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Jordan Ray Sep 13
I've got no inspiration, 'cause you've taken it all
Can't put pen to paper, 'cause I've written it all
And my misbehaviour, has caused me too fall

Deeper down the hole you left,
When I put you on the shelf.
rofan Apr 23
You get deeper in to my chest
Till you become the heart of me
I shall connect my roots with you
Till you run in my blood
And my blood runs through you
I shall put my fangs deeper in to you
and I shall burn you down
Till there is nothing left of you
Not even a memory
Or a tear
Or a Whisper to the ear
it is impossible to show everyone your best form of self
you would be left with no layers of identity
Constant pressure to show everyone the truest side of yourself that you wish you could always reflect
Maria Etre Aug 8
I always showed you
how I shone
under the sun
but you never noticed
what happens
when I melted
Hopefully, we’re deeper than the screen we’re staring at.
Glenn Currier Jul 12
I want to become a diver
like the scuba guys in the Thai cave
risking death to save life,
going deeper into convoluted passages
of darkness to pull life from it.

I want to become a heart surgeon
transplanting energizing mitochondria
into babies’ dying hearts
to revive and save damaged cells.
Oh to receive from the gods of creativity
an infusion of fresh energy
into this old body
and renew flagging cells
with a flowering fragrance
as sweet and unique as Plumeria!

May this diving deeper
be as fruitful now as it has been
in the decisive moments
I was able to conquer pride and self
to reach out to others
whose spirits had frowns
whose life energy was down.

I know: thinking, reading and writing
are not quite enough to reach and taste
the fruits of angels.
Like the classic tension
between “faith and works”
“deeper” means a marriage
of information and application
to get transformation.

And so these moments of writing poems
and diving deeper, rising higher
for the creative spirit
are not divorced
from kindness and reaching out
in friendship, intimacy, and love,
from taking time and spending energy
beyond these meditative walls
embracing life where it calls.

I am a diver and a surgeon
a spark striker, a flame keeper
always desiring
to move
deeper, deeper, deeper.
Author’s Note:  The idea for this poem has been lurking within ever since I heard an energetic call from a teacher of mine as he proclaimed it is not enough to go deeper, that we must do good works and serve, move to action, action, action.  I felt guilty because in my old age I am not as active, leading, and responding as much as I have been most of my life.  I had spoken to him and others of my need to “go deeper.”  And his proclamation stung me and sent me into consternation.  In this poem, finally, I have been able to respond.  And it was the heroics of the Thai divers and the surgeons at Boston Children’s Hospital into mitochondria transplantation that brought me out of the darkness of confusion into this light.  If you are interested, see this amazing article about the research and procedures used by these pioneering doctors: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/10/health/mitochondria-transplant-heart-attack.html

Finally, I thank Marty Collier for the inspiring little poem-like statement: “Information plus application = transformation.”
Sarah Isma May 11
Day by day you'd pass me by,
and at a time i'd think
it's a norm seeing you smile
I said hi but today
you replied with my name
For a second then,
i never realized that my heart would beat
a little bit faster than it usually did,
I never thought
How good it sounded coming from you
and i never realized
how everyday was like that after,
i'd be falling slowly,
a little bit deeper than i should be.
of course there is this boy, in which i think may become a series, where we met and i thought he was handsome but i thought id never get anywhere with him but as time goes by he started talking to me, and acknowledge me and until one day, he said my name, far from the crowd- just to make me say hi to him back. I feel like im starting to swim in dangerous waters now
Sometimes i just cant sleep.
My thoughts drive me up the wall and through a valley that i cant stand to go on
The pure thought of it alone makes me want to go to sleep and just never wake up again or be tortured by a thousand little needles poking at my feet
My thoughts always seem to eat me up
But at night it is usually the worst or when i am alone and the darkness of my life creeps in and tries to sweep me away into seeing the sad reality of everything i try to write off as a little bitty part that doesnt matter.
The sad reality that i always try to escape makes me want to put a bullet deep into my head bring all the voices to an end..
This is one of those nights
Even with the person I love most in the world sleeping next to me
The person who i have told the most to
I still feel lifes full force on me
Suffocating me
Pushing me deeper into the harsh belly of it's inside
My love is asleep and i am awake feeling all alone
feeling burned
feeling as if I am not good enough and never will be
Will life always feel like this for me
IiI am a crybaby who thinks mostly about herself .
ShowYouLove Apr 22

Look beyond the surface to see the deeper beauty
Look beyond the act to find a sense of duty
Look beyond the words to see the message they contain
Look beyond the fear and see that I still remain
Look beyond the weakness to see the strength within
Look beyond the death to see where life begins
Look beyond the sound to feel the timeless melody
Look beyond the healing to know the one true remedy
Look beyond the noise to the inmost quiet prayer
Look beyond your helping to find out why you care
Look beyond what you see with your eyes
Look with your mind and soul and heart
Look outside and see the morning sun rise
Look and see what was there from the start
Look beyond blind hate and rage to see the time for love
Look beyond yourself and fix your eyes on things above
Look beyond the cross to see the bridge it made
Look beyond the suffering to see the cost was paid
Look beyond the body and blood to the redeeming sacrifice
Look beyond the anger and do something nice
Look beyond your own little world to find a bigger place
Look beyond apology to see forgiveness and grace
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