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She Writes May 13
The street hums with lights and sound
A symphony of chaos all around
People rushing, horns blare
In the midst of it all, I find something rare

A flicker of hope, a glimpse of peace
A moment where all of the noises cease
A smile from the lips of a stranger
Suddenly the chaos feels fainter

The world is cold and full of strife
But in these little moments I find life
A sliver of light in the dark
A feeling of inspiration sparks
She Writes May 13
She takes deep breaths, tries to find peace
Quiet the noise, let her worries release

Focus on the present, the beauty that surrounds
Let her thoughts settle, keep her feet on the ground

She sees this silence as a gift
A chance to reflect, mend, and uplift

To find clarity, purpose, and a sense and direction
And emerge from the stillness with a new self connection
She Writes May 13
Your touch is electric, your kiss: a flame
You ravage my body without any shame

You take me higher than I've been before
When we finish I am left wanting more

I have become insatiable
Filled with desire that's irreplaceable

It is an enigma, this intense passion we share
A blend of gentleness and rawness, so rare

I beg you to finish inside
I'll revel in every moment, with nothing to hide
She Writes May 13
They take and take with no thought of giving
Leave you in the shadows, barely living

Drain your soul; leave you with scars
Then wonder why you don't reach for the stars

They continue to judge without any care
Then label you broken beyond repair

They ignore your struggles and trivialize your pain
Then wonder why you can't break the chains

Don't let their darkness consume your light
Don't let their words dim your inner sight

You are strong, you are resilient
Your spirit is unbreakable and brilliant

So let them talk, let them judge
They cannot fathom the strength you've trudged

And when they ask why you are so dark
Show them your light and leave your mark
She Writes May 13
Whispers of doubt and regret
Ring in my ears, a deafening duet

With every passing moment, they grow louder still
A cacophony of chaos; thoughts continue to spill

I try to drown them out, scrolling, music, T.V.
Yet they persist, keeping me constant company

I try to reason with them, to find some reprieve
They are stubborn and unyielding, just won't leave
She Writes May 12
She was scattered, shattered, a soul in disarray
Every heartbreak chipped a piece of her away
She became hollow, an empty shell
A shadow of the body she used to dwell

He strolled into her life with his kind and gentle touch
Pieced her back together, made her feel a rush
Showed her she is worthy of love and affection
Helped her rebuild with care and perfection

Now she is under construction, but it is different this time
She's not fixing what was broken, instead building a new paradigm
A relationship built on trust, mutual respect, and devotion
Love that strengthens and grows with each passing emotion
She Writes May 12
Life can be too much to bear
The weight of the world starts to wear

I am floating away
Drifting for another day

My mind - a distant land
A place I can't comprehend

It's as if I am watching from afar
A stranger to my own memoir

The world around me has lost its shape
Reality continues to escape

Wandering around; lost in a dream
Things are never quite as they seem
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