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Mar 13 · 146
Dirty Hands
***** Hands
Are they clean?

Pontius Pilate, washing those hands that night, now are the filthy deeds made white!

America, do tell about the politicians blind-eyed toward homeless people in the streets, tell me about children starving to death?

Does a wealthy man cleanse hiimself as the blood leaves his hands?

Banning guns & glocks, as girls
are sold into slavery, in the blocks.

A gift for kids to go to school
It's not a gift to get shot up.

From poverty to bullies to school shootings, Mrs. Liberty has lost her footing.

When we go home, locking doors and turning the noise up, is washing of the hands with soap, making us whole?
You can't just wash your hands as a symbol
of making yourself from sinful to cleansed. It's a cruel world so be kind. © 5 minutes ago, Venjencie Clifton Arnold   society • poverty • sad • pain • misc • love  
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Dec 2020 · 155
I'm Free
I'm Free"
Such a con man convincing me that I was so beautiful, his saving grace,
With his hands, he painted my face,
With make-up I would have to retrace,
I would dress pretty just for him,
I kept my body fit and trim,
Though for real, I didn't know it was a messed up,
I tried to be his best partner, his loving wife.
Shocked and and scared every time,
like it was something new, that just began,
He'd beg my forgiveness again & again,
how I always forgave, forgetting all the prior distress,
just to continue day after day.

Pulling my hair, using your fist to paint my lips the color of crimson red, fearing each time I'd die.
It even happened when you weren't full of whiskey,
I'd have moments of reality,
knowing I had to get out for my babies,
You had everyone convinced you were innocent,
I was the one that suffered your vengeance,
like an illusion, everyone took your side,
they all believed every time you lied.

I have no more shame, no more fear,
Never again
I'm down on the floor,
beggin' You,
my True Faithful Amen,
because it's up to You.
not ending this with, 'amen' -
it's not done, it doesn't end,
not until I see,
my Amen face to face,
saved from this place.
beggin', floor, face to face, part 3 of 3, Birds of December, a nobody, painfully written, writers write, poetry, writers of instagram
Dec 2020 · 110
Birds of December Part 2
there's nothing left for me to do,
I'm just a nobody to everybody,
with me they are done & through, already gone & deleted
from their human minds,

like a recording that's gone before rewind,
nothing but their trash,
after it's burned down to ash,
like ashes to dust,
I'm still scattered here & there,
still just making a mess.
2 Corinthians 5:8
We are confident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord.
Romans 14:8
If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.
Dec 2020 · 173
Birds of December (Part 1)
Birds of December,
carrying memories of you,
I don't need reminders,
instead send by wings, God's angels, so I can be there with you,
I'm a nobody to anybody,
I'm forgotten, already gone,
down on the floor, face down,
crying out to the Lord,
to make their reality the truth,
I'm a nobody to everybody, in this place,
beggin' you Lord to take me soon,
no need to end this with, 'amen', because it won't end, until the Faithful Amen sends me through.
This is part 1 based on a real experience. A true story of how I got hurt in a place you'd never expect to get hurt. In my whole life I've never been broken in this way. Blessings to you. I hope that you never have to go thorough this. Author Ven J Arnold
Find me on you tube under Jencie Arnold
Oct 2020 · 577
Why make me stuggle
because of you,
When I'm willing
to struggle with you.
True. People make it their hobby to cause others to struggle and to secretly laugh when the fall. venjenciecliftonarnold
Sep 2020 · 227
Fighting Sleep
I have no desire to eat,
When the dollar keeps
getting higher,
Another night of fighting sleep,
Father, my eyes are so tired,
So much time I've wasted,
I haven't done enough,
enough to make my life count.

Dear Jesus, I can feel your pain,
Does this ink bleed in vain,
I don't understand...
why I can't let go,
if it's all in your hands,
I'm not complaining,
Yet I can't explain it.

Before I could careless,
if tomorrow never came,
Now it's different,
I worry if I close my eyes,
that they won't open to see another
blue sky,
Oh Jesus, does it even matter at all,
since you already know who will & who won't fall.
Will my soul still breathe,
if my body, it should leave.

I can't breathe in,
My thoughts are spinning,
I need a bite to eat,
I need some sleep,
But I'm afraid I'll miss a chance
to fix what I broke in the past.

Father, my eyes are too tired,
too weak to weep,
I won't risk losing a chance,
by closing these eyes tonight,
Don't let this ink bleed in vain,
show me how to do it right,
and I will this time.

