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She Writes Aug 20
She made a five year plan
With a 3 year man
She Writes Aug 16
I am scared to let my mind wander
To get tangled and twisted
In daydreams

To paint pretty pictures
Of you and me and us
Happily ever after

I’ve been fooled
By empty promises
Too many times

But the way you say tomorrow
Makes me want let go
And trust that the future is nothing to fear
She Writes Aug 16
Open or closed

My eyes only see you

I am convinced
is the best **** view
She Writes Aug 15
I was a rock in your ocean 

Your waves crashed against me

Beat and broke me down

Tried to swallow and drag me to sea

You underestimated how strong I was
Rocks are resilient

I did not falter with storms or shifting tide

I would not break; only change
She Writes Aug 15
You promised me you'd never lie

I believed you

You treated me as if you didn't care

I believed you

You said you didn't want me

I believed you

Now you want me back

Begging on bended knee

Just how naive 

Do you think I must be?
She Writes Aug 15
Fingertips tracing your chest

Head rested upon your shoulder

Lips pressed against my forehead

These are the moments

That I take extra care

Memorize every curve of your body

The rise and fall of your chest

Your heart in my hand

So when we are apart

I can still feel your warmth

Until you can hold me again
She Writes Jul 21
I had to let you go
So I can finally grow
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