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Chris Saitta Nov 11
Here, love is the far proxy of look
- She is dying a distance -
Yours travels from brook to sky
To the heaven wanderings of death in my blood,
The black smoke-congested veins possessed
By the baffled realms of battlefield
By the horrors of the mundane
From this old mouth, emptied of kisses.
Chiara Sep 25
Your blood flows so freely,
Quickly seeps through my fingers.
I try to stop it, but we cannot linger.

We have to flee,
Enemies draw near,
But your life is fading
And it’s only for me.

You stopped the arrow
Intended for me,
Didn’t hesitate a moment,
But jumped before me.

You saved my life,
A debt I cannot repay.
And I fear for the cost,
For now you slip away.

You’re steps from death’s door,
But what can I do?
I want to do something,
I want to save you too!

But I know my chances
Against the forces ahead.
They steadily grow slimmer
As I hold your hand.

I want to scream,
Demand to know why you did it!
I love you my friend,
Why did you do this?

Then it happens:
You touch my face!
You tell me to flee,
To go and save them and me.

But I can’t just leave you,
I wouldn’t dare!
But you don’t back down
As death stains the air.

You tell me to go,
To live on with the rest.
A stray tear leaves you eye
And I cannot deny.

It’s the last thing that you want,
The last wish I can grant.
I place a kiss on your brow
And rise to my feet.

I inhale the air,
All I can get.
I shout out loud:
Retreat! Follow me!

We’ve been successful,
We’ve escaped with our lives.
And we’ll never forget
Those sacrifices made.
Eliseatlife Sep 22
If love is a battlefield
Then I must have forgotten all of my armor at home,
Its a war I never agreed to fight
GreyEyes Sep 14
The time has come, November is near
When nights grow chilly and we must remove our gear
We put away our bloodstained clothes
Together, us surviving soldiers, have carried out our oaths
And the whispers of our comrades can be heard
Their lives gone, bleeding bodies left to the birds  
But the trees reflect contrasting shades of ablaze orange
And we tend to the remaining corpses we must scavenge
When the fathers come home from deadly battle
And for fruitless hope we all light a candle
When children’s laughter has become but a blessing
And we can all feel ourselves progressing
The families sit together and say grace at the table
On dark stormy nights to the children we must read a fable
And blissfully we can all go to sleep knowing we have once again come together
When our hopes and ambitions are no longer tethered
But what to those whose souls wonder the earth?
Whose tattered limbs make home beneath the dirt?
We’re their dying wishes fulfilled?
Prior to the moments which they had been killed.
Whose names on the battlefield all have been forgotten
Has our hostility really been pardoned?
Then what is it I shall do?
When I too,
Make my way home
Only to wake at my tombstone?
~ September 14, 2019 ~
Eloisa Sep 2
I have always thought of you as a battle I needed to win.
But, are you a war worth fighting?
elja Aug 11
wars have been thought,
battles have been fought.

agonising whines,
in heartrending times.

a bewildering trench,
led by a fair *****.

no compass,
no torch, i am indeed luckless.

my heart has been a target,
of a far-reaching bullet.

the ***** who has the key
to my heart, is dear to me

only can she open up
the heart that has been under lock.
unrequited love does feel like a never ending battle.
Chandler Ames May 18
the pen is still mightier than the sword
the keyboard yet superior to the grenade
and the internet is the bloodiest battlefield
upon which my eyes have ever gazed
Farhan Ahmed May 14
I know I can't race with Light
But I wanna take a shot at the wind
I wouldn’t go down without a fight
But the fact that I can't win

I know I cant race against time
But I wanna take a shot at the tide
I may drown swimming, but thats fine
The battle is the bright side

I know I cant be forever
But I need to continue to be
Piling up sins and deeds
But ask Lord to spare me

I know I cant be two but one
But I wanna take a shot at a legacy
Surviving in a few memories
Superhero... to some fantasy
Fight even though we know what is going to happen. Exactly what was planned in the plot
Scarlett Apr 25
my mind is a battlefield
a tragic war between what's good and what's bad
no winners or losers
just fighters a failures
my thoughts firing bullets through my brain
attempting to ****
to win the war
to take over the battlefield
to take over me
Star BG Mar 27
We sit with pen bayonet in hand
as warriors of written word.
Beings that are drenched in verse
that rains on battlefield of page.
We speak so eyes of other side awaken
to know it’s time for change.
We echo from hearts that bleed
to anoint with our wisdom.
YES, we are the warriors that move
inside grace to hug an eye
and shift all
to create new beginnings.
inspired by Crazy Diamond Kristy and Hirondelle Many thanks
for you both are gems that sparkle on a HP field
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