In trying not to lose you
I lost myself
I had to let you go
To find who I am again
Your love is like spilled ink
My heart is like paper
The more I try to wipe you away
The more you spread
Infecting every inch of me
I try to erase you
Only to tear myself in the process
The harder I try
The more I fall apart
Until there is nothing left
But tattered pieces
Of ink and useless paper
I know you are too good for me
But that won’t stop me from trying
To be good enough for you
She writes so for one brief moment
Someone somewhere understands
And in that moment
Neither the reader or the poet
Are alone and misunderstood
Do not misinterpret my silence
As an absence of fortitude
I choose to raise my pen
Instead of my voice
Your spoken words
Will fade with time
My words will remain
Ink stained imprints on your mind
Long after I’m forgotten
I had accepted my fate
Content with drowning
You woke me up
Made me crave life again
And just like that
You saved me
When I wasn’t looking for a savior
I want to know every part of you

From your head to your toes
From the mole by your nose
To the smell in your clothes

From your hopes to your dreams
To the way your eye gleams
When you reminisce about past teams

From your heart to your soul
From what makes you whole
To what makes you lose control

I want to know every part of you
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