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Let me rebuild myself from scratch
From my fears, from my past,
But this is a process and ain't by batch,
And I'm not escaping nor forgetting
The pieces that brought me where I stand.

But let me ascend my soul
From doubting my goals,
From my insecurities and people's expectations,
Cause I was born with imperfections,
Dealing them was my detention.

I no longer want to be on a mission
From this society's impression
That even comparison became a norm
And self sabotaging is daily worn
And saying yes is the only thing you can moan.

Let me fly on the sky
Without fearing on falling down.
Let me take risk again fully
While learning to love myself deeply.
Be patient dear self for your becoming a phoenix.
Braid the broken strands ‘till it’s like they’re meant to be there,
hold yourself together like you never fell apart—
rip at all your seams ‘cause you hate feeling fragile,
rather be a broken bone than a spindly work of art.
Grace B Jul 12
We need to start building again,
When I can’t sort though my own anxiety I can barely appreciate this pavement, or these colors,
or you, or me.
I don’t touch any love surrounding me.
It’s acknowledged on a dimly left surface level,
like wine & cheese.
Without this looming concept of all the other places I ‘should’ be, I can finally be here and there
And anywhere I actually want to be.
We don’t have to constantly build.
Love is already seeping from our pores.
We started cracking,
Now all of the bandaids are too small.
And stop blowing kisses!
We’re all sitting down now and were listening!

How can you not see that?
Open your windows.
EmilyBatdorf Feb 24
I climbed high for restoration,
for the rebirth of emotions,
for the cleansing of my soul
amid the chirp of birds,
the hum of water,
the freshness of the air.
I climbed high for strength,
to find myself again,
a me without you.
I climbed high for relief
from the smiles of the everyday,
I climbed high for me,
but still,
I thought of you.
slowly [ ] fades
quickly [ ] isolates
[ ]

patiently [ ] rebuilds
[ ]
stronger [ ] becomes
without you
Replace [ ] with your desired words.
MisfitOfSociety Jul 2019
I got to rediscover my lost communication.
Open up and be a receiver for enlightenment.
Mimi Hachiko Jul 2019
I see you, do you see me?
Trying to be the best I can be
Tore down my walls
Started a foundation new
Just to build a life with you
But rebuilding proves the hardest part
Luckily, I have the heart
Strengthened by your love and care
To build a life that we can share
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