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309 Pilot
The Messerschmitt Me-309 was a stunning warplane
Originally it had seven guns but the pilot removed some
The 13mm heavy machine guns were lethal but not needed
He freed up four hundred pounds in weight
This left just three cannons and their ammo
Two 20mm and a single 30mm gun
The 20mms were in the wing roots and 30mm in the nose
It was enough to **** enemy bombers like B-17s and Lancasters
And the following B-29s and Lincolns which bombed Germany endlessly
He got ready for a mission and was confident of more kills
He was keen and aggressive and had the right tool for the job
A fast climbing high speed interceptor aircraft
Germany's finest piston engined fighter of the war
With a modified engine boosted for power
Nothing but an enemy jet was faster but very short ranged
With a smile he walked to his plane
Who would he **** today?
Seraphina Jan 2
A bird has wings to fly
I do not
Instead, I am an airplane
Just without a pilot

I try to leap
But I come crashing down
With no support
I can’t fly

Maybe you can
Maybe you can help me
Help me get out
Out of this apocalypse

And so I support on you
You offer me your skill willingly
And I take
But there is a price

You aren’t the missing part of my heart
But my body
My pilot
My best friend
Amanda Francis Dec 2018
Loving you was like being drunk.
Not love drunk.
A navy sailor forgetting his own name kinda drunk.

Maybe I be a navy sailor, my submarine has surfaced.
Battered ****** from a war you raged.
I can see the sun above the lapping water.

I feel your entitlement crumble away from me.
The sun was never 'yours', neither was i.
This vast ocean was trying to drown you first.

If I would have known, I'd of kicked you off this ship.
Made you walk the creaking of plank lies you made.
My body is a vessel you can not sail! Can not command, Pilot!

My sober head aches, the *** leaches away and gifts me clarity.
I've been drunk this entire time!
My heart is not broken, just hungover!
Xallan Dec 2018
He just wrote it.
He buried himself in words.
He didn't need paper to succeed, he just flew
in an airplane suspended by thoughts-
not his, but big strong thoughts-
he flew,
upon letters of recommendation
and capital sentences:
to jump his bail, fly the coop, escape from jail.
He folded his passion in life ori-gami,
gave it some ****** with his mind,
and off it went,
finding some draft in the stale and lifeless air.
He lept off the cliff, and what luck-
He flew.
Ek Oct 2018
My little pilot flew away
far into another world
on another floor

Now I'm left in the ocean
with no rope pulling
consumed by the waves

After many weeks
trapped in the desert
he repaired his broken wing

And so set of sailing
among cumulonimbus clouds
alleviating the storm

I now come to realize
how deserted I, too, am
now with no pilot to pull me out
Thomas EG Aug 2018
For him, it's either watch him fly sky-high or put him in the ground
Passang Sherpa Jul 2018
Some are running,
some in panic,
finding platforms
and gates.

Some on visits,
some on tour,
with families,
officials or mates.

Some at the enquiry,
first timers in confusion,
asking for directions.

Some shopping,
gifts and mementoes,
some at the phone
charging locations.

It seems a place
that never goes to sleep,
and never rests a while

Reaching people
to destinations,
near or across
thousands of mile.

The announcement
above echoes,
on every notifications
and details.

They leave no stones unturned,
the crew and the members
of all Airways.

Copyright © PS
Hanna Kelley May 2018
My pilot feels like dying today, and I've gotta fly
nick armbrister May 2018
garnets and emeralds
the pretty girl
puts on some blusher
from her compact case
on it is an image

just like her

a pre-raphaelite print
this girl scans the sky
her eyes always above
she watches the planes
go out and come back
for she counts them all

one by one

is her guy up there?
or is he missing?
she remembers him
and cares for his comrades
the girl who counts the planes
for she loves all the crew

not just pilots

as much as she loves her land
the girl who counts planes
how many failed to return?
there's a ring on her finger...
Angel Turner Apr 2018
I noticed a lady sitting across from me today.

See, she had a worn face from living hard, and tough hands from working harder.

And her piercing eyes, they screamed five words:

Don't let me be forgotten.
Just a short thought.
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