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MindMooring Jun 16
“Be yourself; everyone else is already themselves.”
karo Apr 24
So I'll go on
I'll walk until my legs will carry me
I'll speak the truth until my voice is gone
I'll share love until there's a heartbeat
and experience it all
journey will end
and I am not sure exactly how
or when
but I don't need to know
I'm enough
I'm already
and all is well
Fullfreddo Mar 2018
“the ones that feel everything already know...”  Harlon Rivers

curse this blessing. leeches leach this blessing.  
this summation this summary judgment
this sum of my addiction addition
where from this mark of cain upon my eyes, intended to drown
a brimful poet in a wellspring of their product?

blood sweat and tears the tea my quill is
in the rivulets that drown the scarred pathways perforce dipped

walk the streets and all secrets to me betrayed
yours not mine for in my possess but one
feel everything

every scowling every halved smile the ecstasy of belly laugh
I know I know
the libretto of a thousand operas
that do not all reach a final act

a-few cogent my x-ray ability aNd and the most
desperate  with out the disparity of no partition

curse this blessing bestowed, I rather

I don't know why
you think
it is
to judge me so fast.
For you haven't
even read my first page,
yet you already
Lynnia Feb 23
This might be paranoia
Please tell me that I’m wrong
But 27 days
Is already far too long
I told you that I loved you
You said you loved me more
We smile through our sutured eyes
And then you shut the door
I thought that I would lose again
You told me you would stay
Used to always be around
But now you’ve walked away
Now and then, you stop to talk
Enough to keep me on
But not so much to make me think
You’re not already gone.
YusufKudsi Jan 25
I was lost until I found me in you
But now I am lost again
I still look at you with the eyes that wants you
But your eyes are cold like the storm
I asked you if everything could go to the way it was
But you were already in someone else’s arms
gabrielle Jan 6
to goodbye ?

even if we're not together,

already goodbye ?
you still haven't love me
we still aren't close
yet goodbye ?
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