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karly codr Oct 2020
They unintentionally told me tonight
That they're proud of me
But I don't cry in front of them
So I have to wait to cry happy tears
Until they fall asleep.
So... I kind of had a ****** day today... I found out that I didn't make the All-State choir that I was so excited to maybe be a part of, and so I was kind of crying for a couple of class periods today... but it started looking up, and I had the first rhythm section practice for our basketball/pep band and that was fun so my day was getting better, and then I got home and I was in my room and coming upstairs for dinner and I heard my parents talking to my brother about what I've been dealing with and how great my grades are they didn't say the actual word "proud" but I could just tell that they were and it made me so happy like seriously... <3
Looking upon you, through my blue eyes, but I can't lie and say it was unintentional nor did your imagination make me up, Let's never say goodnight nor stop after the virtual sunlight. - Venjencie Clifton Arnold
My dearest Omni, let it be me.
A little collab as a rey to Omni's "Unintentional"
I hope he doesn't mind.
will19008 Aug 2019

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Seems like HP is writing poetry back to me today.  I've received this one several times this morning!
mslu Nov 2018

i dip in and out

i made a home of the 9th cloud

except the happiness i found leaked out

and spilt outside of the silver linings
Jessica Jarvis Feb 2018
Rainy days and dripping windows-
I look out. A mystical creature
Tiptoes into my front yard, knowing
He carries on his back the feature
Presentation: a man, maybe a knight.
His boots creak, walking up the steps
Of my front porch, a simpler sight
Than those from Romeo and Juliet
And other fairytale stories.
I slip on my fuzzy socks with gripping
Bottoms and head towards the door.
Silence. I open, and with his hand extending,
My feet join his on the wooden floor.
"Where are we going? I'm not sure
If I can be dressed like this and go that far."
He told me "The clouds are pure.
You just come as you are."

The title asks the same question that I have: "Who Is He?". Who does this appear to be for you?
Pseudo-Something Feb 2018
Difficult enough for us not to want this
Strong enough for us to keep holding on -
girl diffused Oct 2017
I see your name everywhere
in books
on television screens
in user names
on Facebook posts

I hear it in advertisements
for ******* toilet paper
I hear it on the street
from a random passerby
some happen to have your name
a lot of people happen to have your name
your name isn't popular
not overall though in this country
it's fallen on sharp decline since its inception
I read it on a graph...out of curiosity

your name is imprinted in my mind
i've said it so much, i've written it so much
it's automatically a suggestion on my phone
whenever I compose a message, there's your name
whenever I go to sleep, there's your name
floating viscerally in the darkness
flickering behind my eyelids
flickering in the inky nothingness

I know the shape of it in my mouth
I know the feel of it behind my teeth
on the roof of my mouth
in my throat
i've shouted it to you
i've moaned it to you
i've screamed it to you
i've screamed it raw and wild into the air
i've screamed it into pillows
your pillows
hotel pillows
my pillows

your name
imprinted on fabric
imprinted on air
imprinted behind my eyelids

your name
appearing everywhere
appearing cosmically
appearing universally
i ******* hate it
i ******* love you
i ******* hate your name
your name
fracturing my everything
That stage...when the name is everywhere, when the name haunts you, the sound, the spelling, someone else saying it, you saying it...
I had predicted
did not realize that
not remember or
things they did
recommend highly and heard
which I
taped psychic session
listened to the
this when they
accurate they realized
future predictions were
me that my
report to
of my clients
I have been a professional
many people are so focused,
why not 100% accuracy
think about it this way,
psychic for more than
on the reading and what
you may ask? Well, that's
if you trusted your little
35 years, and have more
they think they want to
very simple - because future
voice or gut feelings, you
than 70% of my clients
hear, that they don't always
predictions can change -
most likely made good
poetry made by chance procedures from a magazine
Questions move energy and
answers come popping into
without the movement of
the brain, which stays in
energy. There can be no
perfect question or answer
change. Every day she would
think up questions such as
the answers that popped
these. What is it you
are or something? So,
want me to know? How
can make a difference?
Then she would think.
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