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She Writes Feb 19
I find you among the small things
And for that I am thankful
As the little things are all I have left

The warm tickle pressed upon my skin
From the heat of the sun
On a dewey spring morning

In the song of the birds
Not unlike those we used to watch
Flit across your yard

The scent of fresh cut grass
The same I smelled from you mowing
As I picked dandelion bouquets for Grandma

In the smiles of passing strangers
Because to you there is no such thing
Only friends you have yet to meet

I find you among the small things
And I will cherish them profoundly
Until we meet again
The one year anniversary of my great-grandfathers death was on Valentine's day. I think about him often, and wanted to write something in his honor. Nothing I write can truly convey the love I have for him, and the impact he had on my life.
She Writes Feb 17
How can you complain about your life
Lonely and devoid of light
When you lay beneath a blanket of stars
Each and every night
She Writes Feb 16
Nothing shocks quite like
The unexpected backhand of love
Slapped across the face

Heart sustaining blow after blow
Bearing scars that will never be forgotten
Wearing invisible wounds as a badge of honor

Pick myself up, withstanding more
If love is a battlefield
Then I've earned stripes
She Writes Feb 8
on the rare occasion
that you chose to show me affection

it was two bodys together
two souls apart

I used to shower
immediately after ***

to wash away the filth
to scrub away the feeling

let my tears cascade
like the rain from the showerhead

watching my pain ridden bubbles
slowly disappear down the drain

when I emerge you ask me
why my eyes are so red

I tell you I got shampoo in my eyes
you laugh and say how stupid I must be

tell me, who is the stupid one?
me with red eyes? Or you not noticing i always cry after ***?
Really rough draft, but wanted to share anyways
She Writes Feb 5
If she chose to believe
In her own dream
Just this once
Perhaps it could come true
She Writes Feb 3
when my drugs begin to fail
and self-inflicted thoughts prevail

I run to the shower
where in peace I can cower

turn on the water, scalding hot
focus on  pain instead of thought

I used to burn myself, but I became more shrewd
water doesn't make  a mark, no scars accrued

until I can breathe I will run the water
turning it up hotter and hotter

I emerge as if I am anew
and no one has a clue

because you cant see tears when they  fall in the shower
and I will fake a smile with all my willpower
She Writes Feb 3
when they ask me why i choose
to cover my body in pretty tattoos

I tell them it is to canvas the scars
from others attempting to mar

to wear my afflictions as a badge of honor
reminding myself that I am stronger

to show the world pain can be beautiful
that I am here, and I am unmovable
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