I wish something was the matter with me
That way I'd have something to blame for my insanity
I wish so badly cause how can it be
That all my issue stem from mentality
These dark fantasies of fatalities
Overlaying canopies of fallacies.  
I get way to panicky
And my mind's telling me plans of anarchy.


To the status quo
Each thought gets darker the deeper I go
Degrade and hating rise and grow
And yet I'm only sinking deeper and deeper
Down below
Silently thinking
Oh no
Oh no
Oh no.
What if there were no words?
Would the comunication be harder or easier?
Would we overthink as much as we do right now?
Maybe we would imagine situations instead of phrases we've learned from bad movies

Our lifes would be ruled by actions
Not by silly games we play with letters

Looking at your eyes would have even deeper meaning because that would be the only way to get to know a piece of your mind

Maybe the connection between people would be deeper and more pure
no social media, loud ads or cursing
Just existing together in the wierd place that is the earth
You are not the person you want others to believe you are.
I see the real You, the beauty of your mind.
Deeper than the blue of your eyes.
A girl that is a constant surprise.
A girl that is smart, funny, true, now all I want, is for you to believe in You, just the way that I do
Poetic T Feb 23
Words are sometimes
                   like a blunt knife,
           they can cut over time
and you don't realize that itch
is but the blade edging deeper
under the guise of an scratch.

Sometimes people can stab
                                 you slowly,
and you never realize that
even though by your side.
their hand Isn't holding you,
              but the hilt pushing it deeper
with snake smiles coloured as friendship.
I'm worth more than you think, I'm deeper than you know.
All of my feelings I struggle to show, life is never easy and healing is slow.
Am i broken forever? Nothing but a dim glow
carmenn Feb 4
I think life’s pretty fucken neat
I wish you could think the same,
See the reason I don’t believe in a thing as hate
Life is faint but it ain’t
Faint is life but it ain’t
Betweeens (((-except when it is is & when it ain’t it just ain’t
You know what I’m sayin’n
Or shall I try to explain it a bit more
Some more words;personal experiences to which relate in at a variety of ways expressing it to each in your own unique way for the other own mind which doesn’t perceive things the same , hardly close to even just alike
I hope you feel me and the words I’m tryna say with the words I’m speaking in paused uttering words
We all have one way to millions of ways
And millions way to just one way
Why hate but not appreciate
Appreciate but not hate
It ain’t so complicate except when it is
Just fall in love with that
Express it your unique way
Try to relate and express the reason it is
Expressing the way you see it, tryna explain and find a means to the others knowledge understanding, expressing what how it seem
Wait, tf I say right there
Tf do I even mean
I’m not even sure it makes sense
To others or even just myself
I don’t even really care anymore
Bout what I was tryna say or tryna remember what it I was I was tryna make relate
It’ll come together later
Or maybe it ain’t till 68years later , in outerpace, between the lines of two lines of five
Lol jk but you see what I mean
Lots of  things to many things, yes it’s a continuous gather and retrieve  help achieve  better although exhausting in real time the appreciation could be felt at all in all while. While not at all ya know lol fuck I can’t get it out right yet but yeah
Poetic T Jan 30
Those who pass us on,
       are but shallow pools of self-worth.
For when we look upon ourselves
                             we see a depth
that only gets deeper
the more we look into
               the pools of our own perception.
Get me to be
a soul liberated
from every
it could be.

I want to want
nothing from anywhere
not want to get
by things unnecessary
get myself bound to
what will be my

The soul needs nothing
it is to be free
but my own flaws
have made it
not so
that it could go
as it pleases

What is that one really needs
with no one else be depleted
all the seed, sign of lives
but with greed
everything dies

Devoid of true knowledge
what is I seek
I see myself so very weak
my vision so blinded
my eyes itself closes
that I cannot see

the lies will bite
the anger will burn
my own journey
with karma
it will come back on me
I wait
as I expect them
coming to me

My sins who will wash for me?

my thoughts
why they never sided me
they followed the down path
got me to fuss on things
over all the nothings
never mattered to me

the body detoriates
every day, every second passes

My mind forget
what it remembers
I speak no tales, but riddles
what sense
I try to formulate

This time who will be
the one to get it to decode
the mysteries
the real truths
which could liberate
but to think deeper
what really is
the answer lies very deep within
much closer than
who you are actually really.
C Cavierre Jan 17
In the dark there is a light that
Is so, so small, it can’t have saved me from this—

Indeed it hasn’t: only has pushed me deeper in the dark.
imagine salvation and the distance
The voice inside me is never heard
And it doesn't matter how loud it is
Even though I find this very weird
I have never told a living soul about this .

The voice inside me has a frequency
That's measured in some silent decibel
No matter how acute the emergency
No one ever hears a silent bell .

The voice inside me never sleeps at night
It rings in my ears and never stops
Even in my dreams I have to deal with it
Sad that I'll never hear when the pin drops .

The voice inside of me is a vindictive bitch
She doesn't care if I deserve some peace
Penetrating my soul like a surgeon's stitch
And disturbing my inner man with ease .

The voice inside of me is a perpetual arrow
It stays in motion and never slows down
Intoned mostly to my pain and sorrow
My voice is a storm that'll never be known .

The voice inside of me is a quiet storm
That will probably never ever be heard
But lives underground like an earthworm
That threads the earth's soil with its head .

The voice inside of me is my late mother's
A voice that continues to bless and inspire
A voice of wisdom I share with my brothers
A voice of a great woman to whom I aspire .

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Every man has a calling...coming deep from inside !
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