autumn 
And flowers blooming in spring
Hopefully the same can be said
About you and me
Jul 2022 · 2.5k
Water Your Garden
She Writes Jul 2022
A withering flower will continue to bloom
Tilt its drooping face toward the sun
If only you'd water it and love it tender

Humans are no different; they long to grow
Their head may hang low; leaves may be wilted
If only you'd water and love them tender
Jul 2022 · 201
Losing Hope
She Writes Jul 2022
I’ve been beaten down
Left to bleed out
Lick my wounds and retreat

Despite the pain

I still believe in love
Though it seems
Love no longer believes in me
Jul 2022 · 1.4k
She Writes Jul 2022
Repurpose your pain
Create a masterpiece
- Art
Jul 2022 · 967
What Do You Want?
She Writes Jul 2022
How can I give you what you need
when you have yet to discover it yourself?
Jul 2022 · 2.2k
She Writes Jul 2022
Tonight I feel as empty as the prescription bottles on my nightstand.
- Antidepressants
Feb 2022 · 2.3k
Coffin For Two
She Writes Feb 2022
I cried all night ‘til the sun rose
Still laying in our bed
While across from me your eyes closed
Pretty pictures in your head

Do you see I am drowning?
In a pool of tears for you
All the while you say you love me
And I believe you like a fool

There is no love
In a house built on lies
Each time one slips your tongue
I can see it in your eyes

You love me to death
What am I to do?
I won’t be without you
Build a coffin for two?
Feb 2022 · 283
She Writes Feb 2022
I can feel you fading away
Slowly, as if it's all in my head
Slipping through the cracks
Of your cold and tired embrace

You want to leave me
I can feel the lack of warmth
Attempting to let me down slowly
Only to prolong the pain

Just go if you want to go
Leave me here to crumble
It’s my time, it’s my destiny
When you leave I will fade too
Breakup alone sad heartbreak suicide tired leave destiny
Aug 2021 · 686
Listen to the Cri De Couer
She Writes Aug 2021
In her bones
A cri de couer lies
Begging for liberation
From the ruminations
Her tongue infixed
Upon every inch
Of her beaten down body
Apr 2021 · 3.9k
Loud Silence
She Writes Apr 2021
Nothing is louder
Than silent tears
And 2 a.m. overthinking
Apr 2021 · 5.3k
I Am The Knight
She Writes Apr 2021
I do not need to be saved
I am the knight in my fairy tale

If I fall
It will be off a mountain I scaled alone

If I crash
It will be in the waves of my own ocean

If I float
It will be on the boat I built with my hands

And when I fly
It will be with the wings I forged myself
Feb 2020 · 697
She Writes Feb 2020
I find you among the small things
And for that I am thankful
As the little things are all I have left

The warm tickle pressed upon my skin
From the heat of the sun
On a dewy spring morning

In the song of the birds
Not unlike those we used to watch
Flit across your yard

The scent of fresh cut grass
The same I smelled from you mowing
As I picked dandelion bouquets for Grandma

In the smiles of passing strangers
Because to you there is no such thing
Only friends you have yet to meet

I find you among the small things
And I will cherish them profoundly
Until we meet again
The one year anniversary of my great-grandfathers death was on Valentine's day. I think about him often, and wanted to write something in his honor. Nothing I write can truly convey the love I have for him, and the impact he had on my life.
Feb 2020 · 431
She Writes Feb 2020
How can you complain about your life
Lonely and devoid of light
When you lay beneath a blanket of stars
Each and every night
Feb 2020 · 448
Love Is A Battlefield
She Writes Feb 2020
Nothing shocks quite like
The unexpected backhand of love
Slapped across the face

Heart sustaining blow after blow
Bearing scars that will never be forgotten
Wearing invisible wounds as a badge of honor

Pick myself up, withstanding more
If love is a battlefield
Then I am ready for war
Feb 2020 · 411
Red Eyes
She Writes Feb 2020
on the rare occasion
that you chose to show me affection

it was two bodys together
two souls apart

I used to shower
immediately after ***

to wash away the filth
to scrub away the feeling

let my tears cascade
like the rain from the showerhead

watching my pain ridden bubbles
slowly disappear down the drain

when I emerge you ask me
why my eyes are so red

I tell you I got shampoo in my eyes
you laugh and say how stupid I must be

tell me, who is the stupid one?
me with red eyes? Or you not noticing i always cry after ***?
Really rough draft, but wanted to share anyways
Feb 2020 · 388
She Writes Feb 2020
If she chose to believe
In her own dream
Just this once
Perhaps it could come true
Feb 2020 · 1.3k
She Writes Feb 2020
when my drugs begin to fail
and self-inflicted thoughts prevail

