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Chezka Oct 5
Twelve months had passed,
I could still remember how it lasted.
It was a sudden goodbye,
Was your love a lie?

The pain seems endless,
My life seemed so meaningless.
What could be worse than being left alone?
Tell me, I want to hear it more.
So, I could understand how hard you fought,
For the love you were saying before.

So many questions in my mind,
Questions that gave doubt in my heart,
And then He came, gave answers
Answers to the questions I have been longing for.

He saved me.
Saved me from this mess,
Saved me from this chaos.
It was Him, my saviour, the greatest of all.
Kept me with His arms, embraced me with the warmth of His love.
Poetic T Sep 28
They think, that I'm like
   a disowned  feline...

Throwing me out first floor

Do I land on my feet...…
               No I land on my ribs,

on my head, only scrapes..

But my ribs are broken like
             a chess board... one wrong move
and its check mate..

I'm dying where I lie...
             choking on the blood of my
             ******* world moves...

But I landed on my wrist...

They'll never catch my broken *******,

   broken slang.

But they knew what a hand held with another
a mangled ******* as I survived another day.

I came back like a bee looking to sting,
                     but the ones who fell out there nest

were stung by another not me..

I'll walk another day.. been stung a few times..
             but I learnt my lesson...

Don't mess with the nest unless you

                want to be in anaphylactic shock of

some random fools words

trying to prove,
                               some insecurity for an abandoned

father figure, that's compensated
by a bullet,
                          and a promise of we got your back.
The door to Jesus is not far away
Around the corner if need be.
Often we live trapped  
Beyond our thinking
Afraid of making an effortless decision.
I can't afford to not ask you a question?
It's not enough to just believe in God.
You have too (invite) Jesus
into your life.
He will make his home into your heart.
The biggest mistake that people make.
is by rejecting his offer of forgiveness.
Is you choose Jesus you choose Life.
Allesha Eman Sep 14
I hide my fears behind thick walls,
Never letting you witness what it takes
For me to crack on the surface
And start to break

I fill myself with dreams I can’t hold
Cover my hands with words I don’t know
And hope that you can read into my soul
Searching for all my broken seams to sew

I can’t thank you enough for all that I am
You took me to the water, hand in hand
You ran your fingers along the kites
The ones with our names written on the lines

Now you have all the cuts on your hand
Yet a smile that never escapes your eyes
You’ve stolen every second I lost  
And gave me back my receding time
From the “26 letters to time”
Flower C Sep 13
Blinking lights I see,
As I empty my restless self,
Captivating like twinkling stars,
That would do death,
To shine upon us their charm,
Like you,
And everyone I'm thinking of,
Are those flickering beacon,
That saves me from sinking,
Ergo you are,
The so called profound beauty,
In this vast dark realm of mine,
Bhill Aug 29
Nature has it's wants
Wants what it wants when it wants
What is it missing

I believe it's missing love
I believe it's forgotten
I believe it can be saved

Listen to nature
It is telling us to stop
Stop, smell, view, and learn

Respect her wishes
She will be here long after
Let's not let her down

Brian Hill - 2019 # 220
Do you hear her call
Jarene Aug 5
because of you
when feel defeat  
i now bleed black ink
to hello poetry:
thank you for giving me an outlet. a place where I can speak freely when i am at my lowest, in the darkest place i can reach. thank you for giving me a place to i can put the thoughts that i cant comprehend in my head, and making me realize I'm not alone. i cannot thank you enough!
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