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Seanathon Jan 4
Deeper than skies
Taller than oceans
Wider than mountain ranges high
Are these words to me
And to you also
As ever eyes can be between pages
Your Frost to you
My E to E
Old words rediscovered. I like what these have become. Much more neutral. Much more true to who I am. Thank God, I am free. (:
Ken Pepiton Nov 2019
What is strange, after all
was said,
and done,

the story seemed

no one idea remained alone, as an if,
never even imagined, one,
which alone made
hap or happenible, imaginable as an aspect of reality
appear to
happen, in your reality,
and this
happened to be, one possibility,
wit' me
and you In it. it
we can't

discern a granular differing christalization,
for, we know, it
looks like one of us loosed the grip on knowing,
realizability, actual-al-ity, virtually,
for sure,
at eye level.
qubic zirconium looks like diamond,
to naked eyes,
in certain light;
and magic seems scientif, with at least
six spin opt-in on the
passed for truth to exist in California…

Prop. 13 covered us, property tax wise,
so this reality looks
as if it worked,
the effort to not die, remember?

Life goes on.

This is all we got to make the best of.
Your guess, as good as mine, I bet,
it's worth breathing

but don't **** me, if I'm wrong,
no worry.
I never was,
those circumstances, you are crazy.
Not me. Breathe.
It was scheduled for a Tuesday in August, 1970
Walking around… in this big; big; world

Facing challenges… in this big; big; world

Meeting faces… in this big; big; world

Climbing steps… in this big; big; world

Writing words…

on this small; small; note

Pouring the letters out…
with this big; big; hopes

Kneeling, praying, gave in… to the big; big; God

Wishing you and me will end up together…

until they dig; dig; graves.

// a peaceful evening• 29-06-19.

—-mentioned your name, everyday;

in every of my; quiet;quiet; prayers.
ZACK GRAM May 2019
still counting my pennies getting tired of it ready to lay down the check book and anhiliate you

this is always nothing but always about you time for me to shine

saved many lives think to myself why do i feel like im dying an rotting outkasted from society

used beaten abused taken for grannid left for dead in a ditch body full of shells

might as well chop it up clear the view an standard embark on a bigger better more positive picture in the studio like i own universal

made you bread yet i starve got you rich im still poor an struggling you still havent payed me back or deserving of your own soul

you get scared feel unsafe an call me im secure content an full of life is there a typical reason behind it tell me how we ended up like this

a paper and pen starts and ends wars creates nations an watches some fall

men an women being sacrificed like something holy without greatfullness i see an end to it because its doomed deaths

i bring you hell on earth if thats what you want to call it

shame on all of you using influence on others to make a come up

no more in my world will we slaughter our citizens on earth were in one debt inept and shall rise stand for one cause all shall cease like my money crease good day good riddance goodbye you are now exhiled

ive had the wheel ive been in control no longer will i be last in line

belief reason disaster an chaos good an bad forget that here comes mediation moderate mediocre counseling

payday tax time robbing the hood of its g card

one man one power one reason dont give me two

pray to your god beg for your freedom fight for your own good

pull the trigger ****** point it at your face first ***** fouwl mouth unneccesary birthed ******* *****

sick of it tired of you killing your family friends an coordinators

you goto work with no dial or mechanism stuck under a boss with no forgiveness

keep looking for the easy exit but remember life is the hard way out

im hooked crooked booked an its unprecedent this is unbelievable my verse is cursed and you feel the meaning so belief is a walking talking vessel

dont be afraid the truth will save you and guide you thru the darkest hours

heaven is upon everyone now at this very moment as one blood gripped with sanity vanity fully committed and hooked around working around all devestation rebuilding catastrophies here an now our lifestyle is on track

play my music feel my pain understand our lives and never give up or give in

dont forget everyone struggles feels helpless seems lost in confusion

you are not alone forever always in the name of creation rebirth united with strenght caught in a daze because these days are extra beautiful the light shines bright an there actually seems to be fact to the fiction right to the wrong purpose and meaning