I don't know how to let go
of things I don't own, of thing's
I didn't know,
I don't know how to let go
of what thing's that I have,
I don't know how to let go
of the thing's I know.
I know You are in control,
Oh God, I'm in debt,
Make me pay what I owe
before from my body,
it's time for my soul to go.
It's just what I said but impossible to explain. So if you can get something out of my words inked with blood then maybe you can explain it better to me.
Sep 2020 · 185
My pen is my rescue
You have always rescued,
You search for the unfound,
Your vision is misconstrued,
I am not lost, just don't want to be found,
I don't need saving,
My pen does the engraving,
I know who and where I'm at,
Just leave it that.
- Jencie Arnold.
Sometimes in my life's darkest moment it's my pen that writes me through and likewise that's when I'm the most inspired. When human claims to be your saving grace it's usually laced with a need to feel power and control over another.
#SacredInkedBlood Author Ven
J Arnold
Sep 2020 · 234
"Bed of Roses"
Is it about you or God,
Does your religion teach hate,
A bed of roses may not be your life,
But is was Jesus who wore the thorns of strife,
Don't judge but show love everyday,
God will sort us out on judgment day,
Live your life so when you die,
Nice things people say won't be a lie,
If you're going to be religious,
Instead of a nut be a fruit spiritually delicious,
It's good to talk the talk,
More pleasing to walk the walk,
If you keep your eyes on God above,
Then how can you not know love.
I fall short every day and God knows it. We often complain and we judge others but we have no right. It was Jesus who suffered and wore the thorns so that we might be saved and love one another without condemnation.
Jun 2020 · 564
"The Cure"
looking d
                      n on this earth,
the moon sheds iridescent liquid pearl gems,  
Lamenting FOR EARTH,
                             a earth that's pregnant
                               sorrowful burdens,
how must I not feel despair,
feeling the moon's magnificent repercussions of sudden eruption,
feeling of sheer dread,
tearfully pleading for it to end,

In shock, for a moment,
muted are my words,
my tongue asleep,
Fingers crave, mind agonized...
martyred for words.

My pen bleeds ink,
innovating a remdesivir,
to cure the world,
if only there were a cure for

To cure the world of the pandemic burdens of HATE, INJUSTICE and VIOLENCE,
but until then,
we must not dabble in silence!
In light of these recent events I feel that we should stand up boldly and not be silenced. We should stand united. It never had to come to any of this if it had of never been started by Racist Americans. It should've been nipped in the bud 400 years ago. Equality and all of mankind should've been treated with the same respect. But 1 group of people or 1 bad apple can ruin it for so many. Anytime you  have people who believe that they are better than other's and should have more rights then as you see everyone is at each other. Even friends & family become divided on these controversial topics. Are there any fair leaders out there ready to step up that are humane, intelligent, reasonable, mature and compassionate? Or is it too late for this world today? Is it all bases on dollar signs, power and greed from here on put until the end? Either way speak up against injustice. Thank you. .
#AuthorVenJArnold #SacredInkedBlood #VenjencieCliftonArnold  The Cure written on the 8th day of June in the year of 2020.Be blessed in this crazy world🙏
Jun 2020 · 115
"Time makes enemies"
Time can be cruel,
it waits for who it chooses,
other's it refuses,
It drags on by,
for some who are in sorrow and pain,
for some it moves quickly,
when finally happiness is their gain,

Time has a mind of it's own,

who it picks or why is unknown,
For some, time goes by kindly slow,
when their lives hold happiness,
it stops to let it grow,
it'll fly...
they don't suffer before they die,
Time is no particular friend of mine,
Purposely dISrUPting this life,
that I've always known.
@©Author Ven J. Arnold
June 2029
From my experience I've found TIME, to be a purposeful enemy to some, but I don't understand it. Why does it not go slower for some who are having happiness but for other's it'll slow down so they can smell the roses longer. It punishes some while giving other's privileges.
May 2020 · 225
Dearest Omni, let it be I
Looking upon you, through my blue eyes, but I can't lie and say it was unintentional nor did your imagination make me up, Let's never say goodnight nor stop after the virtual sunlight. - Venjencie Clifton Arnold
My dearest Omni, let it be me.
A little collab as a rey to Omni's "Unintentional"
I hope he doesn't mind.
May 2020 · 340
"Torn Flower, Torn Girl"
You ripped me away from my roots,
my aroma, with every breeze,
haunts you, your love for me,
your memory can't refute,
you hold me up to the sky,
begging the sun to rip through
the clouds, and you cry,
hoping it'll bring my soft petals to life,
but if I had a voice,
I'd beg to hear heavens deny,
just toss me back down,
turn your back,
don't turn around,
that's what you've always been best at.
https /VenjencieCliftonArnold

Also at
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May 2020 · 330
When I Die
When you think I've left this earth,
Look closely and you'll find that I'm still here.
I left a trail, ink, blood, tears, smiles and of lead.
My blood made of ink and pencil lead will not allow me to be dead.
My blood inked many of a tear, some on my behalf as well as what others did fear.
My blood inked many memories that made me smile.
So when in doubt follow my paper trail and you'll find me there. ~SacredInkedBlood 05/08/2018©
Mar 2020 · 268
I'm Free
Such a con man convincing me that I was so beautiful, his saving grace,
With his hands, he painted my face,
With make-up I would have to retrace,
I would dress pretty just for him,
I kept my body fit and trim,
Though for real, I didn't know it was a messed up,
I tried to be his best partner, his loving wife.
Shocked and and scared every time,
like it was something new, that just began,
He'd beg my forgiveness again & again,
how I always forgave, forgetting all the prior distress,
just to continue day after day.

Pulling my hair, using your fist to paint my lips the color of crimson red, fearing each time I'd die.
It even happened when you weren't full of whiskey,
I'd have moments of reality,
knowing I had to get out for my babies,
You had everyone convinced you were innocent,
I was the one that suffered your vengeance,
like an illusion, everyone took your side,
they all believed every time you lied.

