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Eva B May 16
That bird's song is a rusty swing set--
a girl meeting the sky with her toes.
alaska jade Mar 18
it was the night we got high off of our youth
we soared through the sweet strawberry sunset
we didn’t talk
we didn’t have to
it was just me and you on a wednesday night
forgetting the world
and at last,
being at ease.
i love you more than i care to express.
Donna Feb 3
plagued my mind , tore my heart , so
I ate some cookies
It happens at times unfortunately slightly prone to mood swing but onwards and upwards as always x
Greg Muller Feb 1
Metallic hinges squeaked and then squawked
Single sliced rubber seat swung under a lime green bar.
An adolescent boy. Bemoaning his brother’s turn.
Heave, **. Swinging hard.
Capturing the tops of trees.
Leaning a few feet off the ground returning once more with fast pace.
Rose-colored cheeks, squinted,
One tear then two, until both cheeks puffed
Runway skids in the wood chips. Cruised him to a halt.
Sniffles, and tears were handled
Hand in hand
They were scripted together for life.
Liam Labbe Jan 19
up down
trapped in churning waves
pulling you under
thunder chrashes and lightning screams
you reach for the surface

it breaks

the sea is calm
you can float
gulls sing
the sun glistens
you rest
your finger tips making patterns in the waves

is it worth the storm?

the sun turns hot
you sheild your eyes
it's not enough
the sea boils
you scream

and get pulled under

things are calm
the sea is dead and cold

and is taking you with it

you hear a rumble of thunder and close your eyes

you wait for the calm
I am so tired
Of swinging from the vines
Of mismatched emotions
Until I,
Not unlike Tarzan,
Collide with the tree trunk
And remember why
I was not given wings in the first place.
Jules AA Sep 2019
Our world is so beautiful
the trees in metamorphosis,
verdant or burning or bare,
the birds that sing you awake
flutter about carelessly.
The stars that kiss our skin
as we dance by fire in the dark,
and quenching rains
that bring to life the senses—
Oh Earth, why then am I so bereft
of Joy?
Why then does the sun not shine on me
as a flower
and bring life?
Michael H Aug 2019
I 'm a pendulum.
Swinging in and out of the light,
Wanting to come out of this mood, to smile.

In the dark now,
Heading in and getting darker,
Helpless but to stroke another depressing second.

About to strike now,
I know I'll turn back soon,
I can feel the soft light on my back assuring me.

I have turned,
Finally light is on my face,
Those frightening thoughts seem to wash away.

I burst into the light,
I know it won't last forever,
The darkness behind relentlessly tugging at my mind.
She Writes Jun 2019
Your mood changes
Like the second hand on a clock
My hour hand keeps moving
But I just can't keep up
Poetress2 Apr 2019
I went to the park one day,
just to watch the children play;
And upon one of the Swings,
I saw the saddest thing.
There sat this lonely child,
whom I never once saw smile;
It broke my heart to see,
this nine-year old, next to me.
I quietly said to her,
"How are you, little girl?
Would you like for me to play,
with you, on this beautiful day?"
She never made a sound,
as her teardrops hit the ground;
"Didn't mean to make you cry,"
she answered, "It's really alright.
I must be going home,
Mama doesn't like me to roam;"
And then she disappeared,
so full of anger and fear.
I climbed into my car,
it wasn't parked very far;
And sitting in the back seat,
there sat a part of me.
I turned and gave her a smile,
"Can I come with you for awhile?"
"Of course you can, I replied,"
to the child I am inside.
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