please i beg you i am here for you tell everyone independence natural peace an fruition behind intuition will be criminally physically dealt with accordingly

i love you pray to the lord amen
pray a deep prayer
Seanathon May 2019
Just a blind man can have faith
In the firmness of world beneath his bed
So also will I believe in steadfastness of my God
And that I will arise anew each day
To begin again
For as long as he wishes
I am his
hizatul akmah Apr 2019
knock knock
who's there, she asked —
it's me, the Death.
oh, it's the time already? she said
i wish i've done more with my life
i wish i've told her i loved her
it's already too late, the Death said.
but —
what if i exchange something to get one more day? she tried to bargain
the Death stopped to consider
there's nothing more worthy than your own life, he said.
that's such a shame —
i've always been dreading for this day
but when it's already here,
i reluctant to let go —
time's up, the Death said.
The different men in different suits,
With different socks and different boots,
Who **** the men of distant roots,
Because of evil institutes.

When evil rises once again,
They’ll call upon the different men,
The sword favored above the pen,
Forever ‘til never,
© Donna

The past is the past for a reason.
That is where it is supposed to stay,
But some cannot let it go.
In their heads, it eats away

Until all their focus becomes
The person they used to be,
The mistakes they made in their life.
Oh, if only they could see

That you cannot change what happened,
No matter how hard you try,
No matter how much you think about it,
No matter how much you cry.

What happens in your lifetime
Happens for reasons unknown,
So you have to let the cards unfold
Let your story be shown.

Don't get wrapped up in the negative.
Be happy with what you have been given.
Live for today not tomorrow.
Get up, get out, and start living,

Because the past is the past for a reason.
It's been, and now it is gone,
So stop trying to think of ways to fix it.
It's done, it's unchangeable, move on.
Found this poem, I thought it is really meaningful, credits to @Donna: what a lovely poem you have written :) Well, let us forget the past, the mistakes, and stand up and learn from there. God has a plan for all of us, so we should entrust Him with our life & trust in His plans for us! Let us not fret, but seek Him diligently :) Let us continue in our walk of faith, and in seeking Him! Amen and God bless :)
Thomas Bodoh Oct 2018
Suddenly You define me;
The epitome of life,
You ask me:

What are your criteria
For quality?
For comfort?
For life?

You scrape a bit of me
off onto You every day

Test the purity of a
golden heart against the
black stone of suffering
I bleed in streaks of silver

You are my touchstone now.
ChildofGodyay Sep 2018
Dying under my sins.
Dead already.
My destiny was to suffer and die.

But you had other plans.
You sent, you...sent your only Son, to die for me?
Lord, why would you die for someone like me?
When i already wronged you.
When i hated you.
When i ignored your whispers and pushes and pulls of your eternal never-changing love.

You allowed the rocks to press on me, crush me.
But you allowed your son to be burdened with my stones and needles.
You allowed the nails to pierce through your Son.
and it wasn't even yours to carry.
it wasn't your fault, it wasn't your nails, it wasn't your stones and mountains to carry.

O, Father. You are so amazing and beautiful.
Your love has no end.
Your grace carried me so far.
You want to spend time with little old me.
You still believe me.
Lord, your mercy and grace pull me into a galaxy of stars and into the peaceful depths of the Sea.

O Bearer of my Sins. You have given your life so that i could have mine.  You suffered that day so that i don't have to do so for an eternity.
Your faith in your Father is steadfast, unshakable.
You love me so much.
Lord, you hugged me and held me close when the lightning struck and the raindrops broke windows when thunder knocked down trees and left me bare.
You didn't regret your decision. To die on that cross for me.

O Holy Spirit, you preserve my soul, you remind me of the Father's love. You inspire and set me on fire for God.
You guide and lead me.
You remind me of who I am.

O Holy Spirit, Father, and Son. You are One.
hehehehe Praise God!! Your Kingdom come quickly! Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!! His Love is ahhh indescribable. Perfect Love :)
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