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lua Dec 2019
Hold it close
Close to my heart
Let it feel it beat
Systematic, warm
Safe, secured
Something I earned
Something I fought tooth and nail for

You took them away from me
You ripped them out of my grasp
You called me evil
And all I could do was watch
As you burned it
Blew them up into smithereens.
my teacher confiscated my tarot cards. he called it black magic, satan's cards. he told me i was bringing satan into school. i got the cards to cope. i got them as an emotional outlet. i brought them to school to give readings to classmates who were genuinely curious. i was happy to do so. now they're gone.
Proctor Ehrling Sep 2019
Torn up shirt
Ripped up blazer
Hair of dirt
Occam's razor

Tries to stand up
Hides the inability
Takes a step, has to stop
Law of probability
Freestyle written in 3 minutes.
Jordan LC Murphy Feb 2019
Roses of burnt orange..
Violets ARE purple..
Violently I burst topic..
And vent In to verbal...
Hurtfull.. Outcasted..
Tired and alone..
Just me against this world..
Depressed to the bone..
Unwanted, used and depleted..
Just thrown in a box..
A little like lost and found..
No ones coming for me kid..
I'm just destined to rot.
Mackenzie Nov 2018
Throughout the night
You ripped the comforter from me
Your memories tore me away from sleep

While I sleep
I remember how you pulled me
by my ankles as I kick and scream
The look on your face is
Something I will never unsee

I awake breathing heavily
I could have sworn you were here
He grabs my hand
“You were just having a nightmare”
Mary Frances Aug 2018
You ripped my heart wide open
and bled it out til dry
but you caged yours too much
and just let mine die
And she talks about feelings..

She doesn't know that
She ripped someone's heart.
Glory May 2018
everything is falling apart
the pieces of my life crumbling in ruins at my feet
i can taste the leftovers in the air
it hangs onto me
reminding me of my failure
i didn't pay enough attention to the sagging sides
or the ripped edges
instead my goals drip in my mind like a windshield in a storm
melting away potential
blurring what i wanted and what i didnt
there are no cures for pain like this
the numbness will continue to be
no medical advice can stop it from catching other hearts
walking by
no, this failure, this pain, this travesty
there is no hope for a sadness like this
there is no reasoning with the mind
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