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Poetress2 Apr 8
I went to the park one day,
just to watch the children play;
And upon one of the Swings,
I saw the saddest thing.
There sat this lonely child,
whom I never once saw smile;
It broke my heart to see,
this nine-year old, next to me.
I quietly said to her,
"How are you, little girl?
Would you like for me to play,
with you, on this beautiful day?"
She never made a sound,
as her teardrops hit the ground;
"Didn't mean to make you cry,"
she answered, "It's really alright.
I must be going home,
Mama doesn't like me to roam;"
And then she disappeared,
so full of anger and fear.
I climbed into my car,
it wasn't parked very far;
And sitting in the back seat,
there sat a part of me.
I turned and gave her a smile,
"Can I come with you for awhile?"
"Of course you can, I replied,"
to the child I am inside.
morrigan Apr 1
it is difficult
to live at the mercy of life
swinging mood to mood
craving some stability
to maybe make things alright.
almost a tanka lol
Tori Schall Feb 1
swings drifting
in the ever cooling air
stars sliding down
and down

The monkey bars are for
climbing up and joining
the sky and the stars
to slide down again

In this playground
no one plays
until the stars come out
and the sky is dark

In this playground
there is no one
who is there to play with you
and you play all alone
Anya Nov 2018
It’s     Odd...
I’ve been all over the couch
Munching on anything
That gets
Within         My line of sight

   But now,
Lying here
Strewn on the floor
Like a broken toy
I       Feel


At peace
Munia Islam Oct 2018
I sit on my toilet seat,
legs uncrossed but guts wrenching at 5km/hr speed,
staring at the blood stained ******* by my feet,
wondering why merely being a woman makes me bleed.

"Shame, shame, shame", they huff,
as if being a woman was not a burden enough.
Bleeding in shame is now considered religious,
no matter how natural,
For us, 'the time of the month' is never auspicious.

I sit on my toilet seat,
with sore thighs and a pungent stench in the loo,
wondering if it would be as shameful
If men bled the same way as women do.

Alex May 2018
You ask me if I want you out of my life, if you should go
My only response is a stifled sob
At this moment all I can do is cry.
My head is at it again telling me what to do which is not much really.
I am a prisoner inside of this body and when I am like this I hand all controls over like an obidiant child.
I learnt long ago not to fight or argue because that only hurts people
and by people I mean my thoughts and when I say thoughts I mean me.  When I am like this I sit and I wait there’s nothing I can do nothing anyone can do except wait.
If I talk to you when I’m like this  if I express my thoughts nothing will go right and I will just get hurt
Ivan Lopez May 2018
I want to ignore
I want to be blessed.
But all I can hear,
are whisper at rest

In silence of night
hidden, a knife
the whispers get loud
not proud

The voices so faint
the whispers are there
worth of less
cut yourself

The voices were faint
the whispers now loud
cut yourself
worth of less

I want to ignore
I want to be blessed
but when the night falls...

not proud

all that is left
hidden, a knife
now cut yourself
and silence the night
I just want to ignore it. The faint voices to cut yourself, to bleed, to feel pain and die. I want to keep busy but it gets louder and louder until it's done. Then the voices in my head are all silent. -June 2017
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