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Rose K Dec 6
Cana Dec 3
Today I'm filled with muted optimism
Something not often seen skulking around my peripheral.
Some retail therapy and a ***** free day.

I write you blinded, literally, consumerism blaring,
shining RED in my eye. My new shoes and sparkly
chemical incentives sitting comfortably on my feet
and in the back of my skull respectively

you know? Just above my nape.

The weekend is over.
That person has left, incised from delicate parts
where hurt feels more justified than starving children and
diseased refugees, "oh so woe is me" avoided.

We shouldn't have gone skiing together, the snow was far from ready.
The passengers leapt from the derailing train, terrified of sludgy wet slopes.

This time around I won't let them come so close. Stiff arm, no more than three. No more poems for you, or freedom for me.
I felt like putting my rambling brain onto a screen. Its not meant to make sense, my brain rarely does.
Julian Delia Nov 29
I am so ******* done.
I am now a loaded gun,
So you’d better ******* run.
I am hateful, like a forsaken son,
I am spiteful, like the blazing sun.

An appetite for self-destruction,
Akin to handling dynamite without any instructions.
The chaotic disorder that runs amok,
The scavenging hoarder pillaging dead schmucks.
This language is those dark corners left unilluminated by love,
A savage from unknown lands coming over the ridge,
That unsated, insane impulse that turns push into shove.

Throbbing veins and demonic thoughts,
Sobbing dames and manic frauds.
Your mental kingdom, your palace of peace –
It all falls apart, piece-by-piece.
Hate is like a saboteur, sneaking in,
It robs life of its grandeur, sinking its teeth in.

Rhythm just doesn’t happen,
You feel stricken, like you’re borderline bed-ridden,
Feeling as used as a ***** napkin.
You see hate in every pair of dead eyes,
In every new set of ******* lies,
Whenever another inner child dies,
Whenever another bomb-dropping jet flies.

We have two languages, in this life –
The language of love, and the language of hate.
Which one do you want to speak?
Which realm do you seek?
Choose wisely;
Mistakes are not taken very kindly.
I couldn't help myself - this is a counter-part to a previous poem, the Language of Love.
Maddie M Nov 5
a kiss
sealed lips.
sunset; streamy fountains
the girl, the boy
the love.

Shakespeare's essence
magnifying the words, bring meaning and volatile to youthful emotions!

Venus's stigmatic traps
the viewing art of love making.

unforgettable sins that took place in its current state.
no regrets

how could he ever save her from the devil its self?

this is why the sun and moon never sleep.

one of the them always needs to keep an eyeful on the other one.
let's see if anyone understands this riddle....
Ngayon ikaw ay masaya
Dahil sa muli **** naipunyagi
ang madalas mo ng ginagawa.
Kailangan ko pa bang i-klaro
para sa'yo? Sige, sige para 'di ka
na malito.

Nais **** ika'y matuto, ngunit tamad ka.
Kaya naman ang mga pagkukulang mo'y sa **** mo
Ngayo'y ikaw ang nagmumukhang malaking tanga.

Maari naman sigurong gawin mo 'yong bagay na
makakapagsalba sa'yo.
Pero utak-ipis ka kaya ikaw ay nagpabibo.

Akala mo sa ginawa **** yan
mababago mo ang ihip ng hangin at ika'y magiging pasado?
Sorry ka nalang dahil magigipit ka pa lalo.

Ang ating mga ****'y hindi perpekto.
Kagaya **** may kahinaan na likas na sa tao.
Kung may pagkukulang man siya dapat mo itong punan,
Dahil sa paaralan, istudyante at ****'y nagtutulungan.

Ngunit 'di nga maipagkakailang 'di mo 'yon alam.
Tiwalang tiwala ka sa sarili **** kakayahan.

Sana nga magtagumpay ka,
Mag-ingat ka, halatadong wala ka ng natitirang baraha.
Dahil ang huling alas na babagsak sa harap ng mukha mo'y nasa kamay na ng KARMA.
Ito na guys ang aking TULA NG KARMA. HAHA Enjoy reading.
nish Oct 27
how did you
the court jester
successfully ******* your way
straight into my heart.
-on a unicycle.
Chiori Mathew Oct 22
I wrote a letter to ***
On a lonely Tuesday evening
My heart I signed on it
With faith and smoke it flew.

