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Life's most precious gift:
To live, we have to just breathe
But there're thoughts beyond thoughts,
Trapped in a realm, yearning to be freed:
If we hold this breathe seize,
We shall seize to live, but leave
But sometimes, to actually live, we have to leave

There's a thin line between sanity and insanity
Erased by our unsay
There's a thin line between Illusion and reality
Erased by our don'ts

This place of gracious enticement
Where we watch us being killed
A place filled with men of slightest thoughts
Amused by this illusional amusement
A place where nothing is real
Full of dos and don'ts, yet no one is free

Though we all came with says and dos
We've not by ourselves chosen to be free
We've trapped all those for the sake of our creed

Why then not hold this breathe seize to actually live
For stance where our thoughts could not reach
For life in a place we've never seen
A place where we're actually free
Why don't we leave to actually live?

Salmabanu Hatim Nov 2018
Love is a feeling
that cannot be erased,
Love is a mountain
that cannot be bent,
Then what is love?
Love is the most precious diamond that is not for sale.
You'll wake up sleepy in your bed,
You'll get up and wash your head.

You'll see my text on your phone,
I hope you'll wonder why I'm gone.

You'll get ready to go to school,
You'll see there an empty desk and stool.

Two or three days will pass,
Rumours will start spreading in our class...

My parents will come and say,
It was a tragedy that i passed away...

You'll come to my funeral, I hope you'll be brave,
As you watch them pray on an empty grave.

Only you knew that i disappeared that night...
Underneath the crimson moonlight...

So behind the shadows I'll watch you cry,
When you'll weep in my memory under the azure blue sky...

I will hope that you'll forget me and move on,
But i will cherish your memory and live on...

They'll forget my name in a day or two,
They've done this, before me too...

A town without me a blissful place,
In which my existence was erased...
Sometimes i just wonder what would happen if i disappeared for good... Would anyone even remeber me?
Pyrrha Aug 2018
I was doing above and beyond moving on
I wasn't sad when you were gone
I was doing fine pretending you were never mine
I wasn't scared to have you erased

When your eyes that I once described as a pulchritudinous blue
So deep and true they turned the sky green with envy
Stared at me across the room
How was I supposed to forget the lies they failed to hold?

I was happy till you came into my life
I wasn't perfect, but I didn't mind
I was a vibrant color in the spectrum of life
I wasn't meant to turn so dark as I was mixed with you
Jabin Aug 2018
Painted a masterpiece
In my dreams:
A Chilean villa.
Cactus streams.
A flower composed,
Wilted with time
With muted colors,
Tequila with lime.
Fields of desert
With tuxtla soaring.
Winding paths of
Wood and brick flooring.
A cool wind blows
Through the heat
Over sweaty brows
And sandaled feet.
A moment trapped
That’s never been.
A life of others
Never seen.
Put away my brushes,
Stood back to admire
The deep ocean sky,
The burnt orange fire.
It lay on the table,
Alive on the canvas
When waking did cause
My hard work to vanish.
In memory only
And never shown
Forever discarded
Once beautifully known.
My studio of mind
So often produces
A wonderful concept
With no practical uses.
I’d like to live there
And run those streets,
Take shade under awnings
Sampling savory meats.
But I’ll never go there,
Never see that place.
Never plant in soil
That’s been erased.
That marvelous day
Conceived at night
Keeps the dreaming
Forever alight.
Jasmine dryer Jul 2018
Your memory is like a thousand words being erased
Because no matter what
they still leave a dark smudge
Of what they used to be
as we grow, our former self becomes a smudge
Lumi Jul 2018
How am
I supposed to
Paint when
My muse was
The ink
Was supposed
To stain.
Tears washed
It away
And now
My love has been

Smile poem bc I'm tired.
Nylee May 2018
Once in thought
I was nonexistent
everything was normal
without me
just the way
it was meant to be.

Erased from
everyone's memory
it was all about only them
nothing affected me.

With minor differences
one chair less
all was good
just the way
it was meant to be
without me
Lure Pot Nov 2017
I already erased your memories
and will not have these anymore
on this hurting mind at least
and don't think I forgive you
But I'll never turn my back on you.

I got tired of you asking for love again
and getting upset when I explain
why I don't do those sort of things
over the line of my painful poetry
Especially if I have not missed you.

You treated me like love is nothing
in this world before, that is why
I have done everything with you
So no chance of loving you, sorry…
Try to be happy with your wrong.

Love demands to be felt, respected
and easier both to each other, got it?
You were careless though I loved you
You didn't even try to make me happy
I should never fall in love again anymore!
You were careless about me
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