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Ken Pepiton Dec 5
"…ours is not to reason why." that is the only fragment
of the light

call the philosopher for a meme:
Ah, we need an axiom,
some hope for humanity,
Christmas isn't working as well as it did,
Chanuka and Kwansa are distant also rans,

Where is hope if the wise have all been infected with…

"The fact that an opinion has been widely
held is no evidence whatsoever that it is not utterly absurd."

that's the meme sir,
but nothing clicked.
Bertrand Russell
Ah, more, eh,
a semi colon not a point of completion.

That's the secret in all symbols to sibyls, my boy,
know what you meant
when you imagined them meaning

"The fact that an opinion has been widely
held is no evidence whatsoever
that it is not utterly absurd
; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widely spread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.”
― Bertrand Russell, Marriage and Morals

From <https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/172166-the-fact-that-an-opinion-has-been-widely-held-is>

In the world you shall have tribulation
but be of good cheer,
it makes everything better.

Merry Christmas, may the messages you trust be true.
An idea for a Hallmark card.
SelinaSharday Nov 12
Get! Past Face..
Take a time out.
Ta get into meh..
Get inside my head..
Before you get into my heart.
Doing it backwards don't make me not depart.
Know me!                      

How do I really feel
How do I sort this out.
Getting to know you.
Do You really give me that opportunity.

Trynna feel like I am close to you.
Do you make me feel welcomed inside of you.
I'm feeling a come on lets get it let's go.
Sweeping me off my pillow.
When I'm ready to relax and chat.
Telling me it's time to go.
So I hang up and just go.

You haven't spread the right ingredients on the table.
Give me a festive meal I can recieve I'm capable.
I feel I've just been given the page with introductions.
And excerpts from chapter one.

And you say I'm the One.

I'm here with my time willing to give gentle speeches.
But I feel no reaches.
Reach out, reach in, see blindness isn't gonna bring a win.
What do I do for you,,
Do I feel like I've known ya a lifetime.
I'm left feelin rushed and outta time.
Me to chapter two.
Don't assume I'm who..you want me to be.
History provides deeper clues.
People's heart and minds make life changing adjustments.
I'm spiritual, clever and ready for better assignments.

Patience in my shoes.
Get, Ta Know, Who walking in these shoes.
Having paid a lotta dues
I'm easy to love..
Easy to Love..Fun to love..Worth it to Love.
...She's a reach deeper above.
What your viewing on her surface.
Its just the face.
SelinSharday Rose.. S.A.M ALL RIGHT RESERVED 2018
You feel you know me, I feel hurried by you.. get past the surface..get past the face..give me time I need.
Khushi Batra Oct 6
You know that moment, when you’re tired. Tired and frustrated of actually nothing. You think what’s wrong with you, but that moment, you just want to go to your room, away from everyone and everything and let everything out. You’re so tangled in your thoughts that you just want to lie down and think and then you start having those scary thoughts, which make you feel confined. You seal yourself in your room and think of murdering your mind, for it talks too much. You unseal your room and decide to go for a walk. You walk, you jog, but both, your mind and your heart start fighting so loudly that you stop. You stop, and ask them to shut up, but the civil war inside your body never does. You decide to leave everything away and start afresh, you do. You change your city, you change your address, you keep changing everything, until you realise that past will always be permanent. For your, thoughts, will always haunt you, making you, the prisoners of your past, until you start sharing, until you start talking. Your heart may weep at night, your eyes may bleed in the morning, your ruthless brain may say it’s all gonna be okay, you may feel that you’re buried five feet under your thoughts, without a coffin, nothing will be okay, until you start talking, start sharing. You’re so engrossed in your thoughts that you do not hear the honking of the car, until the driver comes out and shakes your body. For maybe, you’ve left your past behind, but the past would never leave you. You’d drown yourself in the ocean of thoughts sailing in the ship of tequila, until it te quils you. -@enchantingnachokitten
Khushi Batra Sep 29
nothing waits for me except eternal darkness,
for, I want to splurge my existence in that void,
the abyss of harmlessness.

so, here I rise with a blade in my hand, listening to pink floyd,
and there, it pierced my wrist,
I never felt more alive.
As I sink lower into that grey chasm,
I fall deeper and deeper into the fate I have written,
fearing I may regret this, one day.
Jordan Ray Sep 13
I've got no inspiration, 'cause you've taken it all
Can't put pen to paper, 'cause I've written it all
And my misbehaviour, has caused me too fall

Deeper down the hole you left,
When I put you on the shelf.
rofan Apr 23
You get deeper in to my chest
Till you become the heart of me
I shall connect my roots with you
Till you run in my blood
And my blood runs through you
I shall put my fangs deeper in to you
and I shall burn you down
Till there is nothing left of you
Not even a memory
Or a tear
Or a Whisper to the ear
Maria Etre Aug 8
I always showed you
how I shone
under the sun
but you never noticed
what happens
when I melted
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