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Oh Green grasshopper !

How come green ?
And how the hope ?
Isn’t it a wonder
With tiny wings
That fills with lot of hope
And make our minds bloom
With all the green vibes
That cools our sight
Even refresh our hearts
With utmost happiness
Is a grace of tiny creature
That builds confidence
In each of us
Whenever it enters home
With hope for us

Oh Grasshopper !

You filled us with hope
And the green grass
Made you a grasshopper
That comes with good hope
And fortune for life
That fills our lives
With utmost joy
That we feel grateful
To have a view
Of your green vibes
That soothes our soul
Ever and forever
That enlightens our path
To move forward
With much patience
That brings
Luck for us
With full of zest
That inspires to live
And love our life
Again and again
With full of hope
Grasshopper comes with full of hope and luck
Safana Aug 31
A proteles  cristata
not grasshopper
for a meal
it is a
care given
merciful granting
to dwell
it's belly
My Petit Prince is dead
Long live my Petit Prince.
There will be no funeral procession
No flowers no crown
No guest list no readings
No musical selections no choir
When my new Petit Prince takes over
As his perfect twin's Nemesis
Always fit and ready cavalier
Born to rise from his ashes
A brave yet inconstant heir
Who kept his secret horses to himself.
His forever surviving princess is a mix of joyful mermaid
And melancolic grasshopper
Who likes to dive and swim
Into words and phrases
And elaborate new grammar constructions
Mel Williams Mar 2019
In silence, I pray with a reference never before known to me.
It is soft and fragile,
tentative, like a child,
small, like a grasshopper.
It floats from one ray of light to another,
with a loud whoosh that does not ask for pardon for its sound.
It speaks in a tight whisper,
throat raspy from lack of use,
or maybe too many cigarettes.
It flips onto that same cloud it floated on earlier,
moth wings flapping like some incandescent bug
lit up by the electricity of a bug-zapper.

Fear does not silence it.

--It rings its glamorous wings without entropy--

And so I offer a call into that wide madness of space.

It does not answer.

       I did not expect it to.

And that is okay.
Yonnick August Jan 2019
Sometimes I would deliberately sleep on the couch.
(weird behaviour, one would say)
But the couch had something different.
With just enough room so you don’t feel lonely,
and the same warmth as that of human skin,
I always slept well.

One morning as I’m paralyzed in sleep,
A grasshopper begun to challenge me.
It is as if she was defending her home,
It is as if she was letting me know she ruled these parts
(meaning the couch, of course)

In the dimness of the light, I saw her.
And in one full motion I swung, as she crashed into the wall,
Fixed my pillow,
and attempted to sleep once more.

It wasn’t over though, she came back with vengeance.
Landed on my ear with a droning sound, waking me,
as she flew parallel to my eyes,
where our starring contest lasted a good 10 seconds.

With intentions of finishing the grasshopper later,
Looking like a zombie, I made my way back to bed.
Admitting defeat over the battle of the couch,
I leave her with this win.
Brandon Conway Oct 2018
Feast your eyes upon all the

trapped in the grills of fat and
                                                           ­         trucks

so far away from the idyllic blades of
                                                                ­ green
                                                                ­        and
                                                                ­           sun

crossing ***-hole asphalted rivers where
                                                                ­        speed
                                                                ­            amuck

We all get hurt crossing seemingly
                                                        ­           streets

and end up in some wolf-dressed-as-sheep
                                                                ­    machine's
                                                                ­               sharp
                                                                ­                     teeth

are we different from the insects

If only you could wiggle your body more to the side
but the alligator never slows and the wind is a bonafide
At least I can see whats ahead, might as well enjoy the ride.

— The End —