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I S A A C Apr 2023
lizard on warm rocks
an artist in their paint-speckled smock
the wind carrying fallen flowers
jade eyes meet brown
chastity belt unbound
hours upon hours
spent in between the sheets
delicate, delectable, free
Anggita Sep 2022
A lizard came by to say hi,
I could see it posing on my ceiling
as if it dropped by only to tease me
because I have never left the house
unless to work.

What should I leave the house without meeting you?

Moving its tail nonchalantly,
it seemed to know that I was staring at it.
As the night went by, one grew into dozens,
and a group of lizards formed an alliance to mock my very existence.

Tormenting lizards sneered at me so graciously.
So voiceless in silence.
Trevor M Landers Sep 2020
Renounce the orders of a novitiate
break free of cloisters and other taboos
discover sensuality on the skin
like a herpetologist might
the claws against your unfondled, convented *******
scaly underbelly slithering across your stomach
new sensations, new desires, a new world opens up.
Bhill Jun 2020
suddenly, up out from his hole, the lizard crawled
crawled and wriggled over the dirt searching for it's prey
the prey that would sustain him for the rest of his life
he didn't know that it would be his final meal
he didn't know that behind that cactus stood a roadrunner
a roadrunner, who delights in savory lizard treats right from the desert floor
he had no chance...
the cycle of life circles on as the roadrunner scurries away with the lizard dangling from its beak

Brian Hill - 2020 # 176
The cycle goes on and on...
Bhill Jun 2020
nonchalantly, and with a nimble stride, the lizard crossed my path
at great speed, it's tailless torso, made it to the cover of desert cactus
the momentum of this little creature was stunning
the desert floor is packed with amazement of all kinds

Brian Hill - 2020 # 167
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