I have no more shame, no more fear,
I don't have to pretend because I'm no longer your possession for abuse.
How do you feel now tough guy, knowing I'm free?
How does it feel every time you look up high,
Knowing I'm a shining light in the sky,
You probably don't feel nothing at all,
your just a parasite who is the devils delight,
You look so pathetic and small when I look down from heaven each and every night.
Be careful because for you, it's still a hard fall on the way down.
You're out of luck because I'm out of that box.
The last night I was scared to close my eyes was the last time that I closed them once and for all.
Mar 2020 · 199
"The Night is Awake"
Just like I am, the shadows play in the night light, the moon flowers open as my eyes, so I witness their glory, the moon is a friend, who knows my every worry,
the moths eat away at the trees, frogs splash in a water spring.
When I dose off, the night guards me as I sleep walk,
a lizard slithers onto a rock,
the night is awake but when I it starts to slip off, I curse the thought that day is fixing to start, people can see me in the light, live people that have no heart, the demons do come at me when it's dark but at least I know they'll soon have to depart,
they cannot damage my soul, no, not like those that live.
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Mar 2020 · 142
Beauty Flows
A writer that's
sincere with
words, A broken
heart that bleeds,
Yet beauty flows
from the ink,
from a gentle & kind
soul indeed, for it is
the kind ones that bleed.
~SacredInkedBlood ©2020
@Author Ven J. Arnold
I believe this is true for those writers that hurt and bleed are the kindest souls.
Jun 2019 · 211
[ @GopalMaharjan, other fellow writers and, authors. ]
@GopalMaharjan, other fellow writers and, authors.
I see you there
My true words and feelings. It hit me hard that I had to quit writing. Now nothing makes good sense or feels familiar. Just sorrowful and empty.
Feb 2019 · 483
Fire is so beautiful...
so captivating!
It baffles me,
how something
so beautiful can be so destructive!
I can be fire.
- SacredInkedBlood
It's true that things so beautiful can destroy you and even your soul. Be very cautious in this life.
Dec 2018 · 725
"So tell me Omni" 2018
Dark shadows enfold
my heart that
I gave you to hold.

Every time you walk past,
without even an hello,
Omni, I get so cold as if my
soul will freeze then fold

Your being completed me,
so tell me Omni, how is it that your strong and bold when my being has disappeared, from what
your eye's use to behold.

I'm as a withered plant,
without your sun I'm done.
The end of my species,
never to see the sun.

Oh but when you did grace me not too long ago to bloom,
I was the most beautiful in the room!
Thank you for that.

(Author Ven J. Arnold)
A metaphoric piece written for a kindred soul, a poet here by the name of @Omni. A fond kindness that I have developed for this poet as if we were souls that have once met and I'll never meet him in this lifetime.
Hannah once again with tears streaming from hazel eyes silently praying, "Oh Lord I need you desperately to show me how to make the best of this situation." Using her delicate hands to cover her face and trying to reason with her own heart. "Josh deserves a wife who can return his love, a wife that can be madly in love with him. I want to be that kind of wife. I want those feelings. I would hate to spend a life time in marriage where there is no love."
Hannah looked down at her hand and remembered his words when he'd given her the wedding rings. "I will wait a life time for you to love me if that's what it takes. I love you. There's no need for you to force feelings for me Hannah."
Regret hit her hard at how easily it seemed when she foolishly gave herself to Jake.
He showed her a different kind of attention that she needed. It dawned upon her right then that Jake didn't love her nor him. She confused it for love. She'd found a stand-in for the attention she craved from her father.
She was more naive but Jake was more crafty. There had been a great hole in her that she thought Jake could feel... an emptiness that only God could fill. Perhaps now she could love Josh as God intended. Now that she set her selfishness aside and forgiven her earthly father and would be right with her Heavenly Father again. She understood love and all of it's honesty now. Maybe it wasn't too late.
A tinge of fear seized a moment making her wonder how she could ever forgive herself. Then questions filled her mind as if to tell this wonderful, loving husband of hers of her betrayal and sin. And if she did would she lose him forever. Wondering if she could keep it hidden from him but if she did how could she feel good about it?
"Oh dear Heavenly Father," she tried once again to pray but only heart breaking sobs came out.
~Author Ven J. Arnold (rough draft).
This is an excerpt from 1 of my short stories. Just a rough draft. I'm having problems with figuring out how to go about getting published. This is a fiction piece.
I just meant to lay my head on your chest,
For no other reason but to hug you right,
Then I realized for the first time after many a night,
That your heart was beating at it's best,
I smiled and wanted to cry,
          But Instead,
I silently thanked God for giving me the sweetest lullaby,
last night before we went to bed.
©2018 Venjencie Clifton Arnold
Sweetest Lullaby (see) Author Ven J. Arnold on Facebook.
True Story. My husband has a bad heart. Last night, Decemeber 06, 2018 I laid my head on his chest while watching TV for no other reason but to hug & hold onto to him. That was when I noticed the rythmn if his heartbeat. Now you know the rest. I did look at him after a few moments and told him you're heartbeat is so healthy tonight only to lay my head back down and savour it. Then I looked up at him again and said, "You're heartbeat is my favorite lullaby." ©2018. I had already lost all interest in what we were watching on the tube... can't even recall the name of the show now. So I laid my head back down showing gratitude to God.
l Recently changed my profile name on my website here from Ven Jencie Clifton Arnold to Venjencie,(as it is really is; separated Ven from Jencie was my & my mom's personal option to make it easier for me & others in writing it and calling me by, Jencie to shorten it).
Favorite pen name that I've used the most and will more than likely stick with is, SacredInkedBlood. Jesus shedding His blood is sacred to me. And knowing who my earthly dad was who I'd always felt was his very sacred that I'm in his bloodline.
See my FB page Author Ven J. Arnold and feel free to participate. Blessings.
Dec 2018 · 168
"What makes you" ©12/1/18
What doesn't **** you
makes you dangerous.
©2018 by VenjencieCliftonAronold
You may walk in the same storm with another, Under the same sky feeling the same rain but that doesn't mean you've endured their pain.

