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If I give you my book
with all these ripped pages would you risk to read
all of its bittersweet phases?
Would you stay to scribble in the remaining pages?
would you take the time to understand each chapter?
Would you stay and read these worn-out pages?
Jessica S Jun 2020
The memories of you are haunting me
like a wild animal
wanting to rip me apart.
It's the middle of the night
and I am trying to find something on my phone
that reminds me of you,
that reminds me of you caring for me,
wanting me,
loving me
but I can't find anything
because I deleted every conversation
every picture
just as you did with me
You ripped me away from my roots,
my aroma, with every breeze,
haunts you, your love for me,
your memory can't refute,
you hold me up to the sky,
begging the sun to rip through
the clouds, and you cry,
hoping it'll bring my soft petals to life,
but if I had a voice,
I'd beg to hear heavens deny,
just toss me back down,
turn your back,
don't turn around,
that's what you've always been best at.
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Proctor Ehrling Sep 2019
Torn up shirt
Ripped up blazer
Hair of dirt
Occam's razor

Tries to stand up
Hides the inability
Takes a step, has to stop
Law of probability
Freestyle written in 3 minutes.
Mackenzie Nov 2018
Throughout the night
You ripped the comforter from me
Your memories tore me away from sleep

While I sleep
I remember how you pulled me
by my ankles as I kick and scream
The look on your face is
Something I will never unsee

I awake breathing heavily
I could have sworn you were here
He grabs my hand
“You were just having a nightmare”
Mary Frances Aug 2018
You ripped my heart wide open
and bled it out til dry
but you caged yours too much
and just let mine die
Survived Jun 2018
And she talks about feelings..

She doesn't know that
She ripped someone's heart.
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