I got a  dove of laughter
After a smote from the rich grey beared
The skies eyes turns red as if to fight
And the rain drenched me.

He has eagle eyes and long hands
Like a shepherd to his sheep’s
Even if we experience open sore of faith
*** is not evil.
I believe there is *** who answers us in times of needs, but only if we can have faith and wait for him
Julian Delia Oct 8
When I die, I hope none of you pretend you cared.
When I do die,
When my own hands seal that goodbye,
Don’t act like you don’t know why.
Don’t you dare imply that it might have been a bad high,
Or that my dreams were impossible,
And that I was flying too high.
And don't you dare say 'I needed help';
No, I needed a way out of this ****,
A better life than this constant retreat into a shell.

I gave you visions for the future.
Grave expressions, co-authored by the truth;
I aimed for your soul like a range target from a booth.
You may not see it, but I do;
The gap between what is, and what could be,
Like comparing a gas lamp with a radiant star’s energy.

It eats up my happiness from inside,
Like a parasite stretching my intestines wide.
Many of you don’t ******* care, in actuality –
Some of you just want the fame, in reality,
To get your tasteless name ahead in a winner less game.

You wouldn’t understand revolution if it sat on your face,
****, you wouldn’t if you slept with it, reproduced,
And created a whole new pseudo-race.
We’re so far up our own *****,
We could basically regurgitate ourselves –
I’m just the guy giving you reality,
Getting the truth off those dusty shelves.

Don’t act like you knew me if you really didn’t;
You chose to turn away, when I wanted you to see right through me.
Don’t think of the good times we had;
Think of all the nights spent discussing the sad and the mad,
The broken and the beaten,
The stolen lives and the reasons we misbehave,
Like a heathen in the Garden of Eden.
That’s what I would want you to think about.
And before you cry and mourn,
Think about why, and learn.

Or, just move on, after I’m gone.
I won’t ******* care either way,
Just as long as I can stay away –
So this darkness can cease,
And my soul can see the light of day.
Just being real here...
Julian Delia Sep 23
The natural order of all things –
The love and joy that connection brings.
The beautiful smile of a human that feels loved,
That ear-to-ear grin that warms the heart for a good while,
The kind that makes bearing life’s chagrin worthwhile.

I bet you thought of someone, just now –
A face your mind instantly sought, somehow.
The language of love –
It is hardly expressible just through words,
It is only accessible through bridging two worlds:
The realm of loving your soul,
And the realm of accepting humanity as a whole.

Eyes that twinkle like stars,
Hearts that mingle in nights spent diving in bars.
The freedom to open your mind,
A kingdom of your own,
Away from the wilfully blind.

Give yourself a reason to live,
**** religion, be a heathen,
You have everything to give!
Let go of that which serves you not,
Flow with whom deserves to share your life’s plot.
Dance to rhythms,
Sing along to your favourite song!
Be colourful,
Like light passing through prisms,
Lose yourself in the heat of the throng!

Let your mesmerising heart shine and glow,
Let go of the overanalysing,
Let your fear head on over to death row.
Gladden the world with what you bestow,
Madden those who do not wish to grow.

The language of love, the syntax of affection;
The essence of life, its most crucial section.
To drink from its fountain is all that counts,
A divine link capable of moving mountains,
A storm to end all droughts.
I've been meaning to write this for a very long time.
개자닌 Aug 28
This is a childish play
Well, i guess you could say
It's a bit immature
But how can I be sure?

Honestly I forgot the day
The time I first saw you.
But you were noticed by my eyes
At that moment then I knew.

Questions filled my head
I think a hundreds of them.
Making sure it wont get in my way
Trying to push you away.

But I know I can't.
I already liked you now.
I tried to gather up my courage.
I should but how?

You knew before I come to say it.
Let's just say I was to obvious.
Actions speak louder than words.
If only you'll notice me, Yan.

I found out something.
You are already waiting for someone.
It hurts, I know.
Now, will these feelings be gone?

I said it. Now what?
Limited time is all I have.
I haven't talked about it yet.
Please turn back the time.

You were going to wait for her.
That was what you told me.
I feel so crushed and broken.
But I'm okay, as long as you're happy.
This was like 4 months ago.. And hmm yeah.. I think I already forgot how I felt about him.
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