I run to the shower
where in peace I can cower

turn on the water, scalding hot
focus on  pain instead of thought

I used to burn myself, but I became more shrewd
water doesn't make a mark, no scars accrued

until I can breathe I will run the water
turning it up hotter and hotter

I emerge as if I am anew
and not a soul has a clue

because you cant see tears when they fall in the shower
and at least I managed to live for another hour
Feb 2020 · 700
Pretty Tattoos
She Writes Feb 2020
when they ask me why i choose
to cover my body in pretty tattoos

I tell them it is to canvas the scars
from others attempting to mar

to wear my afflictions as a badge of honor
reminding myself that I am stronger

to show the world pain can be beautiful
that I am here, and I am unmovable
Dec 2019 · 352
Bits and Pieces
She Writes Dec 2019
What do I do?
For years I’ve been collecting
All these parts of you

Do you feel whole
with missing fragments
of your mind, body, and soul?

What did you do
with all the pieces of me
when I decided to flee?

Do you carry bits
in the back of your mind?
Trapped yet able to constantly remind?

Did you place your memories
in a box on a shelf?
Gathering dust all by itself?

I hope you feel me
the way I feel you...
A presence in everything I do.
Dec 2019 · 648
Sad Songs
She Writes Dec 2019
Even the lonely caged bird
Sings a beautiful song at dawn
Dec 2019 · 273
Your Loss
She Writes Dec 2019
There are thousands of ways
I said I love you
And you never heard me say
A single one

There are thousands of ways
I could say I miss you
And you'll never hear me say
A single one
Jul 2019 · 747
She Writes Jul 2019
I thrive in the darkness
I'm better off being heartless
Jun 2019 · 1.2k
She Writes Jun 2019
Your mood changes
Like the second hand on a clock
My hour hand keeps moving
But I just can't keep up
Jun 2019 · 660
I Write In Ink
She Writes Jun 2019
I pen my poetry in ink
Instead of lead
Because I tend to ovethink
Then begin to dread

Criticize my own writing
Before the critics get the chance
My anxiety fighting
Telling me to erase with every glance

My work isn't good enough
Erase write repeat
Poems are just not up to *****
I should accept my defeat

So now I use ink
There is no going back
Nothing to rethink
No need to self attack

My words freely flow
From pen to page
Allowing myself to heal and grow
Displaying my poems on main stage
Jun 2019 · 621
I Write In Ink
She Writes Jun 2019
I pen my poetry in ink
Instead of lead
Because I tend to ovethink
Then begin to dread

Criticize my own writing
Before the critics get the chance
My anxiety fighting
Telling me to erase with every glance

My work isn't good enough
Erase write repeat
Poems are just not up to *****
I should accept my defeat

So now I use ink
There is no going back
Nothing to rethink
No need to self attack

My words freely flow
From pen to page
Allowing myself to heal and grow
Displaying my poems on main stage
Apr 2019 · 817
She Writes Apr 2019
When my daydreams take center stage
There is no greater way
For this tale of love to curtain
Than for us to linger hand in hand
For all our remaining days
Growing old on the porch swing
Watching our children's children play
Amongst the wildflowers
On a brilliant spring day
Mar 2019 · 860
She Writes Mar 2019
She deserves everything that she wants,
but she doesn’t want everything that she deserves.
How do I show her that she deserves to be happy too?
Mar 2019 · 842
Take Me Instead
She Writes Mar 2019
Death must fear me too much
To take me away
So instead he takes those I love
If only death knew
I am not afraid of him
I welcome him with open arms
I stand next to her casket screaming
Mar 2019 · 678
She Writes Mar 2019
Your words cut deeper
Than the blade at my wrist
Feb 2019 · 556
She Writes Feb 2019
there is no beauty in suicide
just a cold, clammy body
blood merging with tears
the loss of hope on display

the end of pain
becomes the reality of another

there is no beauty in suicide
just wet eyes and heavy hearts
another soul gone too soon
and a box in the dirt
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