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Zack Ripley Oct 2022
You don't have to be a baby
for it to be okay if you want to cry.
You don't have to be a pilot if you want to fly. You don't have to be a star if you want to shine. Just have the courage to be yourself, and all these things and more will come to you in time.
nick armbrister May 2022
She strapped on her warplane and flew away to fight
Russian jets being the enemy to be hit
Her missiles were old like her plane

But it was a good one well built
Serviced by her mechanics to perform
When ordered to do by her

She the tip of the spear just a gal
Reason I love my mistress the pilot

Defending our nation each and every day
She already shot down four or five planes
She told me it’s confusing being in combat

Things happen fast beyond comprehension
It’s comparable to driving a racing bike
I think but I’m a hacker and don’t drive

I get into Russian and Red Chinese systems
Do my art and war that way to defeat them
It focuses me while my gal is up above

Keeping us all safe from enemy actions
I want to tell the world but we cannot
We must remain a secret what we both do
nick armbrister Dec 2021
After the battle
Fishing the plane
From the water
No fighter pilot
Where is he?
Gone far away
Where warriors go
Shiden-Kai pilot
One of six
Lost that day
B-Sans or Hellcats
All the same
Way back '45
Old fading times
Not even memories
Don't forget them
Of all sides
Silence ...
Trish Dec 2021
The 9th of December, it is that time of the year
Woke up from sleep and whispered "Happy birthday!"
Allowing universe to do the job to inform you subconsciously
Everything that surrounds me moves so slow till it stops
Wondering and thinking about you unconditionally

A day my mind unconsciously remember
You exist along with all of our good memories
My greatest love and heartbreak of a lifetime
May our string be one highlight of my favorite history in this life
Hoping to see you again in our next life

Next time you greet me must be in pilot uniform
Saying "This is your Captain Pilot speaking for this flight.."
In an airplane that I will ride to the destination
A destination that I hoped to be with you

Till we meet again, my twinflame and everything
I am still waiting here like what I have promised
Loving you and will always be even without a happy ending
Goodbye for now and see you again, my future captain!
Ever since 2019, December 9 never felt like an ordinary day because of the guy I fell in love with. We may no longer in contact nor in good terms but I always wish him a happy birthday and hope he is doing well in his life.
***** Hands
Are they clean?

Pontius Pilate, washing those hands that night, now are the filthy deeds made white!

America, do tell about the politicians blind-eyed toward homeless people in the streets, tell me about children starving to death?

Does a wealthy man cleanse hiimself as the blood leaves his hands?

Banning guns & glocks, as girls
are sold into slavery, in the blocks.

A gift for kids to go to school
It's not a gift to get shot up.

From poverty to bullies to school shootings, Mrs. Liberty has lost her footing.

When we go home, locking doors and turning the noise up, is washing of the hands with soap, making us whole?
You can't just wash your hands as a symbol
of making yourself from sinful to cleansed. It's a cruel world so be kind. © 5 minutes ago, Venjencie Clifton Arnold   society • poverty • sad • pain • misc • love  
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Alex Gifford Dec 2020
Bound and led the quiet man,
delivered up to me.
"Put him to death, the blasphemer",
was the people's plea.

My wife sent word to wash my hands,
she suffered in a dream.
I tried with water before the mob,
it didn't make me clean.

I put a sign above the cross,
the one I made him bring.
I killed a greater man than I,
he truly was the king.
This is about Pontius Pilots internal conflict when he sent Jesus to be crucified.
Eola Dec 2020
If I had a big paper plane
I would be a pilot of it
And visit your dreams
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
If you want to life life
Don't let life life you
The pilot is you
You fly your own life
nick armbrister Apr 2020
What they did to Amy
Wasn't so nice
Cut up by the destroyer's props
Killed, murdered?, by the Royal Navy
They killed poor little Amy
Who was freezing to death
In the cold water
The Thames Estuary is frigid in winter
Poor Amy had to bail out
Her plane was in trouble
Don't worry little lady
The navy will rescue you
Picked up by the Senior Service
Given a tot of *** and a blanket
It was never ever to be
The destroyer hit a sand bank
They tried to free the ship
It was too late for Amy
They spotted the girl in the sea
But revving the ship's engines finished her
Poor Amy was pulled into the props
Cut apart by like fish meat
A sailor saw this happen
He ran to the bridge and shouted
They shouted at him
Get out of Officer's Country
Do not speak to us like that again
Thus died Amy Johnson
Her death covered up by the navy
The government lied to her relatives and public
A British national heroine perished
Her death was preventable
The lies were unwarranted
Someone must be held accountable
I've seen her blue biplane
In the Manchester museum
It's called Jason
I bet it misses dear Amy
Murdered and lost at sea
New Dawn 2971
Nick Armbrister and other authors/poets/writers
Tiana Feb 2020
Likings, prefences and goals may change
But it is the dream
that always remains;

The dream
where I see myself flying high,
Where the stars are shining and moonlight brightening
the amazing night sky;

The dream
where I see myself walk in style,
Wearing the uniform I've been yearning to earn
since juvenile;
About my dream of becoming an aviator
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