I laid my soul out to bare
This type of honesty from me is rare
I said the three little words
Now my emotions are stirred

I am finally happy
Blissfully sappy
Picturing a future
A relationship to nurture

In the back of my mind
Are feelings of another kind
Negative thoughts loom
A sense of impending doom

I’m scared you will tire of me
Up and flee
Worried I’ll end up hurt
I am on high alert
I bared my soul
You told me to slow down
My brain said
Come to a complete stop
Red lights flashed
Caution signs in my eyes
I know I need you too much
She Writes Aug 13
My light is too slight
To hold back all my dark
She Writes Aug 13
And tonight I’ll find myself
Wrapped in loneliness
Instead of your arms
She Writes Aug 9
Even though you’re the one that hurt me
I still want you to be the one
That holds me to make the hurt go away
She Writes Aug 9
My mind is full
Yet my page is empty

-Writers Block
She Writes Aug 9
I hide pieces of myself
Wrapped up in a bow
Anything so you can’t see
The broken me underneath

My sender forgot to mark me
Handle with care
I’ve been damaged
Lost in transit

When I finally arrive
At your feet
I hope you  can look past the cracks
And cherish my pieces
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