She Writes Nov 23
I awoke to a sunrise so beautiful
Monet himself dare not
Attempt to capture its beauty
She Writes Nov 23
Your lips on my neck
And your hand between my thighs
Is better than any antidepressant
A dr could prescribe
She Writes Nov 23
I am learning to love again
This stranger that is myself
She Writes Nov 23
Love is a peculiar thing
It crept in and made its home
In the most unexpected place
A hello to a smile
A smile to a laugh
A laugh to a kiss
A kiss to a touch
Once strangers
Now life without you
Seems unfathomable
She Writes Nov 3
I’ve found my biggest enemy
Resides right between my ears
Poisoning my thoughts
Feeding on my insecurities
Killing my self worth
One negative thought at a time
She Writes Oct 26
It is not the future that I am afraid of
The prospect of repeating the past
Is what scares me the most
She Writes Oct 26
Am I a fool to believe
The ease with which you lie
To those you hold most dear
Would not also pertain to me?
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