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they dance on the edge of nearly
unperceived breezes
the sighs of dead men's final breath
that follow me to the edge
of the thickets
many lay at the feet of those who wish to taste death
but not know it
brothers in arms
who cross from the horrors often placed upon them by man
into a swath of light that holds no measure of time or space
or pain
they are free to walk from the remnants that linger in living consciousness
yet remain
tied to the moment of their crossing
the essence of their love for kindred souls
Broadsky Jul 2021
light my fuse on fire and set me aflame
watch as you singlehandedly set me ablaze

what is it like to watch me burn, baby?
I'm no better than cinder, ashes in an urn.

lately I feel just like charcoal residue,
remember when I was sweet and wet like honeydew?
do you remember when I was good to you?

how much longer can we pretend?
that we know when this war will end,
I can't express how badly I miss my best friend.

charging towards each other from opposing ends of a battlefield,
no matter how much I beg,
your sword you will not yield.

pull out your guitar and play a chord
I don’t know how much longer I can afford
to run around on this chessboard

moving pawns and rooks
when we should be swimming in ponds,
and reading books.

thoroughly covered in brambles
I‘ll wait as you amble

who knew we could get so tangled in something we thought we could handle?

we’re filled with pride and jealousy,
resentment and envy too

how can we come back from this?

what did we lose?
sketching with graphite
I don’t want to fight
just take me back to that campsite
on that hot July night.
Working hard is an art
Working hard is a duty
The call of duty that's Updated every day
It's obvious
If we want to eat the fruits of the garden of God
We've to work hard cause
Good things don't come from comfort zones
It's just like Food wars
passion and hard work
But no
Not at all should we be in speed
The kind of Need for speed with hot pursuit
The importance is the destination
How far you go NOT how fast you go
Surely the evil is there
You will believe you are in
Resident Evil mission
But trust me ; look not for monsters
Look for human monsters not to ****
but avoid and warn against
In my long run of life
I had to travel deserts i said to myself
O my God !! Desert Storm and they are all here               Bradely - my spirit
                        Foley/ Sheerman - my soul
                        Conors - my body
                        Jones - my hard work
Even when i had crossed the desert ,
battles were not over , are we
in Battlefield till the end
And somebody told me better were in
Infinity war so far as we breathing
No End game
Life  without Hard work
                        Motivation and
                        God's Courage
Is far more frightening than:
Thanos with the 6 Infinite stones ,or
Galactus at the peak of his Strength and Might.

                        Life is real
                        Everyday is now and gone
                        So let's act now and not
So this very amazing and speaking to video games and film fans , if you such a person make him read it it's more in his language as yours
muteD Jan 2021
at war.
with my heart and my brain.
my soul and my mind.
it’s a free for all battle
right in front of my eyes.
but instead of attacking each other,
they only attack me.

I can feel my heart beating.
Too hard.
Each pump pushes
not only the blood throughout my body
and the air in and out of my lungs
but it also
unleashes doses
of pain.
lethal in high amounts
and unfortunately for me
it feels like the whole bottle has been emptied into my system.
As I close my eyes, I can hear the words
my damaged heart whispers into my ear.

A plea for me
to cut away
all the ties
of this world
and to curl up
with the only one
I know means peace..

But, my brain is intent on interrupting those thoughts.
It has its own need to manipulate the feelings swirling inside of me.
It has its own agenda,
one where it leaves me standing over a ledge
overlooking my own downfall.
stranded and wondering,

why do I tear myself down?
because my mind tells me to.

the words that wiggle themselves down my eardrums have one and only one goal in mind.
and that is to torture me for the rest of my time.

and it’s working.

a storm is brewing within my head.
Rain and hail beat down on my brain
like they’re the hands
and my brain is the drum.

the sound it makes is enough to bring a man to his knees.

a beautiful masterpiece at the price of a life.

but I guess that’s okay
because that life never mattered anyways.

or so my mind tells me.

who am I to listen to, when both want me dead?
A heart that is tired of beating?
Or mind that is tired of thinking?

(Either way, I’m *******.)
I wrote this based off of a picture and I wish you his could see it .. but I’m in the process of launching my blog and I will have ALL of my recent poetry on there ..
daphne Jan 2021
in a battlefield
when your mind wages war
against that woman and i
for your heart's commitment
i will surrender this futile fight
for i cannot keep questioning my worth
every time i beg for your loyalty
Cerasium Apr 2020
My love
My heart
My one and only
My soulmate

I have loved you since first sight
Love your laugh
Loved your smile
Loved your warm heart

With you by my side
I was able to fight the darkness
I was able to see light growing inside
I was able to breathe freely

But with you gone
I feel like I’m suffocating
My heart aches so badly
That I can’t take it anymore

I was able to see you again
One last time
And all I felt was pain
And guilt

I did this
I caused you to leave
I pushed you away so far
That you ran to the arms of another

And for that I can never forgive myself
The guilt hurts so much
I can’t breath
My body is attacking itself

My head is so full of thoughts
That I can’t make go away
I can’t live like this
With you no longer by my side

I love you so much
And I tried to be strong
But the longer I fight
The more pain I’m in

You wish me a good life
Thinking that I’m strong enough
But I hide my true intentions
So I don’t hurt you

I’m sorry
I should have fought my head harder
I should have shown you how much I cared
How much I loved you

But it’s too late
And I have lost
In both battles
Of the heart

I no longer have you
Who I loved so much I wanted to live
And I no longer have my will
To fight my never ending thoughts

So I forfeit the match
I have fought for as long as I could
This is the end for me
And the beginning for you
I will always love you...
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