my love
i’m the snitch
i love
how you

don’t think

i hate

and you too
cus you wouldn’t
tell me
you don’t hate me
please unblock me

i don't wont lock you up
but i can't promise :(

i miss you


you are like white wine,
with salmon and tartar sauce on the side.
your tongue is so warm,
you’re so sweet.
two big globes look at me and kiss me
with pupils dilated,
and are blue like the ocean.
so you take my hand on the train,
and pull me into your chest to sleep.
you are strong, stable with a lottery winning smile,
and nice hands.
hold me tight while i sleep,
whisper sweet somethings in my ear,
and tell me you think i’m so pretty.
well, i think you’re an angel,
i think you’re a jewel.

you hold my hand,
we cross the street.
you tell me i'm a good girl and
that you're proud of me.
you whisper sweet something's
and that you love me,
you've kissed my heart and laid
a comforting hand on my soul.

he's a good boy
with teeth whiter than a new t-shirt.
he’s like a gallon of bleach, turning my dark into lights.
he's like skinny jeans with a tighter fit
than my skin;
speaking of skin, he wears mine so well.

he wears mine so well

my baby is glitter,
he has the greatest sparkle,
his teeth has the brightest twinkle --
he's got me feeling fireworks
because i love you and i love seeing you.


inspired by glitter by tyler the creator

he wants me to beg for it,
he wants to see me crawl
and he wants to exert his power,
in this final hour.

make me beg for it (his love),
he wants to have his control over me
and he wants to show how much
he loves me.

ben, don't read this poem

and, we were dancing in the rain,
his hair was wet and his eyes were gray.
as gray as the thunder clouds and gray as the fog.
and I was glued to his body, our eyes kissed,
and our tongues screamed:
take me home, you are my home.
warring with my body because you are not the one
I should be with, but I can't help it.
but I can't complain because no one this beautiful
has ever loved me.

you are my church,
you are my kingdom hall,
you are my place of worship.
i pray that we stay together,
on every bead that is on this elastic.
you're like my incense and my candle light --
smiling lightens up this room,
adding a never before smelled aroma.
my god, you've got me daisy eyed,
and by god you are the holiest thing i've ever seen --
divinity in its purest form.

youve got me melting like an ice cream.

he presses his forehead against mine,
lips barely touching, noses poking.
he has me starry-eyed and he calls me sunshine
and touches me like a violet touching a morning glory.
when the two mix you get a splendor of lust and love.
my september third born, morning glory smelling,
sapphire looking, roasted beet tasting, sweet touching,
virgo honey loving man.

making love to you, is all i want to do, my daisy-eyed man.

i just gotta put this out there,
don't wanna put myself out there:
and you are so distant, there's a six foot ruler between us,
and to you that far is too close
and close isn't close enough to me.
and i was lonely until i met you
and you let me in after all the persuasion --
i don't wanna be a loner,
i don't wanna be alone.
close this space, this distance, this difference.

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