    Before you assume that you're above them, Consider the lightening when it does strike...
that it doesn't consider one's mere stature or height.
~Author Ven J. Arnold
copyright 2018 Ven Jencie Clifton Arnold
True. It's a hard long fall of that high horse you may be riding. Circumstances change all the time. Don't be so quite to judge.
Nov 2018 · 196
"Same Creator"
See that woman standing on the street corner with hardly any clothes on to wear, that's me you see there,
See that rich white woman in that movie, that's me on TV,
See that girl with the pretty skin that you called a ******, that's me & I'm no different,
See that old woman there that you make fun of because she forgot her name, that's me all the same,
See the girl in the fancy dress with all the fancy things abound, that's me safe & sound,
See that woman in the uniform with dust & debris, that's me sent overseas,
See that woman that preaches about God, that's me talking about Jesus,
See I'm every woman & I'm every girl no matter where she came from, no matter her skin color, no matter where she's born and no matter her circumstances because we're all from the same Creator,
So no one is less and no one is greater! ~SacredInkedBlood ©11/18
©2018 Anna Ven Jencie Clifton Arnold
Also Author Ven J. Arnold on FB. We all bleed the same. We all have the same Creator.
Nov 2018 · 372
"luna amore" 11/27/18
you're so high,
white glowing light,
I'll never let you go,
always blowing me kisses from the sky,
I send you kisses,
we're two in one,
you know all of my secrets,
we'll be together every night,
you've always been there,
you always stay until the sun shows up,
protecting me through the night,
every night,
white glowing light,
you're so high.

Now read from last line back up to the first.
~SacredInkedBlood ©112718 via Ven Jencie Clifton Arnold
The moon, my white glowing light, stayed with me my whole life when I was lone and afraid up in the sky you always laid. You knew all my secrets & what happened in our house at night and you still returned to stay with me every night.
Nov 2018 · 246
"Nothing Changes"
Nothing changes no matter how you try. Change your perspective... see it from another view they say. They must not know in the world I'm a slave to stay. Nothing changes, nothing gets better, just let me die one day soon, and when I try to see it out but it didn't go as planned and I'm still barely alive, do me a favour and walk on by so that death may shortly take me away. Thank you.
Nothing does. Not for me. I'm tired and I'm exhausted. Seeing others mistreated and I have no way to make it stop. Not can I stop the injustice to me. Is it too much to wish to have your hair done at least once a year or 2, is it too much to have a pretty yard to gaze at the beautiful buttterfies and birds, is it too much to expect for your husband to touch to in a way a man that touches her to make her feel like a woman more than every 7 or 8 months. I give up or I want to but got to get the courage and knowledge to do it right.
Where do I begin? I'm lost. So much is personal you see. I had apps and apps full of feelings, moods, poems, my stories and goings on saved onto my device. Now these apps suddenly disappeared, so I downloaded them only to discover they won't reappear! I don't understand, I can't comprehend. I didn't memorize all of those months in some and years in others to recall so I can't just rewrite. Sure instead I could've used paper & pen & locked them away from peering eyes elsewhere but guess what notebooks on top of of notebooks from all my years also to did the act of a disappear. Yes, burned in my house fire with most of my prized possessions that were photos of some but the photos that meant the most were the photos of a man that loved me most and loved me more than any other could, my dad. My dad the man that died & left me to a cruel family that could only hate... only hate me that is. I was so little when he died and I never understood why I wasn't allowed to take that ride to death... with him. Anyone reading this by chance, do you know how I can get the content in those apps back? If I write the things I wrote there esp of recent events then you'd think it's an improper way to vent not being in poetic form and such. It's pretty weird, different and personal too, but my wounds are deep and writing them gave some relief. Now they've disappeared.
No poetry here, just asking for help that'd be much appreciated. Thanks and blessings.
All gone, it's all gone and I'm a mess over it. If I can't keep a journal on paper for fear of fire again not on a writing app where does that leave me to ink the poison out if it's just a journal, diary, feelings with no reason and rhyme. Author Ven J. Arnold
Never sleep without your shoes on your feet,

I forced my mouth to quiet my cries,
for fear of another whip from the belt,
she frowned as if to me tell me, "not another sound."

Morning finally shined in,
but momma better not get woke up before ten,
so I waited until the night before I started in again,
"mommy, he was my dad that died too,"
avoiding eye contact, "no you belong to that ***** that gave birth to you, "

Trying one more time pleading the way 5-year
old's do, "but you're my mommy, I love you and
I miss daddy too,"

Suddenly my body slammed to the floor, realizing my shoes were the color of blue,
fear, pain, the taste of blood not knowing to stay still or try to move,
could never guess which
to do, no matter her

Grieving for my daddy,
begging for her love... she couldn't because I wasn't her  blood,
my sister called her boyfriend, "daddy," though,
ironically she had my dad's last name but not me strangely so.

