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Ayodeji Oje Apr 15
If you want to life life
Don't let life life you
The pilot is you
You fly your own life
What they did to Amy
Wasn't so nice
Cut up by the destroyer's props
Killed, murdered?, by the Royal Navy
They killed poor little Amy
Who was freezing to death
In the cold water
The Thames Estuary is frigid in winter
Poor Amy had to bail out
Her plane was in trouble
Don't worry little lady
The navy will rescue you
Picked up by the Senior Service
Given a tot of *** and a blanket
It was never ever to be
The destroyer hit a sand bank
They tried to free the ship
It was too late for Amy
They spotted the girl in the sea
But revving the ship's engines finished her
Poor Amy was pulled into the props
Cut apart by like fish meat
A sailor saw this happen
He ran to the bridge and shouted
They shouted at him
Get out of Officer's Country
Do not speak to us like that again
Thus died Amy Johnson
Her death covered up by the navy
The government lied to her relatives and public
A British national heroine perished
Her death was preventable
The lies were unwarranted
Someone must be held accountable
I've seen her blue biplane
In the Manchester museum
It's called Jason
I bet it misses dear Amy
Murdered and lost at sea
New Dawn 2971
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Tiana Feb 29
Likings, prefences and goals may change
But it is the dream
that always remains;

The dream
where I see myself flying high,
Where the stars are shining and moonlight brightening
the amazing night sky;

The dream
where I see myself walk in style,
Wearing the uniform I've been yearning to earn
since juvenile;
About my dream of becoming an aviator
Chandler M Jan 21
The pilot commands
A robot to function
As they see fit
But when the pilot cannot be trusted
How will anything get done?
That is the brain.
nick armbrister Dec 2019
The soil of the mountain holds the answers
It will not shout out HERE I AM!
For it is quiet and shy and hides
Maybe in plain sight till we find it
The answer of where exactly you are
We know you are on the mountain
Somewhere up there on the heights
We wish to know exactly where
I want to be there when we find you
Imagine the feeling I will feel
And stories I will later tell
Being able to say I WAS THERE
So where are you Lt Stone?
Do tell me...
nick armbrister Dec 2019
We went here before
We are here again
And will do so
Till we find you
How long will it take?
Who holds the answer?
Let me talk to them
I will bring in results
nick armbrister Dec 2019
We will be back on the hill
Looking for you like we did in 18
And the others did in 19
When I wasn't allowed to go
Unlike in 20 when I return
And maybe we will find you
Hiding in the soil of the hillside
Almost a kilometre up
Final resting place
Pilot and plane
In 2 places 2 events
Maybe we will find you
Will we?
Ainnoot Sep 2019
I’m high ‘cause I was feeling low
But I’m low so much they might as well bury me since all I wish is to be high in the sky,
   Maybe this is the only way I’m Pilot Jones, When im in love with Mary Jane.
nick armbrister Mar 2019
309 Pilot
The Messerschmitt Me-309 was a stunning warplane
Originally it had seven guns but the pilot removed some
The 13mm heavy machine guns were lethal but not needed
He freed up four hundred pounds in weight
This left just three cannons and their ammo
Two 20mm and a single 30mm gun
The 20mms were in the wing roots and 30mm in the nose
It was enough to **** enemy bombers like B-17s and Lancasters
And the following B-29s and Lincolns which bombed Germany endlessly
He got ready for a mission and was confident of more kills
He was keen and aggressive and had the right tool for the job
A fast climbing high speed interceptor aircraft
Germany's finest piston engined fighter of the war
With a modified engine boosted for power
Nothing but an enemy jet was faster but very short ranged
With a smile he walked to his plane
Who would he **** today?
Seraphina Jan 2019
A bird has wings to fly
I do not
Instead, I am an airplane
Just without a pilot

I try to leap
But I come crashing down
With no support
I can’t fly

Maybe you can
Maybe you can help me
Help me get out
Out of this apocalypse

And so I support on you
You offer me your skill willingly
And I take
But there is a price

You aren’t the missing part of my heart
But my body
My pilot
My best friend
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