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Cait Nov 13
When I was 2 years old.
I did not know true pain,
I did not know true fear.
My life was full of rainbows.
When I was 2 years old-
My innocence was my beauty.
Years went by;
I was now 8 years old.
I knew pain,
I knew fear
The rainbows in my life no longer there.
The rainbows replaced with storms;
Storms of violence, of pain and fear.
My perseverance was my beauty.
6 more years pass,
I was 14.
Full of pain.
Full of fear.
I was scared of life.
My beauty was gone.
Now 3 years later...
I still know pain,
I still know fear.
But things have changed.
The rainbows look down on me once again.
The pain - still there, but less prominent.
The fear, following me - but no longer dominant.
So, now at 17.
I live, I understand and I love.
When I was 2 years old my beauty was my-
When I was 8 years old my beauty was my-
When I was 14 years old my beauty was gone.
My beauty no longer missing.
It is no longer hidden.
My beauty has arisen.
My beauty, now...
At 17 years old.
My beauty now is;
My 17 years of pain,
My 17 years of fear,
My 17 years of experiences,
My beauty is me.
I am my beauty.
This poem was based on a speech I wrote for a class. It was based on one of my favourite parts of the whole thing. So, I decided to turn it into a poem. P.S. Don't judge the poor use of grammar. It is my downfall.
hey i heard you are doing better
im glad
for you

im not doing better
it's worse

im tired of drawing lines on my arm
running out of time all along

they told me it'd be ok
well what if everyone was wrong


do you still need me

you sent me a post
"send this to the person that saved your life, even if they didn't know it"

im glad you're better
im glad i could help

but dear god i'm still falling apart
she has anxiety. i have anxiety (plus gender and sexuality issues~)
she's getting a therapist. i still can't talk to another person about my mental health without breaking down.

i am getting better though. it's a process, but it's coming along.

Mose Oct 21
I feel inspired.
Inspired to write about the man in line who I do not know, but I do know.
Friends, strangers, & self.
So well acquainted as a seamless stich.
I smile.
Hand touches arm.
The endearing laugh of an unfamiliar sound, but I hear you so well.
Faces around turned and gauged in.
Gravitation pull, loneliness lost in the open.
Closed by the proximity of our spaces colliding.  
Today, a stranger saved me at the sound of hello.
Cloud Giante Oct 3
Even when I feel I trust
I don’t
Even when I feel I should
I won’t
Even if I wish I could
I can’t
She’s the same as me
I think
This distance between us can
I shrink
Or are we worlds apart inside
I’m ready
None can run and none can hide when
Worlds collide
Just writing my thoughts
s a m Sep 2
From the pain of being chained
in a world with full of stains,
I turned dumb and become vain
like a zombie craving brains.
I wrote this poem purposely to reflect from the changes that had happened in my life when I was suffering from depression. I had a hard time battling with my mind about the words that I want to speak about but I just couldn't. Because I'm afraid. Because I think everything that I will say might not make sense to other. I think, being held back from my own opinions has made me become a lot more stupid and fool. Like seriously I just lost everything — my self-esteem, my trust and the confidence. I also went to a point where I was stuck in a thinking of "suicide is the only answer to all of these". But then, this very life gets to experience a whole new level of exhilarating journey with the help of writing. I was saved. I realized there's more in life waiting for us that we never knew existed because we're stuck in one place. So I am glad of being able to break-free from all the hell that myself and other people had put me through. I have the biggest thanks to the people in this community for reading and relating to some of my words that are all deeply about myself (most about my dark side). I will be forever thankful 'cause writing my own thoughts built me up to continue expressing myself and encourage everyone to never shut people down and just appreciate them for what they are and what they love because we never know if in the end they never get to express themselves after committing a sad choice. Please don't wait for them to cut the line, instead, go to them now and wrap your arms around their body and say you love them. Say every good words. Show your support. And after that, a new life has been save from the death.

With much love, Sam.  

Copyright © 2020
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Seth Hollis Aug 9
I was appointed and unacquainted
Wandering, lost, empty soul
World painted, no control
Woke from a bad dream
I saw the light
Was redeemed, energy erudite
I've been saved
Life is now bright
Do not mistake
For he is my headlight.
jasmine wild Jun 27
my head rising and falling as you breathe,
not wanting to be that heavy burden upon your chest.
my cheek pressed to your side,
i can feel you beating, i can feel your life.
my eyes, glossy, watch your neck pulsate,
knowing the warm, loving blood is running through your veins.
my hands grab at your shirt, longing to feel our bond,
your hands twitch and tap, as you've drifted off.
my sensitive ears take in your torturous breaths,
piercing the air, screaming like gunshots, hungry for her love.
you pull me in tight, cradling my head,
tugging on my finger, snatching the string of my life.
this string is buried deep within me,
my umbilical cord, the one that wasn't stolen.
cut, biologically,
yet still waiting to be rightfully possessed.
now i'm giving it to you,
you've got my life, soft in your hands.
so grant me yours,
i'm begging, just this little thing.
i can save it,
just please, let me in.
a daughter desperately needing to save her true dad
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