Today  prosperity  gospel
Is no gospel at all.
It's  a quick hyped  self-seeking herasee
A false religion
Teaches a self help gospel
Without the holy fear of God ..
Or salvation.

What if I was the girl,
the girl who walks through life with ease.

What if I was the girl whose perfectly blonded hair
flew behind her,
just as her worries.

What if I was the girl whose stomach didn't budge
no matter how badly she wanted it.

What if I was the girl
whose skin was kissed so gently by the sun
that she couldn't dare being a blade to it.

What if I was the girl,
who people told that they love her.

What if I was the girl
who wore scrunchies up her wrist
not to hide the marks of a blade
but simply to push her hair out of her face.

What if I was the girl
who could stand to see
myself , bare, in the mirror.

What if I was the girl that people
not only wanted to love
but couldn't help but love.

What if I was the girl whose happiness came from
living her life,
not ending it.


I am not that girl.


I will be this girl.

So I will be this girl,
the girl who knows that her light will dim her darkness,
like the sun painting a blackened sky.

So I will be the girl
who knows that those men can't hurt me anymore.

So I will be this girl,
the girl who chooses to smile even though she has every reason to not.

So I will be this girl,
the girl who chooses not to run from her past
but to walk away from it .

So I will be this girl,
the girl who knows that her demons are merely written on her skin,
not a force to which she will give in.

So I will be this girl.

Jorge Diaz Aug 20

Humanity is lost and afraid
As I sit here today
I see our world enraged
Our soldiers are far away
Policeman's are dying and going into their graves
I look up at the stars and I hear a voice within my heart say
Every tongue and every nation has gone astray
Let my children's arise come together and be brave
For in my name (JESUS) there will be change
Many Souls will be saved
What has been will be again,
What has been done will be done again;
There is nothing new under the sun.
For evil is no longer on a marathon but on a sprint to outrun what is to come
But those in Christ, Gods sons
Will hear the sound of the trumpet, rapture and be gone

Sam Aug 5

She doesn't wear a cape
And sure can't lift a car
But she hold me when I'm broken
And sees past all my scars
The world's burning faster
Each day a new disaster
She can't save every soul
But god she sure saved mine

Lyn-Purcell Aug 4

Dear Heart,
Why are you still there?
In the black world?
Come towards the light.
Reach for me.
Let me show you wonders
beyond your imagination...

Short poem from my journal
Makayla Shea Jul 15

It's all that I do,
It's all that I am,
Until I open my eyes,
And look to you.
I cling to the truth,
It's all that I know,
All these doubts,
And the pain starts to grow.
But I close my eyes,
And I know,
This one thing I trust,
When there is nothing else,
I cling to the cross,
Jesus died for me.
My failures have been washed away,
All this guilt,
It doesn't have to stay.
I know who I am,
And where I belong.
And that's all I need,
To start to move on.

I would be dead if it wasn't for Christ, so how can I not look to him? I always mess up and think I can do things on my own. But I can't I so desperately need him

We difted  out of sight  
Sort of got blinded by lies
The darkness
could not go forth into
the light.
For the light held so much glory
The darkness stood out like a sore thumb.
It was itching to leave.
The light revealed impurity
Exposing  sins of  men.
The dark lingers in the corner of the church.
The church has forgotten how to love.
It instead has growen sick with sin.
It has become an idol  place of gossips
It has turned it's back on
It's first Love.
The holy spirit.
It has forgotten
The real message of hope.
It has abbandoned the one that came
to give us a hope and a future .
God's  son
The Lord Jesus Christ.

Who is your peace?
Is it an inner  peace
Of  one being set free
from the darkness.

We are in the last days.
Have you not
The Lord Jesus Christ
Who came to redeem You.
He offers forgiveness.
Nothing that you can earn.
It's free
It's a precious gift.

Please say this prayer
Lord Jesus  Christ.
I  believe that you came
To take all Of my
Bad thoughts
  all of the
Things that have bought you saddness
Thankyou for taking my place
upon the cross.
I accept your forgivness
I ask you to be
My friend
My Lord
and Saviour.
Amen ..

If  you have prayerd this prayer please can you inbox me I will pray for you .

You are like the waves:
strong and transparent,
yet I drown in the midst
of your mystery.
And still
you rescue me
every time.

Hold onto what ever it is that saves you, but also know when to save yourself.

I wander lonely in the dark
Arms held out to feel through maze
This rocky road has left its mark
Much safer crawl through murky haze

How long have I been plodding on
With no sanctuary close in sight
All my humanity now gone
My heart much blacker than the night

All senses gone all reason lost
This hostile path at set of sun
Continue on no thought of cost
Must march for nothing can be won

At breaking point I cry aloud;
“Just to behold His saving light”
And wings surround me as a crowd
Fly free of gloom to glory bright!

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