That cold Chicago night my shoelaces were tied extra tight,
in fear, she'd put me in the dumpster like so many times she dared.

Always sleep with your
shoes on your feet,
never get comfortable...
like innocent prey you'll
be eat.
Ven Jencie Clifton Arnold
Author Ven J Arnold page on Fb Series3, Always Sleep With Your Shoes On"
'Always Sleep With Your Shoes On' Series... #2 2 out of 3.

You're in bed covering each ear,
        as beer bottles break when                            W
         thrown against   A
                   ­                         L
You're just a kid, not sure which one got hit again,
Ears covered so you don't know who hollered out
in pain, Another hot night
                    without any air
           so your body is bare,
except at age six
you got your shoes
on in a quick fix,
Sure enough, it's 3 a.m,
Once again you hear daddy yell at mommy to get the kid and nothing else then he pushes you both out the house and
                                          ­                              O
                                                               ­            W
                                                              ­               N
                                                                ­               the steps.
Always sleep with your shoes on your feet,
       getting comfortable is not worth the risk.
Series 2 from "Always Sleep With Your Shoes On."
Help hotline: 631-244-3632 (888) 986-1312 open 24/7
Mental when in crisis: THE NAMI HELPLINE
800-950-NAMI M-F 10-6 OR Text "NAMI" @741741
NATIONAL SUICIDE LINE OPEN 24/7: 1-800-273-8255
Blessings everyone. Remember that you have people pulling for you that you don't even know about.
''Always Sleep With Your Shoes On'' Series... #1

You're born without shoes on your feet,
When you're branded with your first pair,
                              Rehearse to always wear,
                     least you meet your 1st defeat,
You may be born to a mother,
She thinks you're too much of
                                      a bother
   so she leaves you to another,
sees you're too of a burden to bear,
Your shoes you must always wear.
~Author/Writer Ven J. Arnold

Ven Jencie Clifton Arnold
Through my personal lifelong experience I've learned the hard way that one must never get comfortable. Keep your expectations of others low and expect to be alone.
Series1 just starting this, always, Sleep With Your Shoes On.
Nov 2018 · 303
"Failing t-t o"
'Failing t-t o'
She has 1 regret before she closes her eye's forever, 2 night, she wishes she could take back that moment after she found that razor blade, she shoulda burned that bottle of sleeping pills and never filled the tub up with that water. Well now it's a lil too late, and she can't stay awake, Everyone that promised to be her savior turned out a lil too fake, She can't lift her head now and yet she can still feel the pain where she cut her vein with the **** old blade. Yet she still feels the same, cold and all alone but her rhymes are failing to: my rhymes are failing t-t o
~SacredInkedBlood same as  
Author Ven J. Author.
VenJencie Clifton Arnold
Please know there is help for you if you can ) to this poem at all. It never has to end this way for anybody.
Click on any link below and God does love you. You are worthy and you are good enough but just get help to realize it yourself and to get help to act on it. Blessings to you al
Suicide Shatters Families
Suicide Prevention Awareness
"Omni, Do tell"
A sunless sun...
a cloudless cloud
are the same in one?
Dear Omni, without your help I fear that
I'm done!
Do tell or I wished I'd never met you from day one! ~Venjencie

Ven, venae toward the heart
How can I end what you have start?
Light and dark
each spinning round
Dear Ven, this, only once around
It starts
If you really knew me,
you wouldn't want to know me
at all.~Omni

Dear Omni, because I ink ****** words as a broken poet, We're blood from the same neck of the woods. Is a wingless bird free? If you end it then that's what I will be... a wingless bird that can never fly free. VenJencie

Omni  Oct 6
If the woods be too high, climb down then fly. A flightless bird knows no envy. It too knows it is free. I, Omni do tell, only because I've seen it as well. Dear Venjencie, even the woods be broken, but still they grow.

My dearest Omni, maybe you're my harmony,
So do tell something I need to know,
Will you disappear after I whisper my sin into your ear;
(whispering), I'm not devious but I'm very much envious,
For my beauty can never compare to the beautiful colored wings of others,
I fear the woods will cease to grow,
Then my very life will cease
...being wingless you know,
If the woods burn down,
Would you try to rescue me after I made my sin
of jealousy known? ~SacredInkedblood
©2018 Venjencie Arnold

Omni  5m
Only in flight, are we less, but no lesser than any until it is of the mind. I tell you, you soar! Your words take flight and maybe, just maybe, your words save me. Wings need no envy nor want of shame. They take flight in the heart and sail in the expanse of the brain. There are no borders for envy and jealousy for they will always be, and so too we. Your wings mightily open and quench the fires of the forest with a single and simple flutter. There is no need for rescue. Your sin, be it as mine own, is safe with me.
-Omni ©2018

"Omni, do tell"
Rights credited to Omni and Venjencie Arnold
#Omni please do collaborate so that we can put together this one. Then we can each re-edit as one. Your credit will remain your copyright credit and for me and mine the same. I'm anxiously waiting for your reply in collaboration. Thanks, dear friend and writer. -Jencie
P.S. I'm still glad that I met you. That was added for drama.
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"Another Sonless"
21 gun salute;
Another mother
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6-word story; brevity. WAR is our governments answer all over the world, why? War isn't peace nor does it bring Peace unless you mean, REST IN PEACE? Peace isn't peace if it's forced. Peace isn't peace if it isn't free!
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Prayers are wing's to envelope our thoughts spoken or not to God's ear,
Every word He does indeed hear,
It can be a plea, a question, or just a statement or two, So lets lift one another up to God's loving ear's,
A prayer can erase your every fear, help us carry one another's burden with care,
So let's lift those uP feeling defeated because of these floods. In Your Holy Name I Pray, amen
I wrote this during Hurricane Florence along with several others. Let's lift one another up! © an hour ago, Venjencie Arnold ~SacredInkedBlood
I wrote this during Hurricane Florence along with several others. Let's lift one another up! © an hour ago, Venjencie Arnold   spiritual • friendship • society • hope • love
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"Depression" #writtenviaVenjencieArnold
When your voice becomes raspy & dry with words that are empty, without meaning, Your eyes still see all,
Your ears still hear all,
Oh, close my eyes goodnight like you would to a soul that says goodnight, Stuff my ears so they may not hear the cries.

Oh lay my body down so it may not fall, I'm paralyzed without the slightest motion, in the same token I'm filled with boundless emotion, Movement of fears, Movement of tears, Oh lay my body down so it may not fall.

I feel as if when you look at me I've become less than the puppet that I once was, I feel as if when you look at me you see a body stuffed with straw, Oh lay this scarecrow down so it may not fall.

I no longer hold shape, I'm bland without color, I'm unable to stand on my own, I used to be loved by so many that I've known, Only if my mind could follow my body's steps... no memory recall, Then I won't know if you choose to let my body fall.

My eyes hollow like those of the hollow stuffed men, My heart is beating, I'm still bleeding, I'm full of emotion like an explosion in the ocean. I have memory recall, My ears still hear all, My eyes still see all,  Oh lay a penny on my eyelids to secure them that may stay closed, Stuff my ears so they may never again be exposed.

Lay me down with the worn out scarecrows or where the Lilly's grow, You no longer know that I use to be a human body with a brain, heart & soul, Oh just lay this body low, Maybe God will soon take my soul.

~SacredInkedBlood ©Oct042018 Venjencie Clifton Arnold
Sometimes people treat you like you don't exist because depression makes you feel the need to be invisible. Sometimes with depression others still know you exist but your depression makes you feel like they care much less notice. You become as if your body is just a shell or nonexistent but you feel every emotion that exists.
If the day shall come
that I should forget
you and all that we've
If the day shall come that
I'm senile,
Just know because of the
way you smile I'd fall all
over again,
but if it happens to cause you too much pain,
by all means, my dear, I hope you'll choose to find happiness elsewhere. You're the love of my life but if Alzheimer's should rob my memory of being your loving wife, please know I still only want you to be happy for the rest of your life.
~with love, your wife
The Alzheimer's Association Helpline(toll-free 24/7)- 1-800-272-3900
Alzheimer's Disease also known as AD is named after Dr. Alois Alzheimer, a German psychiatrist that found abnormal deposits and tangled bundles of nerve fibers that he described as changes in the brain tissue in 1906. The abnormal deposits are now known as senile or neurotic plaque. The tangled bundled of nerve fibers are now known as neurofibrillary tangles.
Alzheimer's disease can cause a variety of emotions. It's stressful & frightening when you or someone you love is diagnosed with it. The feeling of uncertainty about how one's memory will change or how fast it may cgange causes anxiety, anger or depression and maybe a of these feelings at once. These feelings are normal. You may feel embarrassment or shame causing you to cover it up or causing you to distant yourself from the one you love. Although there are no cures early diagnosis is important. There are things that may delay its progression not to mention that early detection can help outline a care plan. Be supportive with compassion as a caregiver or family member. As a caregiver, you will also need support & stress managing strategies. If you believe you are in the very beginning stages seek medical attention. Put your embarrassment & pride away. This way you can find if experimental medicines may help delay the progression & help relieve your anxiety. There are specified life style changes that you can make. Also as the one diagnosed or a loved one of another with AD, you can begin to plan a safe environment plus how your future needs will be met. One resource for Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center can be found at
That is generous of you
request my insight on what you write,
please review my response with an un-ending mind.
So thank you but I must decline...
I read so much but mainly I just write.
I fear if I read your work, I would only find myself discouraged once again.
Understand that writing releases some of my inner pain,
It doesn't matter who's pain, why or from where it came,
I just have to let it out all the same.
It doesn't matter if it's for an injustice done against me or against another... I feel it all the same.                                        
For 1 example;
if the pain is about an injustice done to another then I don't question as to why they don't speak up. I figure I've had peace in my life, more than enough, to make up for what other's go without.
So see, I build up a little confidence, from time to time. Falsely convinced that I've talent in my own writing's & fooled to believe they would actually be of some help.
Then the blinders fall off when I start reading another's work,
revealing to me what, TALENT,
really means.
Then I put my pencils and my paper up along with my diluted ideas that I can help.
The emptiness swallows me when upon realizing, my words will never be read or heard.
They're not good enough. I write hoping to make a difference. So, I ask you, "what's the use in trying raise awareness for any purpose?"  
So yeah, then the depression coils within me turning into a knot,
it gets so tight that if I don't bounce to write, I might as well die.
In spite of trying to hold it in, my veins ink the blood out,
forced pulsating feelings and raw emotion's splatter into words.
I do feel that addressing one injustice at a time helps this world to be little more kind, if only for 1 at a time.
So, I'd rather stay on this same mirago round and not get off this time. I know once it stops, the pain resolves. But not really!
Only long enough to settle before it sour's
into depression. Recounting in my mind, I'm worthless, a fool, thinking my words could make a difference. At least not in this world much less for 1 person treated unkindly.
The mirago round stops and the world's the same. Nothing's changed so no, thank you... I'd rather spin deliriously, believing that I did 1 right thing, even if it's changing just 1 person's state of mind.
So instead of getting off to stand,
I'll stay on my delusional ride, unlike you at
least I'm not pretending to take a *ucking stand for what's right!
This is my answer in poetic form.
May God forgive for the profanity, at least it's not hypocrisy! Right? Oh I forget, the one's that
are in a postion are the ones who forget about serving for a mission,
they lack moral vision of what's right!
I guess then I bid you night.
#VenjencieArnold #SacredInkedBlood
True!! I hate feeling this way. God forgive me if I'm wrong and help me to stay strong esp if I'm right.

Blessings, Venjencie © 4 months ago, new edit by me on ©09/23/2018 SacredInkedBlood
The feeling is heavy. The thing is that I still get off of this delusional ride/mirago round to take a stand but there's not too many other people that try to understand or care about the injustices done against others. Blessings, gn.
Cowards: Men who kick a woman(esp. after he's the 1 that drug her down).  You'd never suspect
it's the men with a good reputation around town.  If they're true & through bad they don't fight only women but their fist are enough for anyone who angers them enough... he'll try to take anyone down.
BUT it's a pure yellow-bellied coward sort that doesn't have what it takes to stand up to another, not for himself much less any other.
Lowest **** of all cowards are the ones who kick her like she's
a dog when she's on the ground,
  standing up over her like a tall tower,
feeling proud with
If or when it's found out then she deserved it all. Oh yeah, without a doubt especially if she's already been down the abuse pattern route.    
When he kills her; appears justified because they say, she should have gotten out before she died.
But sure enough, it's a pure coward that'll kick
a woman & tell her that he should stomp her brain's out.  
     SCREAMING at her
     FORCING her to
answer his questions  when she's already too frightened to make a sound...
              knowing that no matter the answer she decides, it's just another excuse for him to slap her around, why? Because of course whatever answer will be
a lie,
I guess a coward must
be able to predict it's a
lie before any words
ever have to come out,
I guess she lied because she just wants to be slapped around.

Wait what's that sound?
  Oh it's death bells now
   they'll bury me in the
ground. Death is merely
peace that I've finally
   ~SacredInkedBlood ©2018
The day that coward finally puts me in the ground is the day that peace will have no bounds. Not goodbye, so don't cry, just goodnight until it's time for everyone to fly.
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I'm too much
yet not enough!
Just get tired of not ever getting it right. I never know when I'm gonna set him off.
Imprisoned by my Addiction'
The harmless thing's causes an addiction that consumes like cancer. See my confession about my addiction's are destroying my health, my life, my relationships and everything in between, the beginning absent of odor. Spinning around my mortal being are vibrant healthy; yellow, blues and greens. Thrusting me, flying sky high then nose dive instantly. Wishing it to remain. My passion, my comfort one in the same; words that must be written. We're programmed to all 3, reading, writing and pursuing your passion are important to qualities to own. Somehow captivating me. I hardly eat, much less drink because I'm overwhelmed to express thoughts into words. Another relationship die's as neglected ink dries. Pale unnoticed ghost while present. Maybe not, my lover. the warden.
I come up for breath only long enough not to drown, reality hits, all ghost disappeared.
I don't search, seek or try to persuade them to return. I say every time, just let me get these words scribbled to vent, then I'll go and gather them up.
Compares to Christmas morn, green, red, gold, silver and blue the house, the tree, the gifts the house is adorned with eccentric polished crowns of refined jewel's. Interest fills you while rushing to open the shiny gifts. Uncontrollable, enchanting words, enslaving, shoving the gifts against the glittered wall.
Chained in the same prison 24 hours later, exhausted, nearly comatose. I wrestle the sleep becoming feeble, compelled to sleep. Suddenly awakening... lunatic mode, panic stricken crazed rush, forced sleep, words got neglected, when there could have been much more.
Welcome to my addiction that place dark hole where words incarcerate tempting thought's. What, change the situation, you said to me? I'm handcuffed to pens that bleed, beleaguered by enticing verbiage. ~Venjencie Arnold -SacredInkedBlood
My life now. Writing, reading and research. I cant get enough. © 11 days ago, Venjencie Arnold   addiction • colors • prison • word • beleaguered
My life now. Writing, reading and research. I cant get enough. © 11 days ago, Venjencie Arnold   addiction • colors • prison • word • beleaguered
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"Miss Caroline"
Humanity is rare,
in this world today,  
        loyalty is bare,
just listen to what
              people say! Most people seem soulless,
hearts callous.  
In the woods is where, I
find renewing of my mind
                    ­                  spirit.
When I venture out,
I take one that is loyal,
                            ­     and
It doesn't fit well with
me that as an animal
                   she is defined.
My Miss Caroline has
more compassion
than these humans
     passing through.
She could teach the human  
race; all about true humanity with
So when you've lost your way
and your head is filled with the
world's noise, then don't forget
to return to that peaceful
place with a friend...
more human than the human
A friend like mine
that is loyal
until the end of time.

When i venture out,
I take one that is
loyal, trustworthy
& kind.
It doesn't fit well with me
that as an animal she's defined. ~SacredInkedBlood©
True story. My lab, Miss Caroline. Where has humanity gone to in most of our human race today?
Apr 2018 · 432
That moment
or is it this moment,
the next moment,
That defines how you define, that moment, in your life? ~SacredInkedveins
"Moments," written in a moment on 04/25/2017 in another moment of sleeplessness. Okay enough of that word. Blessings, me © 12 hours ago   life • moment • family • random • misc
"Moments," written in a moment on 04/25/2017 in another moment of sleeplessness. Okay enough of that word. Blessings,
Apr 2018 · 310
"Children Out To Play"
"Children Out To Play"
(written 04/23/18)

Everyday becoming more hot,
Children out to play,
Running in & out a lot,
Letting the cool air escape away!

The taste of wild honeysuckles in their mouth,
Dandelions stuck in their hair,
Making wishes without a care,
Their brows evident of the sun's glare!

Giggles turn into cry's,
Play turns into childhood fights,
They've overdone it now,
Over indulgence play her hand;
using the rebirth of spring.

Hypnotized by the grassy green hills,
Covered with new blooms of daffodils,
Time to gather them inside to sit still,
The children will sleep good tonight.
Reminds me of us kids when we all would gather at grandmas house. So excited to meet up and play. Getting over tired, getting scrapes and bruises only to end up in little childhood arguments. Of course being made to come in only to pout to go back out. I remember an adult or more yelling, Quit running in and out or We're not air conditioning the whole outside and etc. But we had more fun than we ever had bad as children. Always excited about gathering up together again at grandma's. And there was a lot of us. My grandma had 13 children and of course they had children too! #missing © a day ago   rhyme • spring • family • love • nature • adult
Apr 2018 · 240
"Reverse That"
I'm PRO-GOD His truths are written in my heart!
So why do you tear my every word apart? Hmmm... so I'm-Semitism, I'm anti-God, I'm anti-American and anti-peace?
Do tell me then, who is pro western media, pro-mass destruction, and Pro-Zionist in the 5th columns in the USA, today? How do those last 3 spell  peace in anyway?

I have been accused of falling for everything because I do not stand for something; as the sayin goes... I ask my accusers to play that in reverse. Maybe those that claim stand for something are falling for Satan's curse.
l opened up my Facebook today and here's what the message had to "Sorry but, FBI, has been removed from your approved words that you can search." I think I can finish the word of what I was looking for, "FBI," wasn't even anything close to what I was looking for.
So you take my freedom to express what I stand for? #TruestorybymeaboutwhathappenedtomeyesterdayonApril8th201
True story.
Apr 2018 · 395
"Needs vs Wants"
Needs vs Wants:      They say, everyone, needs somebody. So they say. If that's the case then what I want is: I don't want to need anybody! ~me 4182018
Wrote this short piece 4/18/2018
Apr 2018 · 572
"Morning Afterthought"
Yeah, I agree with you,
So why you got to yell?
Yeah, I said your right,
What else can I do?
You just wanna fight!
Oh whatever, what the hell?
Did you just say we're through?
That's fine I'll walk that line!
No, plz believe I can walk,
Yeah, there's no reason to
reasonably talk,
Here's your ring,
Your castle is all your's my king!

Now halfway to the road,
You take me into hold?
Hold up, this is enough!
I'm tired of this ****,
Tomorrow you'll apologize & say it was because you were lit!
Happens every time, getting tired
of this same rhyme,
Go ahead & just **** me this time,
Keep choking me until I'm past passed out!
Do what you're always bragging about!

Great just what I thought,
I'm still going to wake up,
like the morning afterthought!
Written 04/232018
When you can't escape neither by life nor death. Fiction.
Apr 2018 · 360
"Who Am I"
When I write, you say, "it's a reflection,"
When I write, you say, "it's an affliction;              
       it mirror's my heart's true direction."
YOU prophesied my soul's final

Will you be there to witness the outcome      
                             of your own prediction?

"I'm just another puppet,
  I'm just another tool; like a pigeon on  
          the Devil's stool, one more
                               fool that, The Master of
                          uses to create confusion!"

I must fail miserably for it not to be a clandestine activity!

Who am I to argue with someone, who    
     has a set of detective tools, like you?  I'd hate to be so objective, besides,
who wants to be that predictive?
Surely not me, surely not you!
             ~Venjencie NightWriter69
Hey guys, esp @valerie, I wish I could check this out every day. I love the #tag challenges by #valerie. I wish I could comment on everyone's work that I do get to read but even more than that, I wish I could read every single line of everyone on here. I wished I could write more often. But I know 1 thing for sure if you are in any kind of relationship, spouse, job, family member, etc... then a passion for writing like I have... will break every bond that you have in life. Being if that bond so much has a crack that only let's in a small amount of light. Blessings.
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