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Mary Frances Oct 10
How can you help rebuild
something that's broken
when you were one of those
who broke it in the first place?
Gale L Mccoy Sep 29
dear little me
you'll never stop failing
and you'll start taking things seriously
you'll lose your meaning and your goal
many times over

but oh my gods
we've always been stubborn, haven't we?
rebuilding ourselves
and our wings
and our dreams
till we've come back to the first design
the thing we never took seriously
not then
but now

that wishful thought
or that idea kept to the side
that "if i do this then maybe but"
we took a long path
just to return to the beginning
but i'm ready this time

you'll be ready
Gale L Mccoy Sep 4
the shattering of a lamp
spun in words not mine
mosaic of shards
embedded in a hand
that is, unfortunately, mine
didn't start bleeding till
the 3rd one in
each sliver counts up to 10
I tried to pull out the pieces
and walk away but
I have to rebuild the lamp

I'll rebuild it into a lantern
keep it on my hip
so soft light shows
me down any path
next time it falls
there will be less
shards to clean
Blade Maiden Jul 20
force me to
go back and
build a

will have a
place to go
to all

of a thought
once there was
and now

let the idea
dry out and
be one

where it meant
to grow but
one day
She Writes Jul 19
Building trust
Is like building a house of cards
One wrong move
And everything we built
Is destroyed
Our cards are on the table now
Shall we attempt to rebuild?
So trace your fingers up my spine until you’re just below the top then tear away the skin until you find your way to my heart.
It’s been so long since it’s seen sun it’s felt so alone. Neglected and rejected, yeah, we’ve faced this world alone. So take her if you want her, we’ve recovered twice before. We’ve heard boys say “you’re all I want” then walk right out the door. She’s been racing at the thought of you it’s hard for her to breathe so take her deep inside your soul and make your home with me.
Blade Maiden Jun 14
We come from broken families,
you and I
hating ourselves for years.
People did terrible things,
to us
at times willingly, most of the times..

Where their lives end,
the places they ruined,
we try to rebuild,
find shelter in broken shells
in each others bruised and battered

And I know it's hard,
it takes a thousand broken things,
to get to a part,
of life,
that gives you strength

You know the good place,
you can see it,
it exists
We have been there
many times
it's not just one place
there are countless
and one is
somewhere between our two bodies
and minds
waiting for us to mend

I wish to be whole,
even with all these fragments missing,
I want to be whole with you
but healthy, simply, easy,
to not be one
who is just as broken
and terrified
and lonely
as the people we once

What does it take
I ask us
It takes
a softness
and a toughness
only found
between two
that have endured.
Amy Perry Jun 5
Whittle me down to the bone.
I've been carrying onto so many things.
Expose my shelter, like stone.
Scattering light to find what truth brings.

Bury me 'til I'm nothing.
Ground me into dust.
Take me to the edge of the world,
Where our jewels and our money are bust.

Take me into the corner
Of captivity's gilded world.
And watch as I rebuild myself,
Let my higher realms unfurl.
Micah Jun 2
you expected to break me
tear me apart quickly,
leave no trace of who you were,

that doesn’t change the fact
that i can still feel your lips
running the same rivers as my veins,

but i don’t need you,
you’re a gust of wind in my storm,

you thought that you were
a factor in creating me,
and your absence would ruin my beauty,

that doesn’t change the fact that
i am a masterpiece, and you
have just helped form it.
i don’t believe you tore me apart but you may have wilted the flowers a bit
that doesn’t mean they can’t be replaced
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