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EmotionalPoet Apr 16
You are who you are, I am who I am, nothing will change
And now our fake love ..estranged
I just HAVE to move on for God's sake!
I'm tired of wasting my self, no more to take
It's finally time for my soul to feel free
I can't move, I count to three..
One : "breath"
Two : "let it sink in"
Three : "exhale slowly", Holly Molly!
Do something for me, why do I need to suffer?!?
It's not enough what I've done?
What else do I need to learn?
They say every step is a lesson
I haven't written in a while, I'm a mess on and on..
Trying to write a poem, I followed you again
I'm trying to find your new girlfriend
Where is she what's her name?
Will she bear your child one day?
Something I was always afraid of was that I never mattered to you.
And it seems that this is my lesson :
I need to love myself more than I ever loved you..
Just something I needed to take off my chest. Haven't written in a while, too much pain kept me down. Thanks
Desire Apr 15
self so sophisticated
seeking soul-satisfaction,
showers soaking seeds sown
shining sun stimulating senses,
sending surreal, significant signals,
saying: "see...

... you are more than enough!"
Poetic T Apr 13
I don't know your story, I've never read
a paragraph of you life..
                    I'll not lie I don't know when

your life became a doodle circling around

But I've been through things you've never
                 wrote about.
                                              But I'm still here.

Don't think that a page will never turn,
              that a paragraph became a sentence
                 then a singular word


I cant hold you I've never even met you.
              But if I just listen to your voice
its cutting me inside.
          but I'm here for you, a voice shining
in the dark places where your own voice
                                         had deafened you.

We can talk for as long as you want.

                         please insert coins in..
                         this call will end in

Then your gone..

But I redial and I hear the tears circle the
                  phone cord, tightly grasping around your
                                                              vocal cords.

I'm here for you, ill stay till the silence isn't so profound
         when your  voice inside isn't so loud.

Just sleep on it after weve talked.
            No your not alone, after I'm gone
                      talk to a friend, realise that they'll
be a brick in the wall to hold you up,
                                                          not to crumble.

Remember that I'm hear, now lets just talk.
Katherine Apr 8
I don’t understand why love should save.
It’s sinking still
Stills of whiskey, mellow bitter.
Metal tinned, heavy and satisfying
It makes you weep and rage and sleep.
Aching toes and numb cheeks, silent sobbing into your pillow
For reasons that haven’t come to you yet.
Do you feel saved? For numbness? Dripping
Gaping mouths, searching.
Am I talking about love or a monster?
We can’t tell.
I won’t argue with results, fact sheets still dripping romantic slurs
But I will argue that saving is not what you think it is. Mercy
Is not what you think you’ve made it.
Hurricane Mar 27
I think maybe if we believed we were worth it,
For more than one second each day,
the world would become a brighter,
more welcoming place .
inspired by one of my favourite poetry collections
Claris Lee Mar 27
I saw it in his eyes
So broken and lost
Broken heart hiding behind a “smile”
He was a joke
Everyone found him weird
Not me
I knew his past
Dark and bullied
He tried to hide it
No one cared
No one except me
Hi guys this is my first poem
Desire Mar 25
You are my bone and my flesh
My hands and my feet
My servant and my friend
My people and my sheep

My sons and my daughters
My siblings and my offspring
My disciples and my witnesses
You are all of these things
You are mine ...
- Jesus

[Saved for a purpose]
You Are
Johnny walker Mar 24
I awoke In the middle of the night thought I saw Helen stood there by my bed
so beautiful my vision of her just wanted reach and touch sometimes true love plays strange tricks on ones
seeing things that may not really there but I'd swear that saw Helen
by my bed
so sweetly just as In life before she took wrongly from
I hear the softness In her voice as she's speaking my name almost angelic like that of a voice of an Angel cause that what she was to
that of my beautiful Angel that saved me from a life on the streets and life
of ruin an Angel who saved my soul was
that of my
Like an Angel, she saved my life and my soul from ruin
spike of beautiful things I'd never known a smile so sweet
Robert Mar 15
If someday I got stuck,
Some rivers to be crossed,
I'll always keep on swimming,
To waves I shan't be lost.
It's been a while since I wrote one, keeping this one short and simple.
Keep on swimming.
Lee Mar 11
I hear the sin of my past clawing at my heart.
Every day that passes it inches closer and closer to its sustenance.
It whispers its malice while I cower in fear.
The days grow longer. The night's grow strong and I grow weaker.

I lay down yet again with another battle won.
My wounds are deep and reach far beneath the tissue others see.
The battles I've won are not an accomplishment.
The battles I've won are delaying my inevitable descent.

The final night is here and I feel our breathes are one and the same.
We do not battle it out as fabled in fiction.
The clawing has stopped and the sustenance run dry.
We are one and the same both monster and man.

We feel the light pierce our skin as an outstretched arm reaches to us.
The fear remains as we cower from its radiance.
The arm stretches out and calls our name.
No. The arm stretches out and calls my name.

We are... No I am... Or we...?
It calls for me not us yet still we... No I remain.
He grabs our hand and pulls me out.
Lips locked and all is forgetten as he whispers to me I love you...

I not we now know I am forever free
This is a poem style I am experimenting with and would appreciate feedback to improve my writing. I hope this reading can understand and enjoy